7 Things You Need to Know About E-Bikes

You have probably heard, read or seen an electric bike zoom past on your streets. If you heard that these advanced bicycles are emission-free, energy-efficient, great for exercise, then you heard right. E-bikes are highly beneficial to the human race. But that’s not all there is to know about this technology, there’s so much more. We have taken the time to bring you more information (which you probably didn’t know) about electric bikes. Who knows? You might just opt for an e-bike after learning more about how great they are.


E-bikes Improve Health

Cycling is a great way to exercise. It is proven to help with fitness and boosts overall health. Although electric bikes use a pedal support system, pedalling is still required. Medical research shows that pedalling a bike is a brilliant way to strengthen your lower body. This workout focuses more on the hamstrings and calves. Pedalling also helps improve coordination and cardiovascular health. Unlike regular bikes, anyone can hop on an e-bike to exercise regardless of their health conditions or age. It makes the process easier. 


Faster Commute

Where do you want to go? An e-bike will take you there in a short time with minimal effort. If you were using a regular bike, you’d spend more time pedalling and longer time on the road. Worse still, you’d probably get to your destination huffing and puffing from the effortful ride. Apart from the additional oomph that the motor provides, you get to ride on bicycle lanes. This way, you’d beat car traffic on the roads. Note that speed is throttled when you reach a certain point; the limits vary.


Low Cost

The running cost of an e-bike is significantly lower than that of a car. You don’t have to worry about the price or availability of gas. You don’t need it. The rechargeable battery of an e-bike can last for years and each charge can take you for many miles. The only cost associated with recharging the batteries is your light bill (which you already pay anyway). Compared to electric bikes, cars have more parts and most of these require repair/replacement from time to time. E-bikes, however, have fewer components and repairs are less frequent. 


Environmentally Friendly

Electric bikes are emission-free machines. This means they are great for our environment. The environment here includes nature and the people living around us. When cars zip past our roads they emit combustion by-products which are not good for our health. Admittedly, electric bikes are not completely innocent. There are environmental effects associated with manufacturing and storage of batteries, electricity generation and whatnot but e-bikes still have a lower effect on the environment compared to other means of transportation.


Reduced Pedalling Effort

Pedal-assist is arguably one of the most impressive features of the e-bike. Less effort, less stress but great performance. The pedal assist is a technology that’s integrated with the bike to give a boost to your pedalling effort. The less effort you have to put in to propel the bicycle the less sweaty and fatigued you would be. Imagine you are trying to catch an appointment and you have the choice of a regular bike and an e-bike. What bike are you choosing? Great! We can sense your answer.


E-bike Variety

Mountain biking, city commute, cargo hauling, beach biking, cruisers… There is a bike for everything. This is one aspect of e-bikes that most people appreciate so much. Depending on your location, roads you frequent most or lifestyle, you will find an e-bike that works best for you. For people who regularly have to carry items from place to place, a cargo e-bike would be a perfect fit. Off-road enthusiasts would find mountain bikes most impressive.


They are the Future

The future is electric – did you know? It’s not just e-bikes, electric cars are taking over too. It is only a matter of time before our roads are occupied by all-electric vehicles. And it’s a good thing. For one, we would all have a nature-friendly means of transport. Asides the electricity side of things, people are buying more electric bikes today than they did before. This trend is not changing anytime soon. The rationale is obvious, people want to reduce commute time, spend less on running costs, exercise on-the-go, and experience nature (not in a flash, as is the case with cars).


Now that you know more about electric bikes, would you like to own one? Or would you rather pitch your tent with regular bikes or your four-wheel drive? Do share.


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