Best Full Face Helmets for Kids

The current generation of kids are so active. They are always seeking new adventures, not minding the dangers associated with it. Parents have to provide them with these opportunities to explore, at the same time also ensuring that they don’t end up hurting themselves.

For kids, riding a bike is a fun way to expend energy. This could be a dangerous adventure, especially when children are not wearing any protective gear. Arguably, the best protective clothing for a kid during biking is a helmet. This is because the head is a very vital part of the body.

What is a helmet? Why is it so important to have one for your child? What are the best full-face helmets for kids? This post answers these questions and more.

What is a Helmet?

A helmet is a protective covering worn over the head to protect it from injuries during accidents. It is usually worn by individuals during locomotive events like biking.

Types of Helmets

There are 6 different types of helmets. They are: 

  • Full face helmets
  • Open-faced helmets
  • Modular helmets
  • Dual sports helmets
  • Half faced helmets
  • Off-road helmets

For this article, we will explore the full-face helmet. More so, full-face helmets for kids.

What is a Full Face Helmet?

A full-face helmet is a type of helmet that covers the whole head when worn. There is also a transparent detachable/non-detachable visor on it to protect the face, though this is absent in some products.

This type of helmet is the best as its protective measures extend below the jaws unto the upper parts of the neck.

Points to Consider before Choosing Full-face Helmets for Kids

Making the right choice of full-face helmets for kids poses a challenge if you do not know what to look out for.

The following points should help you make the right choice.

  • Size: During purchase, you should get the right size of the helmet for your little ones. This is because the wrong size will be uncomfortable for your kids to wear. To know the correct size of helmets to purchase, you just need to know the circumference of your kid’s head. Use a measuring tape to determine the circumference of your kid’s head.
  • Weight of Helmet: Placing a weighty helmet on a kid’s head will not only be uncomfortable but may also not prevent injuries in times of danger.
  • Safety Certification: Safety standards and laws differ per country. Before purchasing, you need to be sure that the helmet passes the Canadian safety requirements. 

Try as much as possible to not compromise your kid’s safety by taking note of the points above. To help you get the best full-face helmets, we looked at a variety of helmets and came up with the following top picks.


1. Rocks Bros Kids Full Face Helmet

This full-face helmet is a great gift for your child. It will make your child develop a greater love for sports as well as assure him of safety.

It is made of a hard PC shell and high-density EPS foam and also features a removable soft inner padding.

Is this helmet weighty or lightweight? The design of the helmet is light. It weighs only 0.84 pounds. Its design also features 12 large vents that effectively reduce air resistance and sweating. This gives room for easy breathing.

Also, Rocks Bros Kids Face helmet can freely be converted to a half helmet at will. It has a removable chin guard that disengages at the push of a button.

This safety helmet has a 360° adjustable buckle to make it easy to sit on the heads of kids with varying head sizes.

There are four kid-friendly colour choices available; black titanium, black orange, orange-yellow, and pink-purple.

Top Features

  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Adjustable buckle
  • Suitable for multiple events
  • Convertible to a half helmet


2. Yema Kids and Youths Full Face Helmet

This is one of the best full-face helmets for kids with a professional-grade rating. It is perfect for boys and girls engaging in biking adventures like street biking, dirt biking, etc.

Yema helmet is made of high-grade multi-density EPS with a hard aerodynamic ABS shell. It also features a reinforced chin strap and a double D-ring buckle.

This helmet is also designed with multiple air inlets and outlets to create a constant flow of air, which helps to keep the rider cool and comfortable.

The interior is well cushioned and comfortably accentuates the head of the rider, thanks to a double D-ring buckle. Also, the liner and pads of the interior are fully removable and washable. This is to keep the helmet clean and fresh. As an added feature, there is an extra space for glasses.

In line with Canadian safety rules, this helmet is very safe to use. It is DOT approved and meets the FMVSS 218 safety standard.

