7 Best Tissue Holders For Your Car

Sometimes, you need a tissue while driving. If you don’t have a car tissue holder it becomes difficult trying to locate one. However, with a tissue holder handy you won’t get distracted or end up parking just to find a tissue. In this post, we tell all you need to know about tissue holders and share our recommendations too.

What is a Car Tissue Holder?

Car tissue holders are a simple piece of equipment placed in different locations in the car with the sole aim of making tissues easily available.

They come in different designs, shapes, and placement formats. Some are washable and reusable while others are disposable.

Why You Need a Car Tissue Holder

  • Convenience: With a car tissue holder, you do not need to rummage through your bag to access tissue. Instead, just stretch out your hands and take out the quantity needed.
  • Safety: If you do not have a car tissue holder and the need to use a tissue paper arises when driving, it is not usually safe to start looking for one. This is because you will momentarily lose concentration on the road, and this may result in an accident. Car tissue holders help avert this danger as it is always handy for use.


What to Lookout For in a Tissue Holder

  • Price: Tissue holders are relatively inexpensive. So go for the one that suits your budget.

  • Size: There are different sizes of car tissue holders in the market. It is ideal to know what you want in terms of size before you make a purchase.

  • Material: The material used in making the car cup holder can determine different factors such as durability and usability. Those made of fabrics can be washed in a machine while those made of PU leather can just be wiped thoroughly.


  • Colour and Design: It is ideal to get the car tissue holder that accentuates your car’s interior. As a result, the right choice of colour and design is important.


Frequently Asked Questions about Car Tissue Holders

Many questions come to mind concerning car tissue holders. We will answer some of these questions below.

  • Are Tools Needed in the Installation of Tissue Holders? No. You do not need any screwdriver or any tool whatsoever. Many of these tissue holders come in either buckle or straps. So all that is needed is to just strap them in or buckle them in place.
  • How Many Tissues Fit into a Holder? The answer to this is that it depends on the type of car tissue holder. Some car tissue holders take a standard size box of tissues and will hold as many as a standard size box can carry. If you want one that can carry a very large size of tissue papers, then you need to purchase a large-sized car tissue holder.
  • Where Should I Place my Tissue Holder? There are different locations where you can place your car tissue holder in your car. Some locations are standard or ideal for their placement. These locations include the visor, back of the headrest, and door pockets. However, the visor is the best place to install one, as it is very accessible there.

As you read this review, bear in mind that we considered only the products with top quality. Here are our recommendations.

1. Beaverve

The beaverve car tissue holder is very convenient to use. With it, you do not have to stop on the road to look for a tissue box.

You can place this car tissue holder at different locations in the car; on the visor, at the back of the driver’s seat, and on the door of the car.

This tissue holder is made of PU leather and comes in a simple compact design. It does not take up much space and is easy to install.

The clip on the back can hold onto the visor or car backseat tightly. Also, its magnetic closure makes it super easy to refill. 

In case you are not still satisfied with the product, the company offers a 12-month guarantee during which it will be replaced or your money fully refunded.

Top Features

  • Made of PU leather
  • 12 months guarantee
  • It can be placed at different locations in the car
  • Very easy to install
  • Clips tightly

2. eJiasu

Lightweight, with a compact design, the eJiasu tissue holder is the perfect choice for your car.

This car tissue holder is made of PU leather. Each pack comes with high-quality fabric refill paper towels inside.

Ideally, it is placed on the visor, though you can install it in any other location. Besides, it is simple to install. 

Top Features

  • Simple design
  • Made of leather
  • Easy to install 

3. Fredysu

When you are driving and need a tissue, the Fredysu tissue holder has got you covered. 

The Fredysu car tissue holder is attractive, modern, and elegant. It will enhance the decor of your car’s interior and make it look more fashionable. This tissue holder comes in a classic and compact design that saves space for your car.

Also, it is made of microfiber PU leather on its outside and flannelette cloth on its inside, handcrafted with flawless sewing.

The Fredysu car tissue holder is very easy to install. Just clip the tissue case to the visor, seatback, or car door pocket. The clip is sure to fit on tightly to avoid spillage of the tissue papers.

This tissue case can be used again and again, easy to open and refill with new tissues. It is suitable for most cars and also perfect for trucks, boats, etc.

Each tissue box comes with a bag of Fredysu quality paper towels. Also, you can request a 100% refund within 12 months of purchase if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product.

Top Features

  • Reusable 
  • Very easy to install
  • Clips tightly
  • Suitable for most cars 
  • Made of PU leather 

4. Joyindecor

The Joyindecor Tissue Holder is a simple and classy car tissue holder. It adequately complements the interior of your car, making it look stylish. Besides, it does not take up much space, thereby keeping your car organized.

Made of PU leather, it is very durable. You can use it as a perfect gift to family and friends who have cars.

It snaps easily unto your visor and back seat. The clips on the backside enable it to fit tightly onto the visor or backseat. As a result, they will not slide off easily. 

With a velcro enclosure, it is easy to refill. And every unit comes with a free paper refill. Also, each one fits your regular size tissue papers perfectly.

This car tissue holder is fit for most cars, SUVs, and trucks.


  • Simple design
  • Very durable
  • Easy to install
  • Fit for most vehicles
  • Velcro enclosure

5. Vozada

The Vozada Car Tissue Holder is a tissue holder with a difference. Not only does it perform the function of a tissue holder, but it also has extra spaces to fit in other items.

It has a simple design that adequately implements your car’s interior. Besides, it does not take up much space.

This car tissue holder is made of high quality and durable PU leather. It can be used and reused without fear of spoilage anytime soon.

With a magnetic enclosure, it is super easy to open and refill the tissues when needed.

The Voxada car tissue holder is easy to install. You can install it on your car’s sun visor, backseat, or door pockets. 

The two clips on the back will hold unto its installation location tightly and will not shake. Also, it will be easy to reach out and draw out tissue paper without spilling its contents.

Finally, this car tissue holder comes in a perfect size fit for most tissue sizes such as Kleenex. You also get a pack of free paper towels. 

Top Features

  • Simple design
  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Fit for most vehicles
  • Perfect size for most tissue sizes

6. Banchelle

The Banchelle Car Tissue Holder is durable, fashionable, and meets up to expectations. This car tissue holder is also reusable.

It is made of PU leather, thick, and lasts long. It comes in a draw-out design and is easy to install. The clip design on the back can hold tightly to where it is being installed.

The design of this car tissue holder enables it to optimize space. Also, it is easy to open and refill.

Top Features

  • Easy to install
  • Fashionable
  • Durable
  • Optimized space
  • Refillable

7. Hermia

The Hermia Tissue Holder is made of premium leather on the outside and flannelette on the inside. These combined give it a premium look and sturdiness. 

This car tissue holder is easy to install. To install, just hang it at the back of the car’s headrest or on the armrest console and lock its buckle in place.

There is enough space even after installation. Besides, it adequately complements the interior of the car.

Hermia tissue holder is perfect for rectangular tissue paper sizes.

This car tissue holder has a base flap that makes it easy to empty and refill.

Top Features

  • Easy to install
  • Perfect size for most tissue papers
  • Durable
  • Optimizes space 

There you have it, the best tissue holders for your car. Be sure to choose any of these products and get the best experience.


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