5 Ways to Get Smoke Smell Out of your Car

Getting cigarette smoke out of your car can be one of the most challenging tasks that you will have to do. Cigarette smoke is the most complex odour to draw out of vehicles due to its ability to penetrate almost all the parts of the car.

Cigarette smoke can penetrate carpets, upholstery, and hard surfaces, and also it infiltrates the air system. Most car owners have, for the longest time, complained of how the cigarette odour can stay in the car for a very long time.

However, the good news is that there are solutions to getting rid of the smoke smell in your car. If you want your car to smell like a new car, if you are trying to resell a used car, or just trying to get your car smelling fresh, these five steps below are likely to remove the smoke smell and make your car have that great smell that you want. 

How to Get Smoke Smell Out of your Car

1. Ozone treatment                            

The use of ozone generators is the best way to remove smoke from your car or anywhere else. Though the method is termed as a last resort after trying all the other methods, technique due to its hazardous nature, the process will remove all the smoke and leave your car smelling very nice. It is important to use this only in unoccupied areas.

According to Washos, the ozone generator uses ultraviolet radiation to break the oxygen particle into oxygen atoms. The generated atoms then fuse with O2 to form O3, which is unstable, forming other oxygen molecules and breaking the foul odours, and leaving your car smelling better.

2. Air Freshener

Sometimes, all you need is a good ole’ cheap Hawaian car airfreshner. Air fresheners are an excellent tool to use when trying to make your car lose that cigarette smell you don’t like.

The air freshener will not remove the odour entirely, but it will simply mask the smell as you wait to altogether remove the scent.

However, this does not mean it can’t be used. Trying it will give you the best results of a good-smelling car. Mask the smell to avoid the embarrassments that cigarette smoke may bring to you.

3. Use of Charcoal as a natural way of removing cigarettes smoke

Looking for natural or green solutions? Placing activated charcoal in a car is a great way to get rid of cigarette smoke in your vehicle.

The process involves using 2 or more activated charcoals on the car seat and leaving it for at least 48 hours. It is expected that the charcoals should absorb the cigarette smoke odour leaving the vehicle smelling nice and fresh.

With this method, you are sure to get the best and safest results for your car. The procedure did not mention that you should use burning charcoal in your vehicle. Don’t do that! You can use activated bamboo charcoal products like Nature Fresh; they’re affordable and safe.

4. Use of citrus fruits                                               

Looking for a homemade way to get rid of the smoke smell in your car? Ever thought of using citrus fruits? This process involves leaving the peels of either oranges or the citrus fruit in the car for a few days.

You could replace them with fresh peels every 24 hours. You will find that the cigarette odour will be significantly reduced. This is probably one of the easiest methods! Other homemade solutions for cigarette smoke are baking soda and vinegar.

5. Physically cleaning

The last method that can be applied to ensure that the cigarette smell is removed is thoroughly cleaning every part of the car. Some parts such as the cloth seats can be wiped and dried using dryers.

Ensure that you’re using a good car cleaning kit so you don’t cause long-term damage to your car while cleaning. It’s also very important that you clean your car in a ventilated area. You should turn on the heat while spraying an odour neutralizer, that is after you’ve done the traditional cleaning.


These are some of the best but not all the methods used to remove the smell from your car. If a technique is not working or having more problems, you might need to get your car cleaned professionally.

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