What is a Waste Holding Tank?

Nothing is more frustrating than having a failed waste holding tank while you are on travel. The thought of how to store waste from the toilet or bathroom of your recreational vehicle and how to dispose of them can drive any tourist crazy.

While the recreational vehicle is a state of the art equipment to give adventure seekers one of the best camping experience, it will amount to disaster if the waste holding tank is terrible.

What is a Waste Holding Tank?

Waste Holding Tanks are containers that store water from the toilet of your recreational vehicle (RV). Often than not, the waste holding tanks come in three compartments. However, not all RV waste tanks have three. The older generation of waste tanks usually has two compartments at most.

Fresh Water Tank: These are the compartments where clean and usable water is stored for use. When you turn on the tap, this compartment releases the water in it for use immediately.

Grey Water Tank: The grey water tank is used to store water are used in the bathroom. When you wash or shower, the water goes to the grey water tank for storage purposes. One can easily deduce that the water stored in the compartment is not clean and, in most cases, can not be reused.

Black Water Tank: You can find these compartments in the new generation of waste tanks. Unlike the grey tanks that store water used in the shower or laundry, the black water tank store almost anything dirty. It keeps waste from the toilet when you obey the call of nature. If the tank doesn’t have a grey water tank, this compartment stores water used in the shower and laundry.

Of all the waste storage facilities, waste stored in the black water tank is the most difficult compartment. It can make you wish you never used a recreational vehicle for your adventurous tour. Things can get a lot messy when you don’t know the right thing to do and the right time to do them.

How to Maintain an RV Holding Tank

Owning an RV is pleasurable until it comes to the maintenance of its waste holding tanks. Inability to properly maintain the waste holding tank can disrupt the entire trip if care is not taken.

Among all other means of maintaining the waste holding tank, flushing regularly is essential. When the waste holding tank is filled up, it becomes messy. Emptying it at this point won’t be as easy as it seems.

Also, try as much as possible to sanitize the tank regularly to avoid the breeding of bacteria that can lead to infection for users. If you can master the art of flushing regularly and prompt sanitizing, you will have fewer problems to deal with.

How Often Should a Waste Holding Tank be emptied?

There are no tailored made patterns or styles of emptying the waste holding tanks. This means there is no specific timing for how often you should empty the tanks.

How often you will empty the tank largely depend on the number of people using it. If you have traveled with a large group, you might always need to empty the tanks daily. However, if you are traveling with a small group or just you and your partner, you can empty it every week.

Although there is no specific timing that to how constant you should empty the tanks. However, some tips would help you with better timing when it comes to emptying the tank. Ensure you empty the tank when it is two-thirds full.

You don’t have to wait for a week if you have a small group of people or empty it daily if you have a large group. All you need to do is empty immediately the tank is two-thirds full. This will eliminate every other stress that comes with emptying the tanks. Understandably, you wonder how to tell if the tank is two-thirds full.

The new generation waste holding tanks have features that allow users to tell how full their waste tank is. However, this feature doesn’t last as long as the tank is still in use. It only works for a while, after which it stops working as the tank gets old. However, it is a handy tool to tell how full the waste holding tank.

How To Clean The Waste Holding Tank

The essence of maintaining the waste holding tank is to ensure that it is not messy. When things go wrong, the stench is enough to ruin a fantastic trip. This is why it is essential to know how to clean the waste tank to ensure it is free from offensive odor.

You must know the type of cleaning solution needed to ensure that it is clean and odorless all the time. Cleaning the tank could not get any better with the introduction of various cleaning chemicals and lovely deodorants.

The best way to achieve it is by treating the tank before you start the trip. Endeavor to add cleaning chemical to the tank, add enough water to ensure the chemical work at their best. Interestingly, some of these chemicals have a pleasant fragrance that will brighten the smell of the tank. Also, they can dissolve solid waste like tissue paper and rest.

To ensure that the tank sensor gives you adequate notification on the level of content in the tank, ensure you run the tank on soapy water. This will assist the sensor in providing correct information.

How To Empty The Waste Holding Tank

You can empty the waste holding tanks with three simple steps.

Connect Sewer Hose To Tank Sewage System: Ensure that the hose is strong enough not to cause a mess. There are two valves in the sewer system. There is one for the grey tank and one for the black tank.
It is advisable to drain the black tank first. The grey tank should be emptied afterward. This way, you can use the water in the grey tank to clean the house properly.

Drain Tanks Completely: Once you have connected the hose to the sewer system, pull the black valve to allow its content to drain completely. Close the black tank valve and open the grey valve to enable its content drain too.

Disconnect The Valve: Once the two waste holding tanks have been drained, disconnect the hose from the tanks. Ensure you do it gently.

Rinse the hose with fresh water after the exercise to ensure the awful smell is eliminated. Pack the hose and store it.

Best Waste Holding Tanks

1. Camco Rhino Heavy Duty 21 Gallon Portable Waste

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This unique waste storage facility is concise but yet handy in storing waste in an RV. Camco Rhino Heavy Duty 21 Gallon Portable Waste has a smooth inside to ensure that it doesn’t accommodate unpleasant odor.

It has an integrated ladder hook and tie grooves. This affords you the opportunity of hanging the tank on the vehicle’s ladder when it is empty to dry it out. It is easy to compute and easy to empty without stress.

With this 21 gallon capacity, you will have not storage problems throughout your trip.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty material
  • Large capacity size
  • Constructed with durable blow molded
  • Value for money
  • Long use

2. Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank – 42 Gallon Capacity (30844)

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If you need a storage facility that is relatively easy to empty its contents without stress, choose Barker 4-Wheeler Tote Tank – 42 Gallon Capacity (30844). You don’t always need to lift the tank when you want to empty the container.

It has a three-valve, which can be connected to the hose to empty the content in the container. Also, it has a strong wheel for easy mobility to the dumping site.

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty material
  • Value for money
  • Long use
  • Three valves for easy flushing of the tank
  • Four strong tires
  • Large capacity storage

3. Tote-N-Stor 25609 Portable Waste Transport – 32 Gallon Capacity

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Tote-N-Stor 25609 Portable Waste Transport – 32 Gallon Capacity is a perfect option if you need extra storage capacity for your RV. It has an extra 32-gallon capacity to store waste during your adventure trips.

It has a rugged construction to avoid leakage, which could create a mess. This storage device comes with four quiet tires for mobility down to the dumping site.

Key Features

  • 32-gallon capacity
  • Two quiet tires
  • Rugged construction
  • High-quality material
  • Value for money
  • Long use

Final Thoughts

If you want to get a waste holding tank, try to get the best one. While a good product may serve you well, the best one will serve you better.

Ensure you get the best product that would serve your need. It is also essential to know that the waste tank’s lifespan largely depends on the maintenance level. Ensure that you invest more into its maintenance.

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