How to Fix Windshield Cracks

It’s a bright day. The sun is out. The gentle wind caresses your skin as you let your body freely explore the open air.

Suddenly you hear thuds – not one, not two. The gentle wind lifts some stray objects, straight unto the windshield of your parked car.

That’s it. You see jagged lines on your windshield – it’s now cracked. The wind has dealt a heavy blow to your windshield. Having a cracked windshield is not a good sight at all. It causes a distorted view of the road and can even lead to avoidable accidents.

Thankfully, you can quickly repair your car windshield cracks without having to spend much. All that is needed is patience and the right equipment.

Reasons to Repair your Car Windshield Cracks

  • It is unpleasant: Windshield cracks spoil the overall beauty of your car. 
  • Distorts your view: Especially when the crack is located on the driver’s line of sight, it makes the driver strain his eyes to get the correct picture of the road in front of him.
  • Causes accidents: As a result of the distortion, a cracked windshield can cause accidents, most times avoidable ones.
  • You can get fined: How about getting pulled over by the police and ticketed – certainly not what you want.

Windshield Glasses

The regular glasses that you have at home are clear and cheap. They are also brittle and shatters into dangerously sharp shards when overstressed. As a result, you can’t use this on a standard car because they can’t resist the stress caused by aerodynamics.

For cars, manufacturers thought of a more durable type of glass to use. They came up with tempered glasses for the side windows.

Tempered glasses are stronger than normal household glasses. When they break, they shatter into smaller granules.

However, they are not ideally used as windshields as they have shorter life spans than those used for windshields.

Car manufacturers use a more durable type of glass for the windshields. This is the laminated glass.

The mechanism behind this type of glass is simple. Two thinner sheets of glass are fused to a rubber inner layer. The rubbery centre sheet provides damping to any shock waves thereby reducing the probability of breakage.

If this glass is hit by a hard object, there is a higher probability that only the outer sheet will break. If the object is hard enough to break both layers of glass, the tough rubbery membrane will prevent it from splattering thereby saving you from serious havoc.

Windshield Cracks

On the average, having to repair your car windshield cracks in a standard repair shop costs about 300 CAD. For luxury cars, the price is much higher.

Factually, if no repair is done on a cracked windshield, there is a higher tendency for the cracks to expand, thereby causing the glass to weaken.

Also, if water finds its way into the cracks, it can cause the glass to be laminated. Also, if the water carries dirt, it causes blemishes which are unpleasant sights to behold.

All these can thereafter lead to safety concerns, as well as cause future accidents which no one wants to get into.

What Should You Do When You Have a Cracked Windshield?

No need to panic. Instead of getting a new windshield, you can as well repair it by yourself. Get a magnifying glass and look closely at the cracks. You may just need to inject epoxy into it to act as a filler.

There are several DIY methods to repair your car windshield cracks. Let’s explore these options. Read on to know more.

Factors to Consider Before Repairing Your Windshield

It is in your best interest to take into cognizance the following factors before attempting to repair your car windshield cracks.

This will help you to make the right choices

  • Size of the Crack: Windshields with cracks spanning the length of the glass is better replaced than repaired. This is because, as a result of the size, a portion of the crack may be unintentionally left out, thereby causing an avenue for the crack to expand even after the repair.
  • Type of Crack: Be it a jagged line running through the glass or a bull’s eye type of dent or even a half-moon, the type of crack determines whether or not the glass should be repaired or simply replaced.
  • Location of the Crack: Cracks located in the driver’s line of sight should be given more consideration during repairs.

Cracked Windshield Repair Methods

There are two basic DIY methods you can use to repair your car windshield cracks. These are:

Use a Windshield Repair Kit

There are many windshield repair kits available for purchase at different local and online hardware stores. You might want to consider the Rain-X 600001 Windshield Repair Kit; it’s cheap and affordable.

Each one has a different procedure for application. As it is the standard for many, you have to bore a little hole on top of the glass and apply a specialized resin from the repair kit into the hole to seal the glass.

This resin varies with each kit but does the work of hiding the dents and cracks.

If you do this properly, it may be the solution to the problem as you won’t have to take the car to a repair shop.

Apply Super Glue or Nail Polish

As a low-cost DIY procedure, you can repair your car windshield cracks using super glue or clear nail polish.

To do this, first, clean out the cracks then apply the super glue or clear nail polish carefully and directly onto the cracks.

Allow the glue or polish to dry then place clear tape over it to stop dirt from entering into it. Note that this procedure is a temporary respite.


Not all windshield cracks are ideal for DIY repairs. Some require you to change the windshield entirely. However, if you have accessed the crack and you think a DIY repair will suffice, then it is better to use a windshield repair kit.

There are many out there in different stores with different procedures for application. Choose one for your car and get your windshield back in shape.

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