50 Best Gifts for Car Guys and Lovers

When it comes to gifting your loved ones, car guys may not be the easiest to please. You need to have knowledge or flair for cars to be able to pick the right gifts. Car guys are usually obsessed with sweet rides and would appreciate anybody that shares the same sentiments. Fortunately, this list has been compiled to help you choose from a wide variety of 50 ideas, the best gifts for car guys.

1. MISHOWNET Tire Coffee Tea Mug

Made from ceramic, the tire mug has a unique and cool look. MISHOWNET Tire Coffee Tea Mug is a unique gift item with a masculine packaging. It is one of the best gifts for your husband, boyfriend, brother etc. 

2. Swiss Ascent 10-in-1 Multi-Tool

As a complete tool package, The Swiss Ascent 10-in1 Multi-Tool is ideal for both men and women. It is portable enough to fit into the glove box of your car. 

The multi-tool is a digital pressure gauge, car window breaker, LED flashlight, seatbelt cutter, plier, scissors, and screwdriver making it both an emergency tool and a handy tool. It is made from polymer, hence very durable. 

3. Auto Mechanics Car Guy T-shirt Gift

Made from the best cotton material, this T-shirt is an amazing gift for car guys, especially a car guy who is into car racing. The Auto Mechanics Car Guy T-shirt gives a funny but cool definition of “Car Guy” making it one of the best gifts for car guys. 

4. CENWA Car Addict Keychain

The CENWA Car Addict Keychain is made from high-quality stainless steel. Its hypoallergenic properties ensure that it will never tarnish or rust. It is a 3 cm key chain with “Just One More Car Part I Promise” engraved on it. This gift key chain is packaged nicely in a velvet bag. 

5. Kei-Project Eject Car Cigarette Lighter

Fancy, classy and functional is the best ways to describe the Kei-Project Eject Car Cigarette Lighter.  It is a pseudo eject button but a functional cigarette lighter with a 12-volt accessory plug.

It is made from metal and plastic and has a built-in heat resistant ceramic protector. Kei lighter is universal and suitable for all cars. 

6. VAVA Dual HD Dash Camera

Most car guys will enjoy capturing every minute of their driving experience. The Vava Dual HD cam has a dual advanced Sony sensor to capture the road and the interior of the vehicle in high definition. It also has GPS tracking and is fully rotatable. 

You know you have the right product when you find a 1 x VAVA Dash Cam (Model: VA-VD009), 1 x Car Charger, 1 x Car Mount, 1 x Snapshot Button, 1 x Charging Cable with GPS Module, 5 x Cable Clips,  1 x Crowbar and1 x User Guide in the package.

7. NOCO Boost Car battery Jump Starter

A car jump starter is a lifesaver and one of the best gifts for car lovers. The Noco Boost Jump Starter is very portable and lightweight. Your loved one will not have to worry about a dead battery during long trips because this jump starter can jump start a dead battery in seconds.

8. Philips Car Charger

The Philips Car Charger is a universal USB-C car charger that provides 60W of power. It has a 12V outlet for laptops, iPhones and Samsung Galaxy S10/S9/S8. There is a blue LED indicator that indicates when it is charging so that you won’t be distracted while driving. 

9. KeySmart Nano Torch Twist-Swivel Head

Powerful, long-lasting and rechargeable are the features that your pal will love about this gift.  The Keysmart Nano LED Torchlight is a relief tool that comes in handy at night. It has 5 modes; High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS. 

10. Riparo Motorsport Leather Driving Gloves

Fighting cold and sweaty palms while driving can be uncomfortable and dangerous. So this Riparo Motorsport Leather Driving Gloves is one of the best gifts for car guys. Made from genuine leather, it has a snap enclosure on the wrist to keep it firm. 

11. Beaverve Car Tissue Holder

Convenience is one thing any car guy will appreciate and that is what the Beaverve Car Tissue Holder offers. It can be placed in different spots of the car and is a perfect gift for anyone who has a car. This tissue holder makes the car look tidy and is easily attached to the visor or the back seat. 

