Bentley Mulsanne Pictures, Review and Price

Modern, comfortable, stylish – bold testaments of Bentley Cars! The Mulsanne inclusive. Not relenting in innovation, Bentley Motors has constantly emphasized customer satisfaction first. The Bentley Mulsanne boldly asserts this.

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The Bentley Mulsanne is a handcrafted luxury sedan car that is produced by Bentley, a top British car manufacturer. It got its name from the Mulsanne Corner of the Le Man’s racing circuit after winning six times in the race.

Before the Mulsanne, other cars shared platforms with Rolls-Royce. This makes it the first to be independently designed by Bentley Motors.

It comes in three ranges; the Mulsanne, the Mulsanne Speed, and the Mulsanne Extended Wheelbase.

All three features exquisite designs, lush interiors, and enviable driving performance en par with its huge cost price. Nevertheless, this car is definitely worth the buy for the little percentile of individuals in its affordability bracket.


2020 Bentley Mulsanne

This model year Mulsanne is the latest addition to the Mulsanne range. This model redefines comfort with its astonishing features and trendy upgrades.

Bentley Mulsanne

mulsanne speed

Mulsanne Speed


extended wheelbaseMulsanne Extended Wheelbase


Make heads turn on your arrival! This car has an alluring road presence courtesy of its elegant and curvy build. Draped in an eye-catching super formed aluminium bodywork, it magnificently flaunts Bentley’s definition of beauty. Finely embroidered front grille, front bumper, fender, and bonnet accentuating with its all-LED front headlamp clusters, man up the forepart. 

Behind, the taillights do a good job of reflecting Bentley’s ‘B’ design and also complements its polished stainless steel exhaust pipes and the wing vents. Carrying it are four 21” silver aluminium wheel options that ensure stability and flawless cruising. These wheels are specially designed to adjust to give comfortable cruising even in difficult terrains.



bentley mulsanne interior

Fabricated with the finest of leathers and luxurious fittings, the interior stands out in all its grandeur. Every piece of matter in there speaks affluence; from the door handle to the seats and even to the steering wheels.

According to Bentley, it takes 150 hours to handcraft every detail of Mulsanne’s interior. This shows the incredible effort put into it.



Capable of seating five adults comfortably, the seats of the Mulsanne are finely spaced. They come clothed in soft leather hides and 24 different colour palettes. Complementing this are chrome-finish fittings, precisely cut vent, and polished steel surfaces. The wooden veneers are handcrafted and unbleached, mirror matched to give a glossy feel.

The front seats feature easy exit and entry with its 14-way electronic adjustments. For the rear seats, there are 8. To lighten your mood, there is the ambient lighting, adjustable to any colour of light depending on your mood. The air conditioning system exudes a refreshing, cool air. Passengers can control its supply from any seat.

bentley mulsanne interior

Interestingly, the main attraction is in its rear seats. It features more than enough room for interactions of any sort. Also, there is enough legroom, further enhanced by its power-operated leg rests. 

This leather-swathed space is customizable with a variety of veneer options, colour schemes, and relaxation upgrades such as the seat massagers.

For optimal refreshment on the go, Bentley includes three optional bottle coolers in the Mulsanne. The first bottle cooler can hold a hip flask and crystal glasses. The second one holds tumbler-glasses and two water bottles, while the third one holds champagne bottles. 

Safely huddled between the rear seats, these bottle coolers ensure the availability of cool and refreshing drinks for any journey. Intriguingly, the refrigeration system of these bottle coolers is safely housed in the trunk. This doesn’t compromise its trunk space.


Entertainment and Connectivity

bentley mulsanne interior

For entertainment on the go, the Bentley Mulsanne features an 18-inch touchscreen infotainment system. It controls the entertainment and information system of the car. Also, the Naim™ audio system delivers an unparalleled audio experience. It features 20 custom made speakers, 2,200-watt amplifier and 20 Gb hard drive for storing music.

There is also in-car 4G connectivity with Wi-Fi and Google integration, coupled with its Mulsanne input access. Further features include micro SD, USB slots, and detachable tablets, housed at the back of the front seats.


Engine and Performance

This is not just a luxury car, but it also features stand-out upgrades that make for an exceptional driving experience. 

