7 Ways to Get Car Grease out of Clothe

Have you ever gotten grease stain on your clothes while working on a car? It isn’t easy to keep clean. We tend to get upset when grease spills on our clothing. But don’t panic; this article will show you how to remove motor oil from clothing.

Our suggestions are based on our experience removing various car stains, including motor oil. To get rid of it, you’ll need baking soda, hot water, and other everyday household items.

Even if the grease lurks between cotton threads, you will be able to remove it with just these materials in your home.

How to Get Car Grease out of Clothe

Don’t be concerned if your clothes have grease smears. These simple household items can help you remove grease stains from your garments, making them look clean and new once more.

1. Presoaking Clothing to Remove Grease

When it comes to soiled clothes, we should always presoak them. It makes it easier for the detergent to bond with the dirt or oil stains. Make sure it’s soaked in the hottest water possible.

Don’t put your motor oil-stained clothes in the washing machine without first checking the care label. It may provide specific instructions that you must follow. If the instructions say it’s okay, gently rub in some dish soap with an old toothbrush beforehand. Allow it to sit for about two hours before washing it.

Even with these instructions, washing black clothes with stains is a difficult task. Take extra precautions with your dark clothing.

2. Use Shampoo to Remove Grease Stains

The shampoo contains a surfactant, which makes it easier for the soap to locate the dirt. It can also be used to remove stains from soft fabrics.

Many motor oils are organic, as Purdue University demonstrates. That is why shampoo is effective on them. Apply the mixture to the stain as a pre-treatment on delicate fabrics by rubbing it in.

Use your fingertips, a sponge, or a paper towel to clean the surface. Any soft material would suffice. Before rinsing, wait a few minutes. You may need to repeat this procedure several times to ensure that the stain is completely removed.

The shampoo isn’t very good at taking wax out of textiles. For that, you’ll need to adopt entirely different procedures.

3. Try this Grease Stain Remover

A dry powder, such as cornstarch or baby powder, talcum powder, or baking soda, can also be used to remove grease and other liquid stains from garments. To eliminate oil stains before laundering, sprinkle the dust on the spot.

One cup of dry talcum powder is all you need for our talcum powder recipe. Pour it immediately on the stain, wait a few hours for it to absorb the liquid oil, then brush or wash it away.

If it’s not clean enough, go over the instructions again until you’re satisfied. Before you wash it, use a toothbrush to rub some laundry detergent into it, and you should have a clean garment at the end.

Baking soda also has the added benefit of eliminating odors from clothes without having to wash them efficiently.

4. Use a Degreaser – Stanley Original Degreaser

Stanley Original Degreaser is one of the best products for removing oil and grease. Grocery stores, Amazon, and hardware stores all sell Stanley Original Degreaser. Apply the degreaser directly to the spot with a little brush (an old toothbrush works well) and allow it to soak in.

Before putting it in the washer, rub a little more of the solution into the oily stain with your brush. Put the clothes in the washer on the longest wash cycle to get rid of the grease marks.

5. Remove Grease Stains with WD 40

If WD 40 can remove old muck from vehicles and even crayon off a wall or table, it can undoubtedly remove oil from clothing. It’s made to dissolve molecular bonds in adhesives like stickers, and it’ll even get rid of some stains from the most absorbent upholstery.

Applying WD 40 to sensitive fabrics should be done with caution. To limit the impact on the material, apply the product with a Q-tip.

You can be a little more robust on tougher fabrics, such as jeans. Allow one teaspoon to soak into a discoloration. After a few hours, use your thumb to rub in liquid dish soap or laundry soap. It’s now time to put it in the washing machine.

Your garments should be stain-free at this point. After all, you won’t need to take them to the dry cleaners.

6. Remove Grease From Clothing with Nail Polish Remover

Acetone is a highly effective organic solvent. It works by attracting and interacting with oil molecules, resulting in a lesser stain. This is beneficial to us since it binds to most engine oils, making them easier to remove. Acetone is a common chemical in nail polish remover, which is found in many homes.

Acetone, like WD 40, may be harsh on clothing, so apply it with a Q-tip if your clothes are fragile. You should try it on a hidden part of the clothing first and see the effect. If it’s safe to use, apply acetone to the oily stains and rinse after ten minutes.

Repeat until the stain is removed to your satisfaction. Use a cup of white vinegar in the washing machine if you still need help eliminating a stain. This will help remove the stench of diesel from your clothes as a bonus.

After that, your dishwashing detergent should be able to remove the rest of the stain. Follow these additional instructions if you need to wash a baseball hat.

You can avoid having to dry clean your clothes once you’ve followed these techniques for eliminating grease and the odor it causes.

7. Use Ammonia to Remove Grease

Ammonia is also effective at removing grease. It can be used to remove stubborn oil stains from garments. Surprisingly, it works well as a grease cutter when combined with certain detergents. When using ammonia, be cautious of vapors because they might be harmful. You can also use Borax, which is a grease-cutting agent.

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