12. Valleycomfy Universal Steering Wheel Cover

The best part about buying this as a gift is that you don’t need to worry about the fitting. The Valleycomfy Universal Steering wheel cover can fit any car, so your car guy will love it. This steering wheel cover is made from genuine leather to give more control on the road. 

13. MUSEE Universal Car Floor Mat

As a perfect fit for all cars, this car floor mat will make a perfect gift for any car lover. The stylish design of the MUSEE Floor mat is simple but heart-warming. The material is PVC which makes it easy to clean and air dry. 

14. Luxxe Redefined Leather Trash Can

When you choose the best product as a gift, it only shows how much the person means to you. The Luxxe Redefined Leather Trash Can has a luxurious and sleek design that fits the interior of any car. It has an adjustable strap so it can be fastened anywhere. All car guys like to keep their car clean, so they will thank you for this.

15. Mobotron Ms-526 Car Laptop Mount

Most car enthusiasts like to spend a lot of time in their cars. So there is every probability that they may work in their car as well. The Mobotron Car Laptop Mount will serve as one of the best gifts for a car guy who has to work from his car. It is a heavy-duty laptop mount that is compatible with different laptop sizes. There is a height-adjustable telescoping tube and does not require drilling.  

16. Gorla Premium Universal Seat Cover

A seat cover is a very thoughtful item for a car lover. Gorla Car Seat Cover adds a stylish essence to the car. It is perfect for any car and anybody. This seat cover is waterproof and sweatproof so your loved one does not have to worry about car odour. 

17. Hippo Creation Licence Plate Cover

Most car guys are obsessed with both the exterior and interior of their car, so they will appreciate a license plate cover. The Hippo Creation Licence Plate Cover, adds that extra bling that a car enthusiast looks for. It is easy to install and universal. The plate cover functions as a protective cover as well as style enhancer. 

18. Drive Auto Trunk Organizer

To keep cars neat and organized a trunk organizer makes one of the best gifts for car guys. The Drive Auto Trunk Organizer is a perfect gift because it is both functional and durable. It has many specialized compartments so your buddy can carry all his tools and clutter. 

19. Jaco ElitePro Tire Pressure Gauge

A pressure gauge is important for safety, long-lasting tires and better vehicle performance, hence it is an ideal gift for a car lover. The Jaco ElitePro Tire pressure gauge was crowned “the best of the best” in 2019, so your loved one will get the best of the best.  

It has a built-in air bleeder valve, a pressure hold and a reset button. Made from solid brass, it is built to last. It also has a flexible “no leak” air hose which makes it safe and easy to use. 

20. Craftsman Tool Chest

Every car enthusiast loves to keep their car tools and accessory tidy. The Craftsman Heavy Duty Tool Chest has 4 drawers of 26-inches to accommodate every tool. It is made of steel and has a keyed locking system. 

21. Chemical Guys Complex Detailing Bucket Kit

That special car lover in your life should not be seen using a rusty pail to wash his car. The Chemical Guys Detailing Bucket Kit is a very convenient bucket that comes with a professional detailing, Dirt Trap car wash screen, a premium microfiber wash mitt and a bottle of Citrus Wash and Gloss car wash soap. 

22. ThisWorx Portable Vacuum Cleaner

To clean out all tight and impossible corners, the ThisWorx Portable Vacuum Cleaner comes with three free attachments. No car lover enjoys a dirty car, so this is one of the best gifts for car guys.  

23. Grownado Car Phone Wireless Charger Mount

This gift package comes with 1 wireless fast charging car phone mount, 1 USB-A to C Cable, 1 user manual and a 45-day money-back guarantee. The Grownado Car Phone Wireless Charger Mount is a high-speed wireless charger that is compatible with iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia Lumia and Huawei Mate. Ensure that you confirm the phone model before buying. 

24. Tile Mate Bluetooth Tracker and Key Finder

Does your loved one have a habit of losing their car keys? Then the Tile Mate Key Finder is a perfect gift idea. Simply attach this Bluetooth tracker to your keys, backpack or any item to help you find it easily. With the Tile app, you can set the app to ring when your Tile Mate is within 200ft. 

25. Cooluli Chill Mini Fridge

For a car guy that spends a lot of time in his car, the Cooluli Chill Mini Fridge is a perfect gift item. Fortunately, it can cool or heat contents to the optimal temperature. This fridge is a portable cooler with a 12v 110v plug.  

