10 Best Bicycle Phone Holders

We live in a tech world. There is no limit to the use of gadgets for various purposes. Even for bicycles. When you are biking, for instance, a gadget like a smartphone helps to give you direction. But you can’t possibly hold a phone in your hand and control the bike at the same time. There’s an easier (and safer) way to do this – using bicycle phone holders.

In this article, we review the best bicycle phone holders available in the market – for you.

Best Bicycle Phone Holders

Rock Form Pro Series Mount

Rock form

Be it for your android or iOS devices, this bicycle phone holder does its job efficiently. Military-grade materials were used in its build.

Also, its easy but strong installation technique ensures both security and accessibility. This device has a high-quality rating.

It has even been used by pro biking champions such as Jonny O’Mara, a Motocross/Supercross Champion, and a master cross country mountain biking champion. Learn more about this product on Amazon.


  • Its angle tilt feature enables you to position it in your favourite viewing angle.
  • It is made of military-grade material. As a result, it is very durable.
  • Its installation technique ensures that it is securely fitted onto your bike.

Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount

bicycle phone holders - Roam phone holder

Are you a bike or motorcycle enthusiast? The Roam Universal Premium Bike Phone Mount is the ideal one for you. Whether it is for calls, text messages, or navigation, this bike phone holder gives easy access.

It has a firm grip on your bike and is easily adjustable to any direction or angle of your choice. Also, its hard plastic build keeps it safe from breaking.

Its silicone net, unlike rubber, is strong and durable. Besides, it stretches up to four times itself.


  • Roam is made for all types of smartphones. It securely holds Android and iOS devices.
  • Its size can be adjusted to fit handlebars with sizes ranging from 7/8” to 1-1/4” in diameter.
  • It grips very securely and does not wobble.
  • The plastic build is of hard quality. As a result, it is extremely strong and durable.
  • There is a 100% money-back guarantee on this device. If you have any issue with it just contact its manufacturer via Amazon with your Order ID and you will get a full refund. 

MaxMiles Phone Holder

bicycle phone holders - MaxMiles

Whether you are biking as a pro or for fun, it is vital to have your smartphone accessible, especially for navigation purposes. The MaxMiles Phone Holder makes that possible.

This phone holder is made from top-grade aluminium. Also, it grips firmly to your bike’s handlebar with an adjustable clamp.

Also, you have the choice to rotate it to any angle that you want. This is because it has a 360° rotation feature.


  • It is easy to install. 
  • Its design is made of high-quality aluminium alloy, ensuring its durability.
  • This phone holder comes with a powerful 3M adhesive patch. So, you do not have to worry about it wobbling as it is very strong.
  • It can be used for different types of phones. Just clamp in your smartphone and you are good to go.

Lamicall Bike Phone Holder

bicycle phone holders - Lamicall

The Lamicall Bike Phone Holder ensures that your phone is securely attached to you on all biking terrains. Its special shape enables it to grip the corners of your handlebar tightly.

It is compatible with a wide variety of smartphones. Just adjust its clamp to your phone’s screen size.

This phone holder is very easy to install as you do not need any special tools. Also, there are extra silicone pads that enable your phone to fit better with the diameter of the handlebar. 

You can decide to remove or add the pads, depending on the diameter of your handlebar. With it, answering calls, reading text messages and some other phone activities can be performed while biking.


  • It is strong and sturdy.
  • Compatible with a wide range of smartphones.
  • Easily adjustable to horizontal or vertical screens.
  • Four silicone pads are available for extra fitting, shock-proofing, and scratch-proofing.

Bovon Phone Holder

bicycle phone holders - Bovon

Consider the Bovon Phone Holder if you need a strong and durable bicycle phone mount. Unlike some bicycle phone holders that have plastic clamps that are easily breakable, this device utilizes straps to tightly grip your phone.

Installation is very easy. Just insert your phone in the bottom part, stretch the right upper part to strap on your phone, then mount it on your bike.

This technique not only forestalls breakage, but it also grips the phone tightly.


  • 360° rotation is possible. Just turn it to any angle that you want and it stays that way. You can also set it up vertically or horizontally.
  • This bicycle phone holder is compatible with all types of smartphones. 
  • It is made of premium silicone. It is also shock absorbent and scratch-proof.
  • Very easy to install.

