10 Best High-Speed Electric Scooters and Protective Gear 

Do you need something more exciting than a regular skateboard to get you around your neighbourhood? Well, an electric scooter is a great alternative. They’re electric, have handlebars, and of course, a lot faster. And if you’d like to learn more about the fastest scooters, you are in the right place.

In this post, I have pieced together some of the fastest and impressive scooters out there. Know what that means? You don’t have to go in blind when choosing an electric scooter.

I know you’re excited about this but before we dive right in, let’s quickly talk about safety. Yes. If you’re going to ride any scooter, let alone a fast one, you want to ensure you are well protected. Here’s what you need.


Electric Scooter Safety Gear: The Essentials

It is important that you have safety gear on before hopping on to an electric skateboard. Why? Even at normal speeds, scooters tend to whiz around and make sudden changes – which could lead to accidents. If this ever happens, you need to be prepared to protect yourself from the impact. Here’s how:

Get a Helmet

You probably already know how helpful a helmet could be in case of a crash. A good helmet would not only protect your head but also your neck. These are two important parts of your body not worth risking. 

For a great experience and substantial protection, check out the LS2 Open Face Track helmet. It has a built-in twin shield system. This allows you to control the amount of air and light that penetrates the transparent shield. 

You can also control or adjust ventilation according to your preferences. Even more important, the LS2 provides significant protection for you. Whatever you do, never hop on your electric scooter without a helmet. That’s so not a good idea.

Armoured hoodies

Armoured Hoodie

It’s not impossible to fall off a scooter. So that you don’t hurt your torso if this happens, get the armoured hoodie safety gear. A good hoodie should fit your body size, be comfortable, and effectively protect your body. Armoured hoodies are largely affordable and can save your life.

Keep in mind that this type of hoodie is usually more expensive than a normal hoodie. That’s because it provides some level of protection normal hoodies don’t. 

Protective Gloves and Wrist Guards

If you’ve tripped and found yourself on the ground before, you probably used your arms to cushion the effect. That’s a reflex action you’re bound to take any time you’re in a similar situation. That’s why you need an arm guard while biking.

It is the same case when you’re riding your two-wheeler. If something happens and you find yourself crashing, it’s best to have gloves and wrist guards on. These safety gears would bear the brunt of the impact, not you.

With gloves and wrist coverings, you will save yourself from injuries to your hands and wrists. So, make sure you have these gears on before operating your electric scooter.


Knee and Elbow Pads

Hey, let’s face it. If you have a slip and fall while scootering, your, head, torso, hands and wrists aren’t the only body parts in danger. There are your knee and elbow joints too. 

But you won’t have to worry about this if you’re clad in knee and elbow pads. Like the gloves and wrist guards, these protective gears would reduce the impact on your joints.

Because the knee and elbow joints play vital roles in mobility, you need safety gears that won’t disappoint when it matters most. 

Good protection for your joints should tick the following boxes:

  • Comfortability
  • Correct sizing
  • Good quality

Top 10 High-Speed Electric Scooters

UberScoot Electric Scooter

uberscoote electric scooter

The UberScoot Electric scooter is very powerful and fast. Powering it is a 1600w brushless motor and a 48-volt battery. 

This battery which can be fully charged between six to eight hours gives it a top speed of 30 mph.

The design of this scooter features a foldable frame, front and rear lights, and a quick-release seat. Besides, the 11 inch tires are strong and can manoeuvre through terrains. 

Get the Uberscoot electric scooter here

QUIEWA Q1 Hummer Electric Scooter

If you want a strong, fast, and rugged scooter, then this is for you. This electric scooter is waterproof, and fast with a top speed of 37mph and a range of 25 miles.

Powering this electric scooter is a 26Ah 5C 18650 lithium battery and an 800 watts motor.

It also features 10 inches pneumatic tire with anti-slip threads and great shock absorption ability. More features of this scooter are anti-theft remote key fob, double disk brakes, USB charging, and LED lights.

Get the QUIEWA Q1 Hummer electric scooter here

eDrift UH-ES295 Electric Fat Tire Scooter


This electric scooter is a unique blend of speed, power, and comfort. It gets its power from a 60 volt, 12, 20, or 30 amp battery that can be fully charged in 6 to 8 hours. Together with its 2000 watts motor, this scooter can attain 30 mph max speed.

Its design allows for easy control and comfort. Also, its hydraulic braking system is very efficient. Its thick tires provide stability.