26. INNOVA Pro CarScan Code Scanner

An easy to read scanner that empowers the home mechanic.  The INNOVA Pro Car Scan Code Scanner doesn’t just read the problem, it also shows the severity of the problem. It is a car diagnostic tool that reads all OBD trouble codes of any type of car. 

27. Mpow Bluetooth Receiver

This amazing gift supports two Bluetooth mobile phones and allows auto-reconnection. The Mpow Bluetooth Receiver can be charged while playing, making it last longer. With its built-in 170mAh lithium battery, it provides 10 hours of nonstop playing, 8 hours for phone call and will charge in only 2 hours.

28. Griot’s Garage Leather Cleaner

Your loved ones will love a leather cleaner for their car seats. The Griot’s Garage Leather Cleaner functions as both a cleaner and a protector of car leather.  It seeps into the leather to get rid of the dirt and grime. This cleaner also protects the leather from UV rays damage, cracking, and premature aging. 

29. Chemical Guys 14-Piece Arsenal Builder Car Wash Kit

The Chemical Guys car wash kit is a collection of car wash supplies. It contains a heavy-duty detailing bucket, foam blaster, 6 foam wash gum, cyclone dirt trap bucket, Honeydew car wash soap, butter wet wax, diablo Gel wheel, and rim cleaner, silk shine sprayable dressing, Chenille Microfiber Premium scratch-free wash mitt, signature series glass cleaner, towels, hex-logic applicator pad and many other things you will need to take your car wash to the next level. 

30. Wonlives Car Duster

A microfiber bristle is one of the best gifts for car guys. The Wonlives Car Duster can easily remove dust and dirt from both the interior and exterior of the car. It is made from high-quality stainless steel telescopic rod that is easy to extend and close. Your car lover will thank you for this durable and beautiful gift. 

31. Unique Giftworks Pint Glass

One of the best gifts for car guys is simply anything that could remind them of their love for cars.  This unique “Still Plays with Blocks” 16oz Pint glass is a funny but adorable gift for every car enthusiast.  


Funny but perfect for car guys, the “SHHH I’m watching Racing” is an ankle sock for car and race enthusiasts. Made from high-quality material, it is warm and comfortable to the feet.

33. Home n’ Gifts Vintage Gas Filling Pump Salt and Pepper Shaker Set

This gift for car guys is the very definition of unique. The Vintage Gas Filling Pump Salt and Pepper Set are perfect for any car lover who is into vintage designs. The entire set is surrounded by tires and hold one pump, one pepper shaker and one salt shaker. 

34. Wrenchware Knobby Tread Rubberized Tire Bowl

6’’ outside diameter, 4.75’’ inside diameter and 2 ½’’ high are the measurements of this item. The Knobby Rubberized Tire Bowl makes a great gift for mechanic, tool or car enthusiasts in your life. It is dishwasher safe but not microwave safe. 

35. Cloudlined Scratch Off Car Poster

The Car Lover’s Bucket List Poster comes in a gift-ready package and is designed for car enthusiasts of every age. Whether in the room or parlour or garage, it fits every space and is one of the best gifts for car guys. 

36. HUSUKU Grill 3D Metal Key Chain

It is a car gift for all Jeep Wrangler enthusiasts. The Grill 3D Metal Key Chain is made from 100% high quality 304 stainless steel. It is electroplated in black to give a lustre in various scenes. 

37. Insire Lamborghini Poster Prints

For your car lover’s room décor, the Insire set of 4 Lamborghini posters will be cherished. It contains a frame of an Aventador, S Supercar, Canaan and the Lambo Logo. The print is vibrant and unique, bringing life and colour to the room. It comes unframed but ready to frame.

38. Novelty Hand Tool Pen

When your loved one is obsessed about fixing his car, the Novelty Hand Tool Pen is a great gift for them. This set of four ballpoint pens include a screwdriver with a bright yellow handle, a wrench, a nail with textured head and a claw hammer with wood-look handle. They are designed to look real but are very light. They are made from polyresin. 

