7 Reasons Your Automatic Car Stalls When Put in Gear

Car stalling is when your car engine stops running or shuts off for reasons you can’t explain. Car stall is unpredictable, it can happen at any time, usually when you don’t expect it. And when it happens it gets you confused. Your car may stall in the middle of the road, causing major traffic; that would be a pretty embarrassing situation!

You might even be trying to beat time so you don’t get to work late, then suddenly your car stalls at the wrong place and time leaving you with no possible option. What do you do if you find yourself in this situation?

An automatic car can stall when put into gear for countless reasons. It could be a result of a faulty coolant sensor, bad alternator, empty fuel tank, bad fuel pump, leaking vacuum when the filter is blocked, etc.

If any of these occurs, the best solution is to have a car service provider analyze the possible causes and how to repair them. But if it keeps giving you trouble even after fixing repeatedly, it’s probably best you sell it.

Now, let’s look out some of the reasons why an automatic car stalls when out in gear;

Possible Reasons Your Car Stalls When in Gear

• Fuel Pump is Broken

This is one of the major reasons why your car might stall when put in gear. When the fuel pump of your car stops working, maybe because it is broken or faulty, it won’t be able to supply adequate fuel to the car engine. And if the engine doesn’t get sufficient fuel, it can’t run, thereby leading to car stall.  

•  Insufficient Fuel Mix

If this occurs it means your car doesn’t have enough fuel mixture. When the air and fuel mixture is inadequate then you might encounter some issues with your car, it will stall. It affects the proper functioning of the car engine and the alternator.

So you know if the alternator goes bad, the engine does badly also. If the engines are not running smoothly as a result of poor fuel mixture, you can tell from the signs of low battery and check engine light.

•  Low Car Battery

If your car battery is low or dead your car won’t start at all. It’s possible you’ve experienced this a number of times.

If your car battery is dead, it works up the alternator, leading to a bad alternator, causing the car engine to stall. While getting a new battery, ensure you get the alternator fixed as well.

 Car Idle Circuit

In an automatic car, the idle circuit is responsible for the supply of oxygen when the car stall. They keep your car in good shape, if anything goes wrong with it, it also affects your car.

Your car will lack the oxygen needed for it to function if the circuit is damaged, and as such disrupts the combustion process.

 A Faulty Torque Converter

A torque converter is present in every automatic car. It’s a substitute for a clutch in an automatic car transmission system. It is an important part of a car.

When a vehicle is put in gear or an accelerating mode, the torque converter opens. But in a case where this doesn’t happen, the car brakes before the unlocking of the torque converter. It signifies the loss of power, which results in stalling.

•  Decreased Fuel Pressure

This is usually one of the reasons why your car stalls when put in gear. When the injectors are blocked as a result of dirt in the fuel tank, it reduces fuel pressure, leading to stalling. To avert this situation, you should get a cleaner for injectors. Clean the fuel tank with it, removing the dirt clogging the injectors.

  Blocked Filter

If your car’s filter is blocked, it obstructs the flow of air. With a blocked filter, the adequate supply of oxygen is deprived, causing your car to stall when put into gear. You must always keep these things in check so you don’t find yourself in this situation.

What Happens When Your Car Stalls?

A lot of things go wrong if your car stalls when put into gear. The first is the brake and steering lose their power. This is a major problem because these two parts are responsible for the movement of a car.

If this problem surfaces, quickly roll your car to the other side placing your foot on the brake pedal. While turning to the roadside, switch on the warning light. Try to restart the engine, and if it declines, take for repair.

Also if your car stalls when parked in a place, it would be impossible for you to roll it over to the other side of the road. Call the attention of passersby for little help instead of pushing it yourself, that could be risky. You must apply all safety measures.​​

How To Fix a Stalling Car

Vehicles do not just stall without any possible cause. There’s always something behind a stalling car, and this should be the first step to take when your car stalls.

Analyze possible causes, check if the fuel tank is empty or not. If not, move to clutch and check if it’s in place. If all seems fine, check your battery, if it’s are dead, there is the reason why your car is stalling. Either you fix or replace it, it’s best you get a new battery so you don’t have any more issues with it.

If all these mentioned are in good shape, examine other parts that could cause your car to stall like; alternator, the fuel injector, if it appears clogged, clean it up by getting an injector cleaner. Better still get professional help to carry out a routine check on your car to know why your vehicle is suddenly acting up.


Why does your automatic car stall when put into gear? This is a commonly asked question for most car owners. Good thing we have been able to answer the question in this article. So you don’t have to get confused each time your car stalls, rather find the reason behind it and the best ways to remedy the situation.

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