Can You Drive Over A Septic Tank?

One of the worst ideas you could ever heed to is driving over a septic tank. If you are aware of a septic tank on a road, it is most reasonable to drive away from rather than over it. This way, the septic tank will be kept safe from damage, and you also will be saved from unplanned expenses.

Various risks are associated with driving over a septic tank; you, the tank and the community can feel the negative impacts.

Why You Should Not Drive Over a Septic Tank

Only a few people are aware of the location of septic tanks on their properties or locality. For this reason, many drive or park over it ignorantly. As a result of this ignorance, they incur unplanned expenses.

It would help if you did not drive over a septic tank for the following reasons:

Septic Tank Can Collapse Due To Overweight

Septic tanks are not weight-proof. There is little to which they can bear. If you exert too much weight on the septic tank, it will get damaged and probably collapse.

That is why it is not suitable for septic tanks to be situated in or near driveways.

Since septic tanks are always out of sight, most people overlook the risks that come into play when it gets cracked or damaged. Notwithstanding, you need to get appropriately oriented on the possible dangers attached to septic tanks.

If possible, it is better you put some markings or boundaries in the location of your septic tank. If you do that, even strangers would be guided by it.

Septic Tank Can Be Dangerous In Wet Conditions

The soil gets softer when there’s rainfall because the ground ingests plenty of water. Consequently, there can be a shift in the soil if too much weight is exerted upon it. 

For this reason, you are better advised for your safety not to drive over or near a septic tank, especially when the ground is wet. All outdoor plumbing deserves extra caution, especially during the wet season.

What If My Vehicle Is Lightweight?

If you are of the notion that only heavy trucks are capable of causing damage to a septic tank, you might want to change that now. Interestingly, even the lightest of vehicles can cause damage to the septic tank.

Once any part of a septic tank is damaged, it could extend gradually to other parts. That’s the reason why it is not advisable to drive over or near a septic tank, except your septic tank cover is vehicle-rated.


The weight of your vehicle does not determine whether or not to drive over a septic tank. The reason is that septic tanks are made differently. They could be made from fiberglass, polythene, or concrete, as the case may be. 

You could lose quite a fortune to extraction and fixing your car and repairing the damages to the septic system–assuming no injured case was recorded.

Whatever your septic tank is made of, do not drive over your septic tank except you have made sure of special provisions/protections.

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