10 Best Black Lug Nuts to Get

As you know, lug nuts are an essential part of a car. Lug nut, black or white, simply help fasten the wheel to the wheel hub. While its primary duty is to ensure the wheel’s safety by tightening it to the wheel hub, it must not be too dull.

To a large extent, wheel lug nuts have their unique way of adding color to the wheel of a vehicle. Talking about color, the black lug nuts is one the most sought after designs. It is beautiful and naturally blends with the style of the wheel.

It is an obvious fact that black is beautiful, and black lug nuts are not an exemption to this fact. If you are planning to change your factory lug nuts and just don’t know the color to select, some of the black lug nuts that would be listed in this review can help you reach a decision.

In most cases, changing your factory lug nuts is a matter of necessity. Only a few people change their factory lug nuts because of style or taste. Whether you want to change the factory lug nuts out of necessity or you just want something more fashionable, you can always select from the wide range of black lug nuts that would be highlighted in this article.

Top Ten Best Black Lug Nuts For Your Car

1. SIZZER Wheel Lug Nuts

This stylish 60 Degree Conical/cone is designed for style enthusiasts. The manufacturing company SIZZER is one of the prominent makers of aftermarket lug nuts for cars.

Their products are strong and highly reliable. As if that is not enough, this particular product dubbed SIZZER Wheel Lug Nuts is cost-effective. Hardly would you find a product that is strong and reliable for the same amount.

This product is manufactured from state-of-the-art forging. It is heat-treated and corrosion-resistant. With this, you do not need to fear unfavourable weather conditions that can cause rust.

SIZZER Wheel Lug Nuts is no doubt one of the best black lug nuts that should come to mind when you are in search of black lug nuts for your car. However, it is vital to check the parameter before you purchase this automobile kit.

Top Features: 

  • Tough and durable
  • High-quality packaging
  • Heat-treated
  • Corrosion resistant

2. White Knight 1707SBK-20AM Black Chrome

For people who have a great penchant for the black lug nuts, White Knight 1707SBK-20AM Black Chrome is a perfect choice. The manufacturing company is known as White Knight, but trust me, this product is has nothing synonymous with the color white.

This black chrome lug nut is one of the most sought after lug nuts in the aftermarket automobile industry. Its strength and reliability is the bedrock of its peculiarity when compared to other products.

White Knight does an amazing job on this kit. The outer part is not painted. It is black chrome. It is subjected to about 72 hours of salt spray. Little wonder it is more resistant to harsh weather that could lead to rust.

Top Features:

  • Thread size: 12-millimeter x 1. 50
  • Height: 1. 40 inch
  • Hex size: 3/4 inch
  • 20 Bulge Acorn Conical Seat Lug Nuts
  • For Aftermarket Wheels Only

3. DPAccessories LCB4B8HE2BK04024 24 Black

Apart from the fashion and style that this fantastic product adds to your wheel, it also guarantees the safety of your wheel.

DPAccessoriesLCB4B8HE2BK04024 24 Black is made from triple chrome plating to provide ample strength. With this product, there is no fear of you having a loose wheel as it is rigid and reliable, ensuring that your wheel stays glued to the wheel hub.

It is stylishly finished with a cathodic black coating, which appeals to lovers of black color.

Top Features:

  • Proprietary cathodic black coating
  • conical 60-degree seat
  • Strong and reliable

4. M14x1.5 Lug Nuts Black with Spline Tuner

Orion Motor Tech manufactures the M14x1.5 Lug Nuts Black with Spline Tuner. The company is one of the underrated in the aftermarket automobile industry. However, they produce some of the best automobile kits. One of their several products is the black lug nuts. It is made with first-rate Q235 steel.

If you wonder how this product manages to work for more years than any other lug nuts products around, it is because of the material used in making it.

The Q235 steel has been cold forged with heat treated. It is tough and lasts longer than any other lug nuts you would come across. Most importantly, it is coated in black oxide, which appeals to the sight and style of the user. 

 Top Features:

  • Durable and Long-lasting
  • 60-degree cone
  •  Cost-effective

5. Gorilla Automotive 21133BC

Gorilla Automotive 21133BC is one of the strongest and most reliable black lug nuts in the market. Another good thing about this product is that it comes in various sizes and styles.

