5 Best Steering Wheel Covers for your Car

A steering wheel cover is one of the best kits that you can get for your car. Apart from giving your steering wheel a new look, it also makes driving more comfortable.

This article highlights the guides to purchasing the ideal steering covers for your car. Also, there are several recommendations for you.

Why You Need a Steering Wheel Cover

Steering wheel covers perform different functions for our steering wheels. These include:


Steering wheel covers protect the steering wheels from scratches and stains. They also protect the steering wheels from damages caused by extreme heat or cold.


Many drivers feel uncomfortable when holding the steering wheel. This is because it is discomforting to hold a hard object for a long period.

Making use of a steering wheel cover acts as a bridge between the palms and the steering wheel. It gives drivers something else to feel.


A steering wheel cover adds to the beauty of your car’s interior. They also complement the overall look of the car.

Maximum Control

A steering wheel can get slippery or wet as a result of long-distance driving. Steering wheel covers help to give you that extra grip for maximum control at all times.

Reduces Driver’s Fatigue

Nowadays, some steering wheel covers come with thumb pads and finger grip. This is to ensure that the rider does not feel fatigued on the hand during journeys, especially long ones.

Types of Steering Wheel Covers

Manufacturers have churned out a variety of steering wheel covers to suit the demands of their customers.

Normally, the grouping is according to the type of material used for production. Below are different types of steering wheel covers available in the market.

Leather Covers

Leather covers provide a good grip. They are also breathable and durable. They come in limited colour sections and are quite expensive.

The major downside to this type of covers is that some of them tend to peel over time. But genuine ones lasts long.

Rubber Covers

Due to its elastic nature, rubber covers offer a tight fit on steering wheels. This, in turn, helps to provide extra grip. Also, they are resistant to different weather conditions.

Wooden Covers

The wooden patterns on this type of covers give the steering wheel an elegant look. They are custom made and not as adjustable as others.

Synthetic Covers

Synthetic covers include PU leather and Microfiber leather. They look like real leather but are not.

The manufacturers style these covers into different designs and patterns. People choose them because of their ability to add colour and elegance to the steering. These type of covers, however, do not last long.

Cloth Covers

This type of covers is designed for people who prefer that cloth-like feel while driving.

Cloth steering wheel covers are mostly made of faux fleece or wool. They come in different colours and stain easily.


Factors to Consider before Purchasing a Steering Wheel Cover

There are certain factors to consider to get the best steering wheel cover that will serve you to your satisfaction.

  • Size: Do you know that steering wheels come in different sizes? Though they all look the same, some are bigger than others. To make the right purchase, you need to know the diameter of the steering wheel cover to buy.

To know this, measure the diameter of your steering wheel with a measuring tape. That is the distance from one far side of the steering wheel to the opposite far side. Also, measure the thickness of the wheel and purchase according to the measurements.


  • Shape: Typically, steering wheels are round. However, many car manufacturers now produce cars with steering wheels that are not round. As a result, it is ideal to purchase the right shape. Alternatively, go for custom made steering wheel covers if the shape of your steering wheel is distinct.


  • Material: Do you want a steering wheel cover with a woolly feel? Do you want the ones that are elastic? The choice is up to you.


  • Colour: Light coloured covers bounce off the heat and prevent your hands from being scorched. On the other hand, dark colours retain heat and are ideal for people living in cooler climates.


  • Grip: A good steering wheel cover should effectively allow your hand a good grip on it. Leather, synthetic and rubber covers offer a better grip than cloth covers. Also, covers with patterns on it offer a good grip.


  • Inner Layer: It is ideal to purchase a steering wheel cover having an inner layer of rubber. This is to secure it steadfastly to the wheel and avoid moving around while navigating.

The inner layer also reduces friction between the steering wheel cover and the wheel.

What are the best steering wheel covers for your car? We have reviewed dozens of covers and shortlisted these top options to make your choice easier. Here goes.


1. Valleycomfy Universal Car Steering Wheel Cover

Make your journey easier with the Valleycomfy Steering Wheel Cover. This steering wheel cover is made of soft thick leather that gives you more control.

