G2 Road Test Checklist for Canadians

The G2 road test is designed to check how well new drivers have been able to improve their driving, enough to earn a graduated license. With this license, the driver can now drive without restrictions on any roads and at any time of the day. Of course, two restrictions remain: driving only when the alcohol level is zero, and not taking more passengers than there are available seat belts.

If you are at the point where you now have to take the test, you will need to prepare adequately for the process. One of the best ways to give yourself a winning chance is to be aware of what’s expected of you. We have put together a comprehensive G2 road test checklist below, do well to check these boxes to pass the road test.

Adequate Knowledge and Practice

Before taking the test you should already be well grounded in basic and advanced driving skills. Make sure to learn everything and retain the information. Practicing what you have learned is a very effective way to ensure retention, and practice should be constant. As a new driver, mastery comes through practice and you’ll need lots of it for the G2 road test.

Some of the advanced skills you need to pick up include driving on a highway, parallel parking, stop intersection, making left and right turns, entering an exit lane, roadside stop, lane change, and others. As long as you have enough driving experience under your belt you should confidently pass the road test.

Complete Declaration of Highway Driving Experience Form

You will be required to complete a Declaration of Highway Driving Experience form at the G2 road test. In this document, you’ll be asked to describe your highway experience by stating

  • How often you’ve driven on a highway in the last 3 months at 80km/h minimum.
  • The average length of the trips in kilometres.

The data you input here is very important, it can determine if you get to continue the G2 road test or not. This is why you should get some miles on freeways or highways before coming for the test. Not having sufficient highway driving experience is grounds for the examiner to deem the road test out-of-order. The test would be canceled and you would forfeit 50% of the road test fee. If rescheduled, you will have to pay the 50% of the fee that was lost through the out-of-order.

Ensure Vehicle is in Good Working Order

A lot of people spend most of the time preparing themselves for the road test, not knowing that the car itself is part of the test. You need to ensure your car is without fault and meets the standards for a G2 road test. Whether you are renting a car or borrowing a friend’s, ensure it ticks the following boxes:

Car Insurance

The insurance on the vehicle is very important. It covers you during the road test in case there is a crash. 

Safety Requirements

Your car needs to have certain components working properly to ensure your safety, that of the examiner, as well as other road users. These include a working horn, seat belts, rearview mirrors, and brake lights.

Car Registration

You won’t be allowed to use a non-registered car for the test. 

In a nutshell, in addition to preparing yourself for the big day, ensure your car is good enough for the test. Again, your examiner can declare the road test out-of-order if your car doesn’t meet the minimum requirements.

Arrive Early at the Test Venue

Another item to prioritize on the G2 road test checklist is punctuality. You should get to the venue at least 30 minutes before time, for many reasons. For one, you are more relaxed when it’s time for the test, and you do need your nerves calm to ace it. More so, it is far better to be early for the test than to arrive on time or late and run a risk of missing the examination. Getting to the test venue late may impact on your scoresheet, in fact, the examiner could cancel your appointment. You would have to reschedule all over again.

Early Notice for Cancellation

Many people cancel their G2 road test and reschedule; unfortunately, some give very late notice. This has its own consequences. You should factor this into your checklist. If for some reason the appointment date is no longer feasible for you, be sure to give notice ahead of time, at least 48 hours before. The penalty for late cancellation or non-attendance is more stringent than getting an out-of-order. You forfeit the entire amount paid for the road test. The only exception to this is in cases where an immediate family member passes on. The full amount will remain as a credit in your record.

Bring Visual Aids, if Needed

If you have a medical condition and can’t see properly without the use of glasses, bring them along to the test. You want to be able to see clearly as you drive to avoid a collision or any mishaps. This even goes beyond the road test, you should always wear your visual aids while driving anywhere for safety. The examiner will most probably ask if you have any eye condition he should know about. So be sure to prepare yourself for this beforehand.

Zero Alcohol Level

Finally, on the G2 road test checklist, no driver is permitted to drive with alcohol in their system; this absolutely includes you. Abstain from alcohol in the days leading to the test so you’re fit for the drive. 

The G2 road test is passable in one attempt if you get your acts right. Work with this checklist as you prepare for the test, making sure to tick the boxes from top to bottom. You might also want to check out tips to ace your G2. The reason why most people keep on retaking this test is not that they don’t know how to drive, but that they didn’t do what was expected of them even before the actual test. Choose to approach the road test differently with this checklist to guide you.

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