5 Ways to Get Mildew Smell Out of a Car

A car environment should be one that is conducive to the health of the person sitting inside it. However, mildew smell in the car can make the experience inside the car unconducive to the person using it.

This piece presents ways that can be used to get rid of the mildew smell out of a car. Some of the methods used to remove this offensive smell are using an air-dry and a brush, using an odour remover spray, using some chemicals such as anhydrous calcium chloride, using laundry detergent and consulting a professional cleaner.

How to Get rid of Car Mildew Smell

1. An air dry and a brush

Using an air dry is one of the most recommended ways of getting rid of the mildew smell inside a car, using a shop-vac and a stiff-bristle brush where one can park a car in a warm or a direct sun environment.  

Additionally, ensure that the car ventilation is functioning by opening the windows to make the mold in the car evaporate while also exposing the moisture on the carpet of the car.

While in that condition, brush away the mold and finally use the shop vacuum to remove the mildew dust. In this regard leaving the door open will most likely ensure that the car dries faster.

2. Odour remover spray

Another method to get rid of the mildew smell is to use an odour remover spray (McAfee, 2016).

Using a sprayer makes it more effective to remove the mildew smell in that it can remove the mildew formed inside other parts of the vehicle, such as the air conditioner vents.

However, the method can only remove the odour at the source of the smell; therefore, it requires that the person identify the source. The spray is used to moderate the amount of smell emitted from a particular position inside the car.

3. Use of anhydrous calcium chloride

In conjunction with odour remover spray, another way to remove the mildew smell is by using anhydrous calcium chloride. The chemical ACC is used in the conditions that the mildew originates from stagnated water, resulting from leaking points in the car.

The chemical is ranked highly efficient in the removal of moisture that results in a bad smell.  In relation, the process followed when using ACC is putting a teaspoon in a perforated lid, and the perforated lid is then stored on an enamel pot and the left in a vehicle.

The duration required for the anhydrous calcium chloride to stay inside the car depends on the concentration.

4. Laundry detergent

Laundry detergent is another way to get rid of the mildew smell inside a car. However, laundry detergent is most used for removing odours from clothes.

In this regard, the carpeting can be cleared off the smell using the laundry detergent. Additionally, the detergent can be used inside the car to clean the interior.

Therefore, the method is the most preferable in treating and moderating the mold concentration inside a car. The steps that are involved while using detergent include scraping up grime and wetting the targeted area.

5. Professional cleaning

Additionally, approaching a professional cleaning person is another good solution to getting rid of the mildew smell.

However, this is an alternative method if the previous ones fail. The method is an expensive one since it involves getting a professional to do the work of cleaning.

In this case, the cost of cleaning the car to get rid of the smell depends on how thorough the car needs to be attended to.

After the cleaning, the condition of spending time in the car or even driving is improved.  Professional approach should be well informed about the car and the possible points likely to be producing the odour in the car.


Some ways to get rid of mildew smell out of a car are, using an air dryer, using an odour spray remover, using anhydrous calcium chloride, using laundry detergent and using professional cleaning.

In this regard, it repairs any leaks, keeps the vehicle clean, performs routine maintenance on the air conditioning system, and ensures ventilation by keeping the windows open most of the time is recommended to keep the car safe from mildew small.

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