10 Ways to Get Dog Hair Out of Cars

Many dog owners would never leave their pets at home. However, there is one significant drawback to having your dog in your car.

It can be difficult to get dog hair out of the car; it gets into the seats, the carpets, and the boot. Dog hair may ruin the aesthetic appeal of your car’s interior and create an unpleasant odor.

We recognize that dog hair is an issue, so we’ve researched ten ways to remove dog hair from cars.

How to Get Dog Hair Out of Cars

1. Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are great for cleaning cars. If you have the right one, you can use them to get rid of mold, dirt, and dog hair.

Hand-held vacuums are ideal for this job because they’ll fit into those tight spots regular vacuums just can’t. In addition, many vacuums have separate tips for particular tasks; ensure you have a tip designed for pet hair removal.

We recommend the BISSELL Pet Hair Eraser. It’s a tremendous hand-held vacuum explicitly designed for getting rid of pet hair.

2. Lint Roller

Lint rollers are must-have tools that can be used in your car and also on your clothes. Simply rubbing the lint roller over the seats will cause the hairs to cling to it.

Lint rollers are ideal for cleaning up hair on the move and can be stored in a glove box because they’re small. They work best on hairs that aren’t too deeply entrenched in the car’s fibres.

Lint rollers are inexpensive and can be found in most grocery shops.

3. Duct Tape

Duct tape solves lots of problems, and dog hair is one of them. It works the same way a lint roller does, and it’s just as effective as they’re both better suited to loose hair.

Take a piece of tape, wrap it over your palm with the adhesive side facing out, and touch the hair-covered places in your car. When the tape loses its stickiness, replace it and continue until all of your car’s surfaces are clean.

Duct tape is ideal for this, but any sticky tape will do.

4. Velcro Curlers

This method entails just running or rolling the curler over the target area. Curlers work best with materials like carpets and flooring. They also work on upholstery, but you should test the curler on a small region first to ensure that it won’t snag or peel the fabric.

Velcro curlers aren’t sticky like duct tape or lint rollers so that they won’t lose their effectiveness after several uses. Curlers can also bend, making them useful for reaching into corners and tight areas.

5. Wire Brush

A wire brush is ideal for extracting hair that a lint roller, vacuum, or other cleaning techniques cannot take up.

The brush’s wire bristles act to remove hair from deep within your car’s upholstery and carpet. To use, just run the brush around the surfaces in your vehicle.

Because wire brush bristles are so rigid, you should test a tiny section of your car’s seats before using the brush on them. In addition, a wire brush may snag upholstery that is weaker or just less durable.

Sonax Pet Brush is an excellent choice for this.

6. Rubber Gloves

For this method, put on the glove and wet your fingers before rubbing inside the car’s surfaces in a single direction. This will cause the hair to cluster together into clumps that are easy to pick up or vacuum. If you don’t have rubber gloves, you can use a damp sponge or washcloth in the same way. 

You can buy gloves mainly designed to remove pet hair, but you might prefer to start with a standard rubber glove.

7. Squeegee

A squeegee is a fast and cost-effective tool for removing dog hair from your vehicle’s interior.

The squeegee’s rubber blade will capture loose and embedded dog hair as you run it around your car’s seats and floors in a single direction, similar to rubber gloves. This will gather all of the dog hair into a single pile, making it easier to remove.

Squeegees are inexpensive and come in a variety of sizes to meet your needs. They’re also easy to clean and reuse, making hair removal a breeze.

8. Balloons

Balloons harness static electricity, making them remarkable and fun tools for getting dog hair out of your car.

Simply rubbing a balloon over the inside surfaces of your car will pull any stray dog hair off the upholstery, forcing them to stick to the balloon. Then all you have to do is wipe the dog hair off the balloon and continue the procedure until your car is hair-free.

This technique works well for removing loose dog hair, but it won’t get rid of embedded hair.

9. Fabric Softener

Fabric softener includes chemicals that loosen hair, making it one of the most effective methods for removing tough strands from your vehicle. It also smells clean and fresh in your automobile.

Dilute a few teaspoons of liquid fabric softener with water into a bottle, then spray the mixture into your car’s upholstery. Then, use a paper towel to dislodge any tenacious strands of dog hair from the upholstery. Vacuum or brush away any residual hair once the strands have been released and the solution has dried.

Before using this method, test a tiny section of your car’s upholstery to make sure it won’t stain. This is unlikely, but it’s better to be safe.

10. Pumice Stone

Pumice stones are light, abrasive stones ideal for removing dog hair from your car’s interior, particularly the car mats.

The best way to finish this procedure is to pair it with a fabric softener solution to dissolve any static bonds in the flooring, loosen the hair, and reduce the pumice stone’s abrasiveness.

A pumice stone can be purchased at your local grocery store or ordered online. The Fur-Zoff stone, available on Amazon, is explicitly designed to remove hair from car seats, carpets, and furniture. 


The effort required to get dog hair out of your car is a small price to pay for having our furry friends around. Plus, dogs are far from the most unpleasant passengers you can have in your vehicle; that title goes to ants. Learn how to get rid of ants in your car.

Dogs don’t only bring in hair; they may also leave dirt and stains on your car’s inside. If your seats are stained, learn how to get stains out of car seats.

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