Top Features

  • Comfortably cushioned interior
  • Lightweight ABS shell with impact absorption
  • Meets safety standard
  • Designed with multiple air inlets and outlets
  • Great for street biking, dirt biking, etc


3. GLX Unisex GL623 Full Face Helmet

Let your kids enjoy safe biking with the GX623 full face helmets. It is designed with quality materials and state of the art features to ensure the safety and comfortability of your kids.

This full-face helmet is lightweight, impenetrable, elastic, and provides optimal impact absorption to meet safety standards.

The aerodynamic shell of this helmet contains an advanced cooling system that is designed with 14 inlets and outlets to maximize airflow.

The multi-density EPS liner supports airflow by helping spread cooled air around the interior of the helmet. This liner is also removable, washable, and replaceable.

The shatter-resistant visor with high-grade steel screws is adjustable for proper vision. It has been tested for optimal protection against dangers to the face.

Other features of this helmet include an advanced mouth guard and a quick release chin strap.

For all helmets purchases through an authorized dealer, there is a standard one-year limited warranty. Besides that, there is also continuous support from the manufacturers for any future assistance.

Top Features

  • Shatter-resistant visor
  • Advanced mouth guard
  • Quick-release chin strap
  • One year limited warranty
  • Strong shell
  • Advanced airflow
  • Lightweight


4. Lixada Kids Full Face Bike Helmet

Provide professional CE-certified safety for your kids with the Lixada full-face bike helmet. This helmet has many features that ensure the safety of your kids.

It has 4 layers of protection; durable hard PC shell, EPS impact foam, a removable inner pad, and a chin sponge pad. These layers absorb the pressure caused by external shock and improve the overall safety of your kid’s head.

This bike helmet uses a special aerodynamic design of 13 air vents and breathable foam to provide cool airflow, thereby effectively reducing air resistance and sweating during rides.

With measurements of 52-56cm/20-22 inches, it is suitable for the head circumference of many children aged 3-15 years. Meanwhile, it weighs just 0.97 pounds and is not a burden on the rider’s neck.

For improved head fit, it makes use of dual suitability design, quick release buckle, one hand fit, and easy to adjust webbing. These combined give it proper acceleration on any child’s head.

Your kids can switch freely between a half helmet and a full helmet at any time. This is possible via buttons on the sides of the helmet. The one-step assembly and disassembly are very convenient.

Available in bright kid-friendly colours; your children will happily participate in sporting and recreational events while using this helmet.

Top Features

  • 13 air vents for improved aerodynamics
  • Quick and easy conversion from a full-face helmet to half helmet and vice versa
  • CE certified
  • Available in kid-friendly colours 
  • 4 layers of protection
  • Lightweight


5. ILM Kids and Youths Full Face Bike Helmet

The ILM kids and youth’s full-face bike helmet is a high-quality helmet mainly designed for kids to safely enjoy their off-road biking adventures.

It has a strong and durable ABS shell that meets the FMVSS-218 and DOT safety standards for your children’s protection.

In the interior are removable and washable linings that give your kid’s head a cosy feel when worn. They also maintain the proper air circulation in the head when riding.

There is an adjustable visor that can be rotated into place to block excess sunlight from reaching the eyes. In other cases, rotating it up gives a clearer view.

Each of this full-face helmet is sold alongside a pair of sports gloves and 1 UV resistant goggles designed with sponge cushion for added comfort.

Talking of added comfort, this helmet firmly fits onto the head due to a quick release buckle. This buckle is easily adjustable when necessary.

Top Features

  • Strong ABS shell
  • Safety certified 
  • Extra accessories: 1 UV resistant goggles and a pair of sports gloves
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Removable and washable linings
  • Rotating visor



As kids make use of their youthful energy, it is the job of the parents to ensure that they don’t do this to their detriment. This calls for the provision of safety measures.

Locomotory events like biking are one of the ways kids expend their energy. Therefore, getting the kids you love quality and durable full-face helmets is one of the few safety measures you can provide for them to prevent injuries. 

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