What is the Best Car Jump Starter?

Decades ago, unexpected vehicular breakdown, especially in places without quick help, was better imagined than experienced. This was because there were no immediate solutions to such car issues.

Nowadays, the story is different. Various solutions or substitute-solutions are now in place to help motorists whenever there is a breakdown.

In this article, we share some of the best car jump starters that are very helpful whenever and wherever your car breaks down.

Car Jump Starters

Every conventional car needs a battery as part of its power sources. This battery powers major components of your car especially the electrical aspects.

An alternator mounted on the engine charges your car’s battery. This battery in turn powers different car systems. 

When this battery is flat, the car will shut down because there is no power for the processes it manages. 

Imagine a scenario where your car stops in the middle of nowhere due to a flat battery. The only solution to this is to either push the car, change the battery entirely, or call an automobile repair personnel.

What if you can’t do any of these, what else can be done? The best answer to this is to make use of a car jump starter.

What is a Car Jump Starter?

A car jump starter is a large portable battery equipped with a pair of jumper cables. This device is used to charge your car battery without the use of another vehicle’s battery.

Features to Look out for 

Before you purchase a car jump starter, you need to take note of the following features

  • Power Output: The power output of a jump starter is represented by either watts or the peak amperage of the device.

The maximum power that a jump starter needs to recharge a flat battery is regarded as its peak amperage.

To jump-start your car, you will need a jump starter that has the highest power rating for your car. You will find this peak amperage rating on the labels of many jump starters.

  • Cable Length: If you want your device to rest on the ground while it functions, then you need one with a longer cable length. Generally, electrical experts suggest a jump starter with a cable length of 12ft.

What is more important is the thickness of the wiring inside the cable. Cables with thinner wiring will take longer to charge your battery.

  • Cranking Amp Rating: This is the power needed by your device to crank up your engine in any type of weather condition.

If you stay in cold climates, it is advisable to also prioritize the crank amp rating while checking for a jump starter as you will need one with a high power rating.



We have done our research on several car jump starters and recommend the following for use:

DBPower 18000mah Portable Car Jump Starter

The DBPower car jump starter is a very versatile device. It is very compact with an inbuilt LED screen that showcases its power displacement output in a percentage. This is unlike others that show theirs with just four bars.

With this device, you can jump-start your vehicle up to 20 times with 800 amps of peak current, heavy with clamps and cables.

You do not have to worry about your safety while using this device. This is because it is built with over-current protection, short circuit protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, and over-charge protection.

What more? Apart from jump charging your car, you can even charge your laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices at a high speed. There is also an added compass that helps you to find your way around an unfamiliar location.

The items that you get when you purchase the DBPower car jump starter includes a 12V wall charger, intelligent jump clamps, DBPower jump starter, 12v car charger, and a user guide.

To optimally utilize this device, it is advisable to operate it on a full charge.

Thankfully, you also get a 3-yeat warranty.

Top Features

  • High safety features
  • It is very portable
  • A 3-year warranty is available
  • It is very easy to operate
  • Very compact
  • It can charge other portable devices


Noco Boost Plus GB40 Car Jump Starter

The Noco GB40 car jump starter is a lightweight, compact device. It safely starts your dead battery in a matter of seconds.

This device features a 1000-amp portable lithium battery pack. It is capable of 20 jump starts on a single full charge. Besides, it is rated for diesel engines of up to 3 litres and gasoline engines of up to 6 litres.

This device is very safe to use. It features a mistake-proof design, spark-proof technology, and reverse polarity protection. With these, you can safely connect to any 12-volt automotive car battery.

Also, this device features a rugged and water-resistant enclosure that is rated at IP65, a high discharge lithium technology for safe operation in any climate, and a rubberized over-moulded casing to prevent scratches.

Its multifunctional ability makes useful as a car jump starter but also as a portable power bank. With it, you can charge your smartphones and other portable devices fast.

There is also an integrated 100-lumen LED flashlight with seven light modes, including SOS and emergency strobe.

This device comes alongside heavy-duty battery clamps, 12V car charger, micro USB charging cable, and a user guide.

In case of any spoilage, do not be worried as there is a 1-year warranty on this product.

Top Features

  • Very Portable
  • Can charge smartphones and other devices
  • High powered device 
  • An inbuilt flashlight
  • Very easy to use
  • Safe
  • One year warranty


Stanley FatMax J7CS Car Jump Starter

During the event of a flat car battery on transit, the Stanley Datmax J7CS car jump starter substitutes the need for roadside emergency repair personnel. It has a solid exterior and interior build with easy to use switches.

This compact and portable device possesses 350 starting amp rating and 700 peak amp rating for instant recharge of your car battery.

This power rating is enough to jump-start your SUVs, motorcycle, tractor, and even small boats; all without the assistance of another vehicle.

To use, just connect the clamps to the battery, then turn on the switch and start your vehicle. In case you are not sure of the polarity positioning, the reverse polarity alarm will alert you if you made an incorrect connection.

Interestingly, the J7CS is also equipped with a 120 PSI air compressor to help inflate tires, with low pressure.

When utilizing this device in the dark, make use of its high-powered LED light that rotates 270 degrees to help with vision.

There is an inbuilt triple USB port that comes in handy to charge your smartphones and other devices.

Also, Stanley Datmax has an integrated charging cube that allows the device to be charged using an extension cord. Do note that once you make use of this device, it is advisable to charge it fully before the next usage.

Top Features

  • This device is capable of charging smartphones and other portable devices
  • It is also safe to use
  • It comes with an air compressor for inflating tires at low pressure
  • Reverse polarity alert warns you of improper connection
  • It has a high power-rating


Schumacher DSR115 Car Jump Starter

There is no need to worry again about flat battery issues when you have the Schumacher DSR115 car jump starter with you.

This device has a solid design crafted with durability in mind. It is also rated high in terms of performance. 

The exterior features heavy-duty cables, metal clamps, an easy-to-read digital display, on/off switch, 12V DC charging outlet, and 2.1A USB ports. If you make a wrong connection, the reverse polarity alert warns you.

The 2A automatic charger charges this device very fast after use. You do not even need to worry about overcharging as it automatically stops charging whenever it is fully charged. 

The 2 heavy-duty AWG 60” cables are rustproof and can be used either horizontally or vertically.

The DSR115 features high output battery ratings. These include a 449 peak amp, 750/475 cranking amps, and 525/350 cold-cranking amps.

Make use of its USB port to quickly charge your phones and other mobile devices.

There are no limitations to the use of this device in any weather. Use it to power your SUVs, trucks, motorcycles, and even boats.

Top Features

  • It has a high power output
  • This device has a solid build. As a result, it is durable
  • USB port for charging mobile devices
  • Rustproof cables that can be used either horizontally or vertically


The usefulness of a working car jump starter especially during emergencies cannot be overemphasized. There are, however, many of these devices out there which will not function well due to different factors.

Having read this article, we believe that you now know the features to take into consideration before purchasing a car jump starter.

You can also purchase any of our recommended devices as we can confidently say that they will serve their purposes.

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