3 Ways to Fix a Car Door Handle that Won’t Open From The Outside

A car handle that won’t open can be a very frustrating problem that is difficult to fix but luckily for you, we are laying out three methods here that will help you fix the problem right away!

From the professionals to trying to fix the problem all by yourself, we are providing you with a range of solutions based on your comfortability as a mechanic.

Either way, we hope you find these methods helpful and your car door handle should not be stuck for much longer after this!

How to Fix a Car Door Handle that Won’t Open

  1. Lubricate the Lock

The first method is by far one of the easiest methods, but people often skip over this choice because they do not foresee it being an issue. Just as you oil other parts of your car, you may have to apply similar oil to your locks every once in a while.

This is exactly our suggestion in this case with the lubrication method. However to be clear, you are not going to want to use oil but rather any dry lubricant that is safe for metal which includes graphite powder.

It can also be helpful to simply blow out any dirt or debris that could be clogging it up. With the combination of these two steps, the car door handle may go back to normal without any extra steps.

  1. Remove the Door Panel

What the next option is for those who are mechanically inclined and it assumes that the first method did not work. This way also assumes that not all four of your car doors are stuck at the same time, if that happens you will not be able to use this method.

Even if the car door can somehow open from the inside, this will still help fix any problems that you would have for the outside. First off, this method begins by removing the inside door panel which will help you determine if any part of the lock is broken.

You are going to want to sort the screws into a bag so you know where they go after you have fixed the problem. This is also going to require you to do some research for your car specifically to get a diagram of where everything is located behind the door panel.

From there if anything looks broken, simply identify what the piece is head to your local car part store.

  1. Hire a Locksmith

This option is the easiest for you, but also the most expensive. A locksmith will get the job for you done right and done well, but it will cost you some money of course.

This option also seems to be the most common that we see today, but that does not mean you have to join the crowd. Although most locksmiths mostly stop their work once the door is open, so they will most likely not remove the door panel and check for any permanent damage.

No matter what, this is by far the most reliable option on the list.

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