10 Bicycle Accessories for Kids

It is every child’s dream to own a bike and ride it as many times as possible around the block. However, kids do not know the first thing about safety. They tend to get over-excited about their riding experience and think about safety last. That is why kid’s safety while riding is entirely the parent’s concern. You can never fully predict all the hazards that could harm your child while riding. This is where bicycle accessories for kids come in. 

What are Bicycle Accessories?

Bicycle accessories are simple gadgets that could be installed on bicycles to ensure safety and increase bike performance.  Bicycle accessories for kids are gadgets that have been engineered with children in mind. Most Bicycle accessories for kids come in colourful and comical characters that are appealing to children. This article highlights 10 of such accessories that will keep your kids safe as well as provide them with all the fun they can ever get from riding a bicycle. 

1. Full-face Helmet for Kids


Kids do not have as much balance and control as adults, so falling while riding is almost inevitable. This is why a good full-face helmet is one of the best bicycle accessories for kids. There are a lot of amazing full-face helmets for kids on the market. The Rocks Bros Kids Face helmet is a popular choice. Note that at first, your child may not feel comfortable with a helmet on. This is why you need to get a helmet that is colourful and attractive to the child. 

Also, the helmet should be as light as possible because discomfort is a good excuse not to wear a helmet while riding. Kids will choose fun over safety any time, any day, so get a helmet that your child is comfortable with. 

2. Kids Bicycle Training wheels


Bicycle training wheels are an indispensable bicycle accessory especially for kids who are still learning to ride. Confidence is necessary for kids when riding and that is what training wheels offer. WIOSEIOC Bicycle Training Wheel is one recommended product that is unique and innovative. It is suitable for 12” 14” 16” 18” and 20” children’s bicycles. Bicycle training wheels must be very sturdy and anti-slip. 

When installing a bicycle training wheel for your child, ensure that you screw it tightly to avoid accidents or surprises that may destabilize the child. A good bicycle training wheel must be easy to install and adjustable as the child grows.  

3. Bicycle Bells and Horns for Kids


Teaching a child how to use a horn or bell while riding is one of the best safety hacks your child could learn in life. For this purpose, you need a bell that the child will enjoy using. Bells are important bicycle accessories for kids. The MINI-FACTORY Bike Bells are one of such products that clear a path for the child while riding. 

There are many bicycle bells with different jingles and rings but don’t get carried away with the tune of the bell. Your kids need a bell with a loud and clear ring to it. Bicycle bells should be easy to install and fit tightly. There are bicycle bells with interesting designs that will make your child eager to use it. These are the types of bells to get.

4. Bike Pedals for Kids


Most kids start with balance bikes before trying the pedal bicycles. If your child now uses a pedal bike, then you should consider trying out a bicycle pedal. Pedals offer greater pedalling power and control when riding hence it is an important bicycle accessory for kids. 

Based on the child’s shoe size, you can get a large surface area pedal or a small one. If a pedal is too large for the child it may make pedalling difficult. Ensure that that pedal is non-slip and is fitted tightly. Finding a good pedal for kids bicycle should not be difficult. One product that we highly recommended is the DRBIKE Replacement Kid Bike Pedal

5. Kids Bicycle Seat Covers


Kids definitely do not know when to stop, especially once they are excited. This means that they are going to take long rides around the block even if it hurts. One way to ensure that they are most comfortable while riding is by installing a comfortable bike seat cover for them. Good bicycle seat covers like Domain Cycling Kids Bicycle Gel Seat Cover, are very soft and comfortable. 

These seat covers come in sizes and picking the right size for your kids’ bike is very important. Bicycle seat covers for kids should be made of the best material possible to avoid the slightest discomfort while riding. Remember to pick a seat cover that looks attractive or comes in the child’s favourite colour. 

6. Kids Handlebar Grip


Most kids are still at the learning stage of their biking experience. So their hands are sure to wobble while they try to control the bicycle. A solution to this is a handlebar grip. A handlebar grip can give the child more control and better steering in order to make up for the arm strength they lack. 

Products like the Baike Bike Children Handlebar grip provides an anti-slip control along with a colourful design to entice children. Good handlebar grips are made of soft and comfortable material. Also, get a handlebar grip that teaches your child the natural and correct grip style. This helps to reduce the stress on the wrist and arms. Another feature of a good kids handlebar grip should have is a small size that the kid’s hand can circle. 

7. Elbow and Knee Pads for Kids


Elbow and knee pads are one of the most important accessories a child needs. Child safety while riding is not a joke, this is why you must consider accessories that provide ultimate protection. Simply Kids Innovative Soft Kids Knee and Elbow Pads are one of the best products on the market. 

This product comes with triple padding just to ensure that the child does no graze his elbow and knees during a fall. Elbow and Knee pads should not be tight as this may restrict the flow of blood and cause muscle cramps. They should also be made from soft, cool and comfortable materials. 

Also, look out for elbow and knee pads that are designed to entice kids. Many kids may not understand the fuss about bike safety, so get gears and accessories they would love to wear. 

8. Kids Bicycle Basket


One may underrate the importance of a bicycle basket until you see a child trying to fit a toy into his hand and stabilizing the bicycle at the same time. With a MINI-FACTORY Bicycle Basket, your child can carry his favourite toy during rides. A kid’s bicycle basket should be easy to install and remove. It should also be as light as possible to avoid adding extra weight to the bicycle. 

Bicycle baskets come in various personalized designs and can make riding adventurous for kids. However, you should monitor what your child decides to carry in the bicycle basket. Most kids bicycle baskets are not designed to carry heavy things to avoid extra weight.  A bicycle basket should not be too large to avoid view obstruction. It should also not be too small so that items do not fall off while the child is riding. 

9. Riding Gloves for Kids


Apart from keeping the palms warm, riding gloves protect children from bruises in case of a fall. Kids riding gloves come in different designs and colours and an eye-catching one will suit any child. Especially with kids who are still confined to balance bikes, gloves serve as a huge form of protection.  A good riding glove should be well-padded and fitted. 

When gloves are too big or too small, it provides the child with an excuse not to wear them. Kid’s gloves may be half or full-fingered.  Half-finger gloves are better for children because they are easier to wear and are less sweaty. There are many fashionable gloves that can attract children like MIFULGOO Kid Padded Gloves

10. Bicycle Riding glasses

Kids may interpret wearing bicycle glasses as something really cool and fashionable. However, the safety that bicycle glasses offer is more important than how cool it looks. A child’s bicycle riding glasses must be clear and fit properly. The frame can come in any design or style but the lenses should not be designed to avoid obstruction. 

Riding glasses is one bicycle accessory that kids will never outgrow. When buying a riding glasses for your kids, don’t just pick any shaded glasses you see. Look for riding glasses that have UV protection. The Khan Wrap Around Kids Sports Glasses is one product that you can look out for. 

In conclusion, whether your child is just learning how to ride or is already an oldie on the bicycle, you need bicycle accessories. There is no fun in getting injured so some of these accessories are a must-have for every kid biker. 

Fulfilling your child’s bicycle riding dream comes with the cost of getting top-notch accessories for ultimate safety. Bicycle accessories make the job of protecting your kids easier.

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