The black paint is remarkable and gives it a more rigid and reliable look. It is made of high-quality material. It is precision-engineered and made from chrome vanadium steel. This guarantees its strength and longevity.

Top Features:

  • 12 x 1.50 Thread size
  • 1.36″ Overall Length
  • Made of chrome vanadium steel

6. SCITOO 24PCS+2Keys Black Lug Nuts

SCITOO 24PCS+2Keys Black Lug Nut is the best bet for buyers with a low budget but who still want to get a top-notch product. It is strong, reliable, and efficient in ensuring that your wheel stays firm with the wheel hub.

This would guarantee stable handling when driving. It is made with triple chrome plating to ensure sturdiness. For those who reside in regions that are badly affected during winter, you need not worry about corrosion.

This product is specially treated to resist corrosion which could limit its lifespan. 

Top Features:

  • Triple chrome plating
  • Strong and reliable
  • Corrosion resistant

7. Wheel Accessories Parts Set of 20 Lug Nuts

These fantastic black lug nuts from the Wheel Accessories Parts Store comes in 20 sets. It is a perfect fit for vehicles with wheel studs requiring an M14x1.5 thread and wheels that take a conical/ cone seat.

It comes with a full money-back guarantee. If, after purchasing this product, you feel it doesn’t meet your standard or you have any questions, you can always reach out to them. If they cannot resolve your complaint about the product, you are sure to get your payment back from them.

However, I bet you would not have any negative reviews about this product because it is exotically designed, strong and efficient to satisfy any user’s need.

Top Features:

  • Full money-back guarantee
  • Strong and efficient
  • Reliable

8. Kemimoto 20 pcs Black 12mm x 1.5 Lug Nuts

Kemimoto 20 pcs Black 12mm x 1.5 Lug Nuts is one of the top choices for black lug nuts enthusiasts. These amazing products come in 20 sets. With this, you don’t have to worry about getting more aftermarket lug nuts anytime soon. Like many other unique products, it is made from tough chrome vanadium, which guarantees its toughness and durability.

Top Features:

  • tough chrome vanadium
  • Triple chrome plating
  • Strong and reliable
  • Cost-effective

9. GSSUSA Black Lug Nuts 1/2 x 20 Bulge Closed End

Apart from necessity, one of the other reasons why people change their factory lug nuts is because of taste and style.

Interestingly, GSSUSA Black Lug Nuts 1/2 x 20 Bulge Closed End does more than just keeping the wheel and the wheel hub glued together; it also adds some level of class and style to the appearance of a wheel.

The outer space is coated in oxide black to maintain its durability and rigidity.

Top Features:

  • Conical 60 Degree Seat
  • Cost-effective
  • Strong and reliable
  • Stylish design

10. LEDKINGDOMUS Lug Nuts 1/2 x 20 Black, Wheel Lug Nuts

This exotic Bulge Acorn Spline 1.38″ Tall lug nut comes in 20 sets. They are made from light steel to ensure that they are not too heavy but still strong enough to hold the wheel together.

Whether you are changing your factory lug nuts because they are old or because they do not fit your exquisite taste, LEDKINGDOMUS Lug Nuts 1/2 x 20 Black, Wheel Lug Nuts has something to offer to everyone regardless of their motives or agenda.

They are made with quality material to meet the OEM standard. It is, however, advised to check the size and bolt pattern of nuts on the wheel before purchasing. Lastly, to avoid the mistake which could be detrimental, it is advisable to employ the service of a technocrat in installing the nuts on the wheel.

Top Features: 

  • Through-Hardened Steel
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Strong and reliable
  • Cost-effective


Know this, all the products listed in this review have been deeply researched. Also, we considered customers’ reviews of each product before making this list. With this in mind, you should know you are getting a quality product if you pick any from the list.

Without a doubt, black lug nuts are one of the most prominent design colors you would come across in the market. You may be confounded by the wide range of products in the market. Use this review as a guide to explore the market.

However, for a recommendation, we suggest SIZZER Wheel Lug Nuts for use due to their rigidity and reviews. The positive review from users is overwhelming. Nevertheless, we advise that you check the bolt size and pattern before deciding on the best black lug nuts for your car.

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