The Drive Dynamics Control System controls driving in the Mulsanne. Operated by a rotary switch, mounted beside the gear selector. This control system gives drivers the ability to choose from four driving settings: Sport, Bentley, Comfort, and Custom. The Bentley setting gives the finest combination of a sporty and comfortable ride. The custom setting allows you to choose your preferred ride setting.

Furthermore, its engine is particularly handcrafted, putting every detail into consideration. This results in more efficiency and a high level of fuel economy. Powering the Mulsanne is a twin-turbocharged 6.75-litre V8 engine. This engine is capable of generating 505hp that drives the rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission. This ensures seamless gear transmission and unhindered acceleration flow.

Each engine unit bears a nameplate autographed with the name and signature of the engineer responsible for building it. Due to its efficient fuel economy capacity, the Mulsanne is capable of having a mileage of 10mpg in the city and 16mpg on the highway.


Safety & Security

This 2020 model has not yet been crash-tested by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) or the National Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Nevertheless, despite being a luxury brand, Bentley ensures that there is no compromising on safety and security. The many safety and security features fitted in the Mulsanne is a testament to that.



There are airbags located in different parts of the car. Front-impact airbags deploy to protect the head against frontal collisions. Side airbags are to protect the body against side crashes while overhead airbags are for protection against rollovers.


Anti-lock brakes 

The anti-lock brakes increase the ability of the tires to rotate by enhancing its brakes pressure whenever there is an extreme braking situation.


Air Spring Suspension 

Managed electronically by Bentley’s Continuous Damping Control System, the air spring suspension of the Mulsanne improves low-speed ride quality and aids in bump absorption.



The seatbelts automatically tighten to hold the occupant in place whenever there is an impending collision.


Anti-theft system 

The Mulsanne features an anti-intrusion system. A key that is not by the manufacturer will not start the engine. Instead, it disables the ignition to prevent the engine from starting.


Stability Control 

Whenever the control limits exceeded, the Mulsanne immediately detects this anomaly. To curb this, it automatically reduces the power of the engine or applies brakes to prevent the driver from losing total control.

Other safety and security features include break-resistant glass, side-impact bars, keyless entry, brake assist, panic alarms, power door locks, traction control, rear child safety locks, blind-spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control.

Thankfully, there is a 3-year warranty on every new Bentley car starting from the day of purchase. Also, there is a limited maintenance coverage for 1 year or 10,000 miles.



You can add personal touches to almost every detail of the Mulsanne via the expertise of Mulliner. Mulliner is Bentley’s commissioning department. You can begin your personalization by choosing from the palettes of Mulliner’s numerous stylish colour combinations.

Also, you can make your choices from the available 11 veneer options, 21 carpet colours and 22 seat belt colour options. And of course, you can choose the finishing of the leather works.

Mulliner can even fashion features based on your passion such as art, music and the likes. They can do engraving works for you too. 

To cap it all, you can choose Mulliner’s Relaxation Package. This package includes two Bentley luxury scatter cushions that are individually crafted to match the colour of the cars’ interior. Whatever customization it is, Mulliner has got you covered.



Currently, the 2020 Mulsanne comes in only two trims: the base 4-door sedan and the Speed 4-door sedan. Both trims have essentially identical features except for a few distinct ones such as the price and the horsepower generated.

The base 4-door sedan is capable of generating 512 hp while the speed 4-door sedan is capable of generating 537 hp. The price range for the base 4-door sedan starts at 350,000 CAD while that of the speed 4-door sedan is 380,000 CAD.



Generally, the price for either trim of the 2020 Mulsanne differs based on the location of purchase. Nonetheless, used ones start at 80,000 CAD while new ones start at 350,000 CAD. Visit the company’s website for safe purchase.


Our Verdict

If you can afford to own an expensive luxury car, we would recommend the Mulsanne. It is sure to deliver the comfort and luxury that befits you. What’s more? It’s a beautiful-looking car and will make your arrival anywhere a very notable one. You can expect optimal performance and a variety of standard safety features. There is also a potpourri of features and customizations you would find very interesting and helpful. Let us know what you think about this amazing car and if you’d like to have it parked in your driveway.

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