The skidproof and odour-free inner lining ensures a constant and reliable grip on your steering wheel. 

Also, this cover is crafted to stay cool during the summer and warm during the winter. This is to give you a more relaxing feel as you hold it.

The Valleycomfy steering wheel cover is very easy to install. Simply place the top part on top of the steering wheel. Press and hold, then gradually lower it with both hands to tighten.

Also, it is suitable for standard steering wheel sizes ranging from 14.5 inches to 15.25 inches in diameter.

Available in different colours and design patterns, make this steering wheel cover your choice for that comfy ride.

Top Features

  • Available in different colours
  • Strong grip on the steering wheel
  • Comes in standard car steering wheel sizes
  • It is made of top quality leather 

2. Alusbell Crystal Diamond Steering Wheel Cover

How about upgrading the interior of your car to the one that glitters? Guess what – the Alusbell Crystal Diamond Steering Wheel Cover does the magic.

Made of soft velvet feel short plush and Rhine crystals, Alusbell will add fashion to your car and improve the overall look of your car’s interior.

It has a great touch feeling and will not hurt your hands. Besides the crystals massage your hands to reduce driving fatigue.

This steering wheel cover is eco-friendly and healthy. The antislip design of the outer and inner ring provides a better grip on the wheel, giving you more control.

The Alusbell crystal diamond steering wheel cover is suitable for mid-sized steering wheels ranging from 14.5” to 15” in diameter.

Very easy to install, it protects your steering wheel all year round. Enrich your driving experience with this elegant steering wheel cover.

Top Features

  • It is made of short velvet feel short plush and Rhine crystals
  • Antislip design
  • Universal fit for most vehicles 
  • Very easy to install
  • It gives your car’s interior an elegant look

3. Shakar Bohemian Style Car Steering Wheel Cover

Inspired by Bohemian style designs, this classic steering wheel cover not only protects your steering wheel but also adds colour to it.

The exterior is made of high-quality linen flax blanket material while the interior is made of pure rubber and plastic.

It is comfortable to grip and properly accentuates the steering wheel. Also, it is breathable, durable, and temperature resistant.

This steering wheel cover is suitable for steering wheels of 14.5” to 15” in diameter. 

Top Features 

  • Bohemian style design
  • Made of high-quality linen flax blanket material
  • The inner lining is of pure runner and plastic
  • Universal fit for most cars
  • Adds decor to your car’s interior

4. Bokin Car Steering Wheel Cover

The Bokin Car Steering Wheel Cover is for those who need a hard but stylish cover for their steering wheels.

It is made of microfiber leather and viscose. Also, the intricate sewing technology ensures that it gives a firm grip to your hands.

The Bokin steering wheel cover does not smell. It is breathable, absorbs sweat and keeps your hands warm in the winter and cool in summer

Also, it is available in standard 15-inch size and is easy to install.

This product is an excellent gift for both yourself and your loved ones. Besides, you can buy with confidence because a full 18 months warranty comes with it. 

Top Features

  • Made of microfiber and viscose
  • Breathable design for added comfort 
  • Attractive fashion design
  • Universal fit for 15-inch steering wheels

5. XCBYT Car Steering Wheel Cover

When you need a car steering cover with a sporty feel, the XCBYT steering wheel cover is an ideal choice.

It is made of premium leather with a sporty design. This design massages the hand and relieves driving fatigue.

XCBYT car steering wheel cover is very easy to install. After installation, it tightly accentuates the wheels and does not slip at all.

It is suitable for steering wheels of 14.5 to 15 inches in diameter.

No need to worry after purchasing this product. This is because there is a free refund for damages caused by non-human factors within 12 months.

Top Features

  • Sporty design
  • High-quality leather
  • Universal size
  • Easy to install



Steering wheels are important car accessories. They protect your steering wheels from damages as well as improve the overall look of your car’s interior.

Purchase your ideal choice with the help of our guide. Also, consider our recommendations for the best picks.

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