39. Hollow-Point Gear Silver Bullet Valve Caps

Car guys always like to play with their cars while trying different looks on the car. The Hollow-Point Bullet Valve Caps is for car enthusiasts who want to give their car a tactical look. These brass valves are crafted from real bullet casings and can fit all standard valve stems. 

40. Brush Hero Car Wheel Brush

Your loved ones can say goodbye to muck on their tires with the Brush Hero Car Wheel brush. It has two interchangeable brushes to enable a thorough clean. The soft black brush is for sensitive surfaces while the hard black brush is for tough dirt and muck. It is not fast but has a slow and steady torque that never stops spinning. It doesn’t need batteries or electricity. Simple plug to a garden hose and let the water pressure power it. 

41. Rogue River Funny Mechanic Mug

If you are looking for one of the best gifts for car lovers, then you should be looking for this mug. The “I Might Be a Mechanic But I Can’t Fix Stupid” mug is a high-quality coffee mug of 11oz. It is microwave and dishwasher safe. 

42. BMW Men’s Three-Hand Stainless Steel Watch

BMW car guys will love this gift. The BMW Stainless Steel Watch is a waterproof timepiece. It is modelled after the BMW car with a sleek luminova dial tracks that resembles the BMW speedometer. 

43. Pro-Lift C-2036D Z-Creeper Seat

Foldable and extra comfortable, this Pro-Lift Creeper Seat is perfect for any car guy that enjoys fixing cars. This seat has 6 swivel casters for mobility and carries the weight of up to 300 lbs. It is a seat used for working underneath a car. Also, it can serve as a bed or a seat. 

44. One More Car Part Tees Funny Car Guy T-Shirt

A perfect gift for any car enthusiast with height range 4”1 -7”6ft and weight range 50- 510 lb. The Funny Car Guy T-shirt is made from high-quality material and can be machine washed. It is designed with a dictionary definition of “Car Guy” which introduces the wearer to his viewers. It is perfect for car lovers of all ages. 

45. LEGO Creator Expert Ford Mustang 10265 Building Kit

If your loved one is a Ford Mustang lover, then this LEGO Creation 1960 Ford Mustang Building Kit is a must-have. The model features all the specifications and designs of the original model with extra add-ons. For a challenging and rewarding building experience, every car lover should own this.

46. Spar. Saa Double Layer Inverted Umbrella

Car guys like to keep their cars clean and dry. So rainy seasons may be uncomfortable for them. That is why you should consider this Spa. Saa Inverted Umbrella. It has a C- shaped handle grip for a comfortable grip. The double-layer inverted umbrella is made of pongee cloth, durable black electric ribs and double layer ribs. It has a reverse-opening and folding design so you can fold the wet layer in and the dry layer out. 

47. MRCUFF Speedometer and Fuel Gauge Cufflinks

Packaged in a presentation box, the MRCUFF Speedometer and Fuel Gauge Cufflinks is a good gift item. These cuffs will allow you to wear your passion on your sleeves. It comes with a microfiber polishing cloth and 30 days no-reason needed return policy. 

48. Lacoste Men’s Concour Driving Style Loafer

If your loved one who is a car guy wears size 7- 13, then this is another awesome gift idea. Crafted with soft leather, this classic Lacoste Men’s Driving Loafer is finished with the signature Lacoste embossed crocodile logo. Driving is easier with this loafers because it has a flexible moccasin construction. 

49. Logitech G920 Dual-Motor Feedback Racing Wheel with Responsive Pedals

In case your car guy is also a race game enthusiasts, the Logitech Racing Wheel + Responsive pedal is compatible with Xbox One and Pc. The real steel and hand-stitched leather give the comfort of the original racing wheel.

50. Mark Feldstein and Associates History of Mustang Sound Wall Clock

Do you know a mustang lover? There is no better gift than this History of Mustang Sound Wall Clock. The dial features twelve legendary Mustangs dating back to the 1960s. It runs on 3 AA batteries and had a light sensor that deactivates the sounds in the dark. 

In conclusion, getting a gift should no longer be difficult as you have an idea of what you can get. Car guys may be as complex as their cars but they can also be charmed. With this list, you are going to put a smile on the face of someone, with the best car gift for car lovers. 

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