5 Ways To Clean Car Windows Without Streaks

Cleaning your car windows not only looks better but also helps improve visibility while driving. But we all know cleaning the car windows can be difficult, especially when you’re trying not to leave streaks behind. 

Without the right tools and proper cleaning methods, you risk leaving behind streaks on your car windows.

The good news is cleaning your car windows without streaks is achievable! All you need is to adjust your cleaning techniques and use the appropriate tools, as explained in the 5 tips below. 

#1: Use a Specialist Car Glass Cleaner

One of the first steps to cleaning a car window without leaving streaks behind is by using authentic window cleaning products.

The car windows gather different types of dirt, and using soap and water only may not do the job. With a specialist car window cleaner, you can get through tough stains and leave the glass crystal clear. 

When picking a car window cleaner, ensure to go for a product specially formulated for auto glass. Also, while washing, try to spray one window at a time. If you spray all the windows at once, the auto glass cleaner may dry off, making it hard to wipe the window off completely.

#2: Get 2 Sets of Microfiber Towel

You may be tempted to use just any clothes for your car care; however, investing in microfibers towels will get you the results you want.

Microfiber towels are the best materials when it comes to cleaning stains off a surface. For your car windows, go for low pile microfiber towels. Low pile is more absorbent, which makes it an excellent option to clean your car windows without leaving ugly streaks behind.

Also, ensure the microfiber towels have tight weavings to prevent the fibers from shedding while using them. 

You need two sets of microfiber towels. Use the first towel to wash off the stains and stubborn marks on the windows. Simply spray the car clean on the first towel and use it to wipe the windows. Try not to spray too much at once because it may drip down the windows and leave streaks. 

Use the second microfiber towel to wipe away leftover car glass spray.  Wipe in a sweeping motion to remove and clean off any streaks and smears.

Finally, try to use a new part of a towel once dirt starts building up on your microfiber towel.

#3: Keep the Car Out of Sunlight 

Sometimes, streaks form because of the direct sunlight hitting the windows after washing them. Cleaning in direct sunlight may get your car windows too hot, and the auto car windows cleaner will evaporate before you have a chance to wipe clean. Also, some streaks may not even be visible in sunlight.

Therefore, try as much as possible to clean off the washing products thoroughly to avoid leaving streaks when sunlight hits. Also, consider washing the windows in the shade to prevent the glass cleaner from drying up and creating streaks. 

#4: Clean The Interior and Exterior

The mistake people often make when cleaning the car glass is focusing on the exterior while ignoring the interior. Washing your car windows requires working on the inside and outside of your vehicle.

When washing, start with one side of the windows first before switching to the other side. Instead of working on both exterior and interior at once, consider starting with the exterior windows first.

When you are done, you could then move to the interior windows. Or work with the interior first, then the exterior. The point is to keep with the order that you choose.

#5: Don’t Rush The Process

Washing car windows is easy, but even so, it shouldn’t be rushed. Many people just spray the glass and do a quick clean. 

Unfortunately, you may end up with streaks on the windows if you rush it.  Therefore, take your time to clean each window until you’re left with a sparkling shine. 

Work from the top of the window down towards the bottom. Apply pressure and use a sweeping motion to make sure that no part of the glass is missed. A lot of people tend to overlook the corners and edges of the windows, so pay attention to those parts while cleaning. 

Finally, work harder on stubborn stains or dirt.  


No one likes having streaks on their car windows. It not only messes up the visibility while driving but also looks unattractive on the car. 

However, to get streak-free windows, you need to clean them correctly. With the 5 tips above, we hope you have gotten the answers to “how to clean car windows without streaks?” If you follow the 5 tips above correctly, you’ll have clean windows without streaks or stains. 

Also, remember that the first step to cleaning your car windows is getting the right tools for the job. So get your auto car cleaners, microfiber towels, and follow the tips for streak-free windows!

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