6 Best Car Trash Cans For Your Car

The interior of every car gets dirty. However, it is possible to limit the amount of dirt with the use of a car trash can.

A car trash can is necessary and quite affordable. It is needed to keep your car tidy. Place one inside your vehicle to drastically reduce the amount of dirt and other rubbish on the car seats and floor.

Car trash cans are not only good because it keeps the car clean and tidy, but it also keeps the environment clean. This is the case because passengers in the vehicle will throw waste inside it and not outside the window.

What is a Car Trash Can?

A Car trash can is a bin that is kept inside the car to collect rubbish. Ideally, there should be one in every vehicle. 

Types of Car Trash Cans

Floor Trash Can

This type of car trash can rests on the floor of your vehicle next to a passenger’s feet. Also, they are commonly attached to the centre console with some sort of strap or mount. 

There are also some freestanding car trash cans, but they are more likely to tip over during a motion.

Hanging Trash Can

Most people opt for this type of car trash can. Typically, they hang from the back of a passenger seat by a hook or from the headrest. It is possible to attach it to the centre console. 

Cup Holder Trash Can 

This type of car trash can is usually plastic and made to fit into your cup holder or the pocket of your door. 

These cans are generally quite small and cannot hold larger items, such as discarded cans or bottles. However, they are multi-functional and used in other places around the home or garage.


KMMotors Jopps Car Trash Can

Keep your car clean with the KMMotors Jopps Car Trash Can. This product has a 1.85-gallon capacity, leak-proof trash bag. This trash bag is a handy and convenient way to stay neat and organised while on a journey.

Jopps car trash can is of high-quality, durable materials with a leak-proof design. It features a 23cm strap that is long enough to fit around parts of the car such as the headrest.

Also, this product is not only a trash can. It is useful as a storage bag for drinks and other miscellaneous items.

Also used as travel coolers, the thermal insulated waterproof liner holds ice to keep drinks and snacks cold for hours in the car.

This car trash can is easy to install, as well as easy to clean.

Top Features

  • Waterproof 
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to install
  • Multifunctional

Luxxe Refined Leather Car Trash Can

Not only does the Luxxe Refined Leather Car Trash Can help in the sanitation of your car interior, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your interior. Its design is with refined gorgeous leather that perfectly fits any car interior.

It comes with a convenient adjustable strap that lets you hang it in any position of your choice. Aside from that, it stays standing too.

Unlike most car trash cans, you do not need to insert plastic bags in this product. Why? It comes with a unique trash holding insert. This insert is fully removable, water-resistant and machine washable.

At the base of this trash can is a small stash pocket. This stash pocket is ideal for storing cards, pens, and other small tools.

Also, this car trash can comes with a matching tissue box for a whole new wiping experience. From this box, you quickly pull out tissue paper to wipe off spills.

This product is compatible with any car and easily fits into small spaces in a car. Besides, it is easy to install too.

Top Features

  • Compatible with different cars
  • Easy to use 
  • Machine washable
  • Water-resistant
  • Matching tissue box

K Car Auto Garbage Trash Can

K Car Auto Garbage Trash Can is a mini-sized car trash can. It is of high-quality plastic ABS material which gives it sturdy build as well as makes it last longer.

On the top side is a rigid cover that is held up or down by a spring, making it very easy to open the cover. 

Though small, it is convenient to use as well as multi-functional. It is also fashionable and durable. Due to its small size, it is also perfect to be an ashtray. Rest assured, it will not spill its content. 

This trash can fits into a cup holder or car door pocket and is easy to take out and empty.

Aside from being a trash can, it has small pockets on its sides. These pockets are useful for holding small items like pens for use.

Depending on your taste, there are different available colours to choose from.

Top Features

  • High Quality
  • Portable
  • Made of Plastic ABS material
  • Small size; small enough to fit into the cup holders and door pockets
  • Comes in different colours
  • Easy to use

Ryhpez Car Trash Can with Lid

Ryhpez car trash can is another wonderful compact size car trash can. This garbage bag has a 1.85 gallon/4.5L capacity.

It is also foldable. When not in use, flatten this trash bag and place it between the seats in the pocket of the car door or car boot.

The inside of this car trash bin has a waterproof lining which is durable and leak- proof. It is also easy to clean. 

This trash bag has an adjustable and elastic strap that stretches up to 43cm. These attachments allow you to hang it in the front or back seats. Also, the elastic strap guarantees no spills and lets the bag stay in place.

This car garbage comes with a soft rubber opening lid through which you can dispose of waste. When using, attach a disposable bag in it, fitted in with side clips. 

Just put the empty disposable bag inside and use two adjustable side clips to hold onto the handles of the bags. Remove it when full and replace it.

Two other sides mesh pockets, and front fabric pockets are perfect setups for the storage of small items for use. 

As an alternative, also use this product like a car tool storage bag, though it doesn’t have much room for many items.

Top Features

  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Also usable for storage of small items
  • No spillage
  • Easy to empty
  • Durable

Koxvzech Car Trash Can

The Koxvzec car trash can is a large capacity trash bag for easy storage of garbage while on a trip. It comes in a perfect size to fit every type of car.

This trash can is of premium and durable Oxford cloth material that allows it to be hung anywhere without the fear of wearing out.

This garbage bag is multi-functional. Use it as a cooler too. It adopts a thermal insulated waterproof liner to keep your drinks cool at all times. Use the extra side pockets to store different miscellaneous items. 

This car trash can is easy to install. Just attach it to the headrest on the back of the seat or virtually anywhere that you will like to have it. Also, it is easy to clean.

Top Features

  • Multi-functional
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable
  • Easy to install

YoGi Prime Black car Trash can 

Are you looking for an ideal car trash can? Here is another type of trash can that works well for cars – Yogi Prime trash can.

This elegant and waterproof car trash can will not only give you a place to hold your trash, but it will also make your car looks better.

Aside from hanging it, you can place it on the floor too. While standing, the Velcro at the bottom keeps it in place and prevents it from falling.

As an added convenience for your car, use this product as a cooler. Due to its insulation cooler design, drinks stored in it gets cool quickly.

There are plenty of locations in the car to keep it. You may choose around your seat headrests or gear shift sticks, on the door, in the front or the back of the vehicle, or any other location in the car.

This car trash can is easy to empty and clean when you are through with it. Select your choice from the different colour options.

Top Features

  • Comes in different colours
  • Simple design
  • High quality
  • Easy to clean


Having a trash can in your car is an excellent idea as it makes your car look tidy and clean.

They are affordable and come in different designs and types. They are also detachable, portable, fashionable, and easy to use. 

Having gone through this article, we trust that you have a good knowledge of the different types of car trash cans.

We recommend that you consider any of our choices next time you want to purchase a car trash can.

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