5 Ways to Get Ants Out of Your Car

It is always embarrassing getting into your car and finding ants crawling all over. It becomes tough to drive while such pests are in your vehicle.

Removing ants from a car isn’t always an easy or straightforward task It’s even more tricky driving with the ants, and by the way, the ants may even totally keep you away from your car if they bite.

There are different ways to ensure that ants get out of your car. Below are some of the best ways to get rid of the ants out of the vehicle.

How to Get Rid of Ants in a Car

1. Try Cleaning your car

Ants are attracted mainly by food that you may have left in your car. Since the ants are drawn, it is necessary to remove all the garbage that might be available in the vehicle.

If you’ve been cleaning using just the basics, you might want to try a car cleaning kit. This kit contains everything you need to clean and maintain a pest-free car.

Food wrappers, scrap pears, and any trash should be taken out of the vehicle. That will environment inhabitable for the ants hence an easy way to chase them out. It is advisable to ensure that your car’s floors and the seats are all clean of trash or food particles.

2. Vacuum the interior of a car   

The vacuum is likely the best car cleaning tool available. The use of a sizeable vacuum cleaner is likely to reduce the number of ants in the car. With over 130k reviews, the Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner comes in highly recommended.

The vacuum cleaner should be run all over the vehicle in places such as the floors, seats, and armrest. This will ensure that you can remove any debris that will likely tract the ants.

While cleaning, you can also physically clean out any ants that you are likely to come across. If one cannot afford a vacuum, thorough washing of the interior part also works great to get the ants out of the car.

3. Consider the parking area

There is a possibility that where you park your car may be where the ants are. For instance, parking a car around or on top of or close to an anthill will likely cause the ants to come into your car.

It is, therefore, possible that the ant problem is with your parking space and not your car—moving your car to a safer place and away from the ants will likely reduce the number of ants in your car and subsequently eliminate them.

4. Washing the exterior of the car

After cleaning the internal parts, some of the ants may be hiding on the outside parts of the car. A thorough, exterior clean will likely chase the ants that may be clinging to the outer parts of the vehicle.

Thorough external cleaning may involve; cleaning the undercarriage, the wheel wells and under in the engine. With external cleaning, you can be sure that all the ants in the outer parts are eliminated, and not worry about them entering the internal components.

5. Chemically spraying the ants spray

The use of pesticides is another sure way of ensuring that the annoying ants are eliminated. Preventing the ants from entering your tires requires that one sprays the tires with a pesticide.

The pesticides can be brought from the local hardware and online store. It’s not the most environmentally friendly method though. But this method is a sure way of eliminating the pesticides from the car.


In conclusion, Ants are annoying, and at times it becomes a challenging task in getting them out of the car. The article has provided the best way for such pests to be controlled and eliminated from your vehicle. You can explore other creative methods to get ants out of cars.

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