How to Get Stains Out of Car Seat

This is probably one of the worst things that could happen to your car interior, stains, especially if you have them on the upholstery. Stains are usually very difficult to get rid of. The thing about stains on car seat is that you can’t avoid them.

Your daily routine, taking your kids to school, on your way to work, getting items from a grocery store, visiting friends, going shopping, etc. will be achieved using your car, and while at it you might get stains on your car seat.

If these stains are not cleaned immediately, it may prove challenging to get out later on. I am sure you would not want this for your car seat. Imagine how embarrassing it would be driving a fancy car with dirty upholstery, not cool at all. It gives your vehicle an awkward look.

It is essential to make sure your car’s interior is in good shape. A dirty upholstery gives people the wrong idea about you. It portrays you as tacky and irresponsible. You go for lunch in your car with top clients to finalize a business deal. What impression do you think they will have of you seeing the interiors of your vehicle all messy and stinking?

It might ruin your chances of getting the contract. It’s best to always keep your car seat clean. Moreover, you don’t want ants in your car or worse, rodents!

The good thing is maintaining clean car seats doesn’t require much from you. Just use the right cleaning equipment, and the stains will be gone in a flash.

Car stains are grouped differently based on the type of stains and their source. Some of these sources are food, beverage, sauce, cosmetics, dust, gel. As stains are different, so are the cleaning and agents/equipment used for getting rid of them.

The equipment includes quality car seat cleaner, Warm water, Hard/Soft bristle brush, Soft microfiber cloth, Car vacuum cleaner, Spray can. Ensure you get the best quality products for cleaning to get good results.

In this article, we will share a few guidelines on how to get your car seat cleaned, the methods of scrubbing, and the right chemicals and equipment to use for getting stubborn stains out from both cloth seats and leather seat, so you don’t end up ruining your seats in an attempt to clean it.

How to Get Stains Out Of A Car Seat

Car seats are very delicate. It would be best to be mindful of the things you drop on them, especially stuffs that can get them stained. Because in many cases, these stains can’t be gotten rid of even after using all kinds of methods.

Here are some of the ways you can get stains out from your car seats;

Tip: You should first vacuum your car before cleaning seat stains.

1. Carefully Check The Type Of Stain

It is advised to take time to check the type of stain you’ve got on your seat stains requires a specific kind of cleaning.

Trying to remove a car seat stain that has been there for an extended period may prove difficult and, in the process, get rough handled due to the pressure used on it.

First, you must check the type of stain carefully to know the exact product to use. For light stains, you might want to use just water or a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid. For heavier stains, you might need a more powerful mixture.

2. Use Water On Stains

Using a spray can of water, sprinkle some water on the stained spot. Water on stains is the first step to take in removing seat stains. The exact area of the colour has to be moist. Sprinkle some water (room temperature) on the colours; this softens them, breaking the ties between the stains and seat.

After this, allow for five to ten minutes to absorb the water properly. You will observe the stain starts spreading. This is the perfect time to scrub with a soft bristle brush; try not to clean too hard or use a large quantity of water on the stain; you don’t want to complicate issues.

3. Wet Seat Stains With Cleaner

After softening the seat stains with lukewarm water, move on to the next step. The next step is to get your car seat stains out using a seat cleaner. But first, be sure to dilute the car seat cleaner.

The chemicals used to make these products are incredibly reactive and might be a little too much for the upholstery if used without diluting and is likely to cause more harm than good.

Sprinkle some of the cleaner solutions on the stains. It should penetrate deep into the stains; it will make the process easier. Scrub lightly and wipe using a microfibre cloth.

4. Use Vinegar

This is an easy way of cleaning car seat stains. It is mainly applied to stains on leather car seats. To clean, spray a small amount of vinegar solution on the affected area and leave for some time. Wipe with a microfibre towel.

5. Clean With Baking Soda

This method of stain removal is less expensive; all you need is baking soda and lukewarm water. Also, it is used for cloth seats only. To clean, make a water solution and baking soda and spray a little on the stained part. After some time, scrub with a soft brush. If the stains are tough, repeat the routine until stains are wiped off totally.

6. Use A Brush To Scrub

This is the part that requires you to use a little of your strength at the scrubbing stage. Scrub the car’s seat stain using both the soft and stiff brush. Don’t get me wrong, when I say “using both soft and hard brush”, I don’t mean using them both at the same time.

There are phases in which you use them. Use the stiff bristle brush for the complex stage (stubborn stains), while the soft brush should be used for milder stains; you can use also this to scrub the whole seat. For colours that are proving difficult to clean, apply more car seat cleaner and improve technique.

7. Scrub The Corners

It would be best if you took note of this. While scrubbing, you do not begin from the middle; it is a wrong pattern of cleaning. Every car retailer knows this. After soaking stains with cleaner, it spreads and becomes more extensive.

The colours usually pile up at the seat edges, making it more challenging and requires skills to scrub off thoroughly. It is one thing to scrub and another to wash the right way if you need a faster result. The stains at the seat corners are usually the hardest, so start cleaning from there and move gradually to the centre.

8. Wipe With A Soft Towel

Immediately after scrubbing the car seat stains, wipe gently with your towel. Not just any towel but the microfiber towel; it is incredibly soft and suitable for your car seat. All car retailers are expected to have these towels. It is made from quality materials.

When the stains are scrubbed out from the upholstery, wipe them off with a soft microfiber towel using the sides that way, you will be targeting the right areas of the stain. Check Amazon stores for some of these quality microfiber towels.

9. Wipe The Entire Seat

Have you noticed that it appears brighter after scrubbing and wiping off the stained area than the rest of the car seat?  It is so because dust still rests on other regions in the middle making it appear dirty, unlike the stained spot that has been thoroughly cleaned.

There is nothing to worry about; all you have to do is spray a mixture of water and seat cleaner on the entire car seat and wipe it with your towel. Make sure you clean every corner; it will balance it and make the colours even.

10. Thoroughly Dry Your Seat

This is the final stage of the cleaning process. It doesn’t require much, but you still have to be tactical about it. At this stage, direct sunlight or an electric standing fan will do the work.

After cleaning, the corners of the car seat will appear wetter than the rest due to the water and solution used on it. Expose this area to the sun to dry up, but you can use an electric fan in the absence of the sun.


Having stains on your car seats can be disheartening. It reduces the value of a car and makes both the driver and passenger uncomfortable in it. We have listed some ways of getting rid of these stains. Follow the steps and watch your car take a new look.

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