Larry R. Neal's

Sky Cycle & Super Sky Car 2004 - 2008

Born in Tennessee in 1951, Larry Neal got his first Autogyro at age 22. Five years later he built his own gyrocopter and put a Porsche motor in it. Finally, at 33 he got the idea to build a flying car. However, he didn't start building it until 1984. On March 5th 2003 Larry applied for a patent on his "Sky Cycle". It has a free rotor which is folded away when not is use. Its engine alternately supplies power to the wheels or the propeller at the rear of the craft. It first flew on December 23rd, 2005. Since then its been featured on many TV shows.



The SkyCycle only needs 20 feet to land. It can fly as slow as 20 mph, cruise at 50 mph, and has a top speed of 65 mph. It is driven by a Rotax 582 engine and has a 3-blade 60" propeller. Since 2001, Larry's been a test pilot for "Carter Copters", a hotbed of roadable aircraft aficionados. For years they have been hinting at bringing several roadable aircraft to market. A 2-seat "Sky Car" is presently under construction.


Larry claims to have sold 23 super sky cycles, making his project one of the most active.
Here are links to some videos showing Larry's machines in flight -