XUCOO Bicycle Phone Mount

The XUCOO bicycle phone holder will securely hold your phone in place while biking. It supports a variety of smartphones ranging from those with small screen sizes to those with large screen sizes.

This device is very durable. It is made of premium silicone. Besides, its soft-touch material can absorb shocks and prevent your smartphone from getting damaged.

It is adjustable enough to fit handlebar sizes from 0.8-inch to 1.2-inch in diameter. It can also be rotated to 360° viewing angles.


  • It is very strong and durable.
  • Compatible with a wide range of phones.
  • The frame is adjustable and can be rotated 360°.
  • 100% money-back guarantee.
  • It is very easy to install.

GUB Bicycle Phone Mount

bicycle phone holders - GUB phone mount

The GUB bicycle phone holder is very strong and durable. It is made of aluminium alloy. It allows the cyclist to easily access their smartphones whenever needed.

Its new design ensures that your phone screen is visible at all times. It does not obscure any part of the screen. The aluminium frame ensures that your phone is safe on the handlebar without shaking or falling off. 

Also, this device can hold smartphones of up to 7 inches in screen size. It is also adjustable. Its rotating feature allows you to position it at any angle of your choice. Simply turn it to your preferred direction and it stays firm.


  • It is compatible with phones of different sizes.
  • The device is strong and durable. Its aluminium make ensures this.
  • There is a rotating feature. Just turn it to your desired angle.
  • Quite easy to install.
  • Its new design does not obscure any part of the screen.
  • It can be set in either landscape or portrait.

Tiqus Bike Phone Holder


The design of the Tiqus bicycle phone holder is one of its stand-out features. It is compatible with a wide range of smartphones.

Also, its clamp supports for corners with padded backs that absorbs shock and protects your phone from scratches.

It is adjustable with multi-axis access for different viewing angles. You also have full access to different parts of the phone like the screen and head jack.

This device is very much easy to install as you do not need any special tools.


  • It is made of strong material and is very sturdy.
  • Allows full access to your phone’s screen and other necessary components.
  • This phone holder is compatible with a wide range of phones.
  • Its padded back absorbs shock and prevents scratches on your phone.
  • It is adjustable and can be rotated to different viewing angles.
  • Very easy to install.
  • There is a lifetime warranty on this device. You are sure to get a full refund on this warranty.

iMESTOU Bike Phone Holder 

bicycle phone holders - iMestou

Are you a pro biker or you normally bike for fun? Make use of the iMESTOU Bike Phone Holder to keep your phone firmly in place while biking. 

It is very much compatible with a wide variety of phones. For an effective grip, do not use it with thick phone protective cases.

Also, for a tighter grip, this bike holder mechanically tightens and locks your phone in place with the aid of screws. For added security, a rubber secure phone strap prevents your phone from falling off.

It is very easy to install. Besides, you can install it on your bike’s handlebar or your rear-view mirror.

This device can be rotated 360° to give you a wider viewing range.


  • It is very strong and sturdy.
  • 360° location is possible.
  • Its aluminium handlebar installing bracket and phone holding board ensures solidity.
  • It is shock absorbent and prevents your phone from scratches.
  • It is compatible with different phones.

Aonkey Bike Phone Holder

Safely using your phone while biking just got easier with the introduction of the Aonkey Bike Phone Holder. This device allows you easy access to your phone when biking. It is also detachable as you can easily detach it without spoiling its setup.

This device firmly grips your phone and protects it against damages. There is a soft rubber under its screw belt that helps absorb shock.

With this phone holder, you can make use of your phone for navigation or other purposes in both vertical and landscape modes. Also, your phone’s screen is not in any way obscure by any part of this device.

Thanks to its stretchy runner belt, this phone holder is compatible with screens from 4” to 6.5’.


  • This phone holder is detachable and rotatable.
  • It keeps your phone firm and sturdy.
  • Protects your phone from shock and damages.
  • It is compatible with different screen sizes.
  • No part of it obscures your phone’s screen.
  • It has a one-year manufacturer warranty.


Having gone through our list of the best bicycle phone holders, simply make your choice and you are sure to not regret your decision.

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