How Long Does Car Alignment Take?

Car alignment is often overlooked yet essential to fix problems of a car. It is not enough to own a car, also knowing how to handle it properly and care for it is just as important.

You suddenly notice that your car pulls in one direction when driving, and you wonder why; could it be that your car is low on tire pressure? Sometimes, it could result from problems of some sort with your power steering, but other times, it’s simply an issue with your vehicle alignment.

If all checks are in good condition and you still experience problems with your car handling, then a significant guess would be that your car needs alignment.

What Is Car Alignment?

Car alignment is the process of adjusting the angles of your tires in line with the specifications of your car model. As the name implies, It’s all about aligning the car tires with each other and car wheels with the road’s surface.

Interestingly, car alignment is an exception to the DIY list. Want to get your car aligned? You’ll need the help of a professional to use an alignment machine and a wheel balancing machine. You need to make sure that your car wheels are stabilized.

Car Alignment Time

Tire alignment is a simple process that doesn’t take long to fix. It usually takes an average of one hour from the time the vehicle is pulled into the shop until it’s done and ready to go.

However, this depends on the car’s condition, kind of car, type of alignment, and, importantly, the technician’s speed and experience.

Howbeit, If you experienced a forceful impact or an accident and the damage seemed to be severe (too much damage on the track rod, ball joint, or steering bushing), alignment time may extend too.

Effects Of Poor Car Alignment

A great idea would be checking your car alignment regularly, as the case may be, especially after a forceful impact, accident, or even hitting a bump or pothole.

When your car tire is not in proper alignment, the following may occur:

  • An unstable steering wheel causes your car to pull to one side.
  • Car wheels not responding to the steering wheel’s command
  • Strong impact on fuel consumption
  • Exhaustion; since you have to hold on tight to keep straight driving.
  • Wheels produce screeching sounds when turning.
  • Uneven wearing of tires.


Car alignment is essential. Although car alignment tools are available in stores, yet only professionals can handle them. Little wonder it is not on the DIY list.

When your car is not well aligned, it could cause you a lot of problems when driving.

For better car handling and functioning, it is advisable to run regular check-ups on your car. Do not wait for faults before you get your car serviced. After all, prevention, they say, is better than cure.

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