Other features include powerful headlights, keyless remote start front suspension, and wheel lock.

Get the eDrift UH-ES295 Electric Fat tire Scooter here

EcoReco M5 Electric Scooter


The M5 is an eco-friendly and efficient electric scooter with zero emissions. Powering it is a lithium iron phosphate battery and a 600w motor.

Its frame design, coupled with its strong tires gives it a balanced stance. Fast charging in just 4.5 hours, this electric scooter can go to a top speed of 20 mph. 

Other impressive features include a LED dashboard, front, and rear suspension systems and a smart brake system.

Get the EcoReco M5 here

Razor E200 Electric Scooter

Razor scooter

This high-performance scooter is packed with a motor with speeds up to 12mph. It has a length 26 inch, width 8 inch. The Razor E200 Electric Scooter includes with a UL Approved battery charger. The grips are soft and made of high quality rubber materials.

This scooter has an initial charge time of 12 hours and requires that the user charges the battery prior to use. It has an good run time of up to 40 minutes of continuous ride time. However, the run time could be affected by riding conditions, climate and/or proper maintenance.
Other features include

  • Rear wheel drive for increased traction and control
  • Sealed lead acid, rechargeable battery
  • 200-watt motor

Gunai Electric Scooter

gunai electric scooter

This Gunai is very fast with a maximum speed of 85km/h. For power, it features two independent 3200W motors with a high capacity, 60V 32Ah battery. It also features USB charging ports.

The tires are 11 inches thick and can easily adapt and scale different terrains. For more complex terrains, the front and rear double hydraulic shock absorber work so well. 

Also, dual-LED headlights give wider illumination, especially at night. Besides, the HD dial display enables speed adjustment, checking remaining power, distance, and other parameters.

Get the Gunai electric scooter here


Kugoo Kirin M4 Electric Scooter

kugoo kirin electric scooter

This electric scooter is fast and suitable for different roads. An 18,650 lithium battery and a 500W motor powers it, giving it a maximum 45km/h speed capacity.

It features 10-inch anti-skid tires. These tires have a strong grip, are wear-resistant, and safe for all terrains.

There are three-speed running modes on this scooter. Also, you can control the speed with one dial.

A smart display screen allows for checking speed, mileage, time, and other parameters. Besides, this scooter is adjustable with a folding handle, LED light, and a dual brake system.

Get the Kugoo Kirin M4 electric scooter here

Super Turbo 1000 Elite Electric Scooter

This electric scooter is one of the most powerful scooters in the market. A 1000w motor and three 12v deep cell batteries powers and gives it a top speed of 26 mph.

The design of this electric scooter is strong enough to carry a 250lb rider on flat terrain. Also, its strong tires give it stability.

Other features of this electric scooter include a comfortable seat, a small storage bag LED headlamp, and an effective braking system. Interestingly, there is also a 90-day warranty on this product. 

Get the Super Turbo 1000 Elite here


Lirui Electric Scooter

Lirui electric scooter

The foldable aluminium frame design of this electric scooter is sturdy and comfortable. The 10-inch tires help in the absorption of shock and to maintain balance.

Powered by a 48v battery and a 500w electric motor, this scooter can achieve a top speed of 35 mph and a range of 30-150 km.

Also, it features a four-way hydraulic air suspension, LED lighting system, and cruise control. There is even a USB charging slot for charging your phone.

Get the Lirui scooter here 


Nanrobot RS7 Electric Scooter


This is arguably the fastest of its kind in the market with a top speed of 55mph.

Powering it is a 60v lithium battery and a 3200w high-speed brushless gear motor. The charging time for this battery is 6-10 hours.

The design frame of this scooter is foldable and easy to carry. And the 11-inch tires with front and read dual disk brake system ensures safer riding. Also, this scooter is strong enough to carry a 397lbs rider.

Other features of this electric scooter include dual shock absorption and a USB charging port. Besides, there is a two-year warranty on this product. 

Get the Nanrobot RS7 here

Wrapping up

As I mentioned at the beginning of this piece, ensure you have the right protective gear on before hopping on one of these. It feels really great when you’re blazing at high speeds but it is also very dangerous. 

So, take the necessary precautions. Also, you mustn’t hit the highest speed on your electric scooter simply because it can go that fast. You’re better off maintaining a speed that doesn’t make you feel suicidal. That said, enjoy every ride!

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