How Long Does it Take To Charge a Dead Car Battery?

Starting your car in the morning and hearing the engine come to life is a great feeling. The nightmare begins when you start your vehicle, and nothing happens. Well, in that case, your car battery might be dead. At that moment, one of the questions you’ll have is ‘how long does it take to charge a dead car battery?’

Now that your car battery is dead, what will you do to get the battery running again? I mean, at this point, it’s either you jump start your car or recharge the battery. Different cars have different battery types.

That can bring a difference in the amount of time needed to charge the battery and charge the battery. Lucky for you, you landed on the right page where you will know the process of charging your car battery and how much charging time you need.

Dead car battery charging time

The average time of recharging a dead car battery is between 4 and 24 hours for the battery to have a full charge. Different aspects bring the time variation in charging time. Here are other elements that affect a car’s battery charging time.

Battery size

Different cars use different battery sizes that also come in other models. A small-size vehicle will use a small battery like the Optima OPT8010. A big-size car will use a battery like the ODYSSEY PC680. Each of these batteries have a different charging time due to the difference in their sizes.

Its power measures the size of the battery. The battery power is measured in Amperes. A car battery with a size of 52 Amps will take 10 hours of charging time. Also, a battery that doesn’t hold a charge for a long time is likely to stay for a long time in the charger to attain full charge.

Charger type

There are a lot of car battery charger types available in the market. The varieties range from a linear, trickle to multistage car battery chargers. Look for the best car battery chargers in the market that’s suitable for your car.

For a linear battery charger, you can use a socket to plug it for charging. With a linear charge of 2.7 Amps, it takes 12 hours to fully charge a dead car battery.

A multistage battery charger which is a relatively expensive option charges the car battery in bursts. With a 50 Amp multistage battery charger, it will only take you at least an hour for the car battery to attain full charge.

The trickle chargers operate from 0.8 to 4 Amps. That implies that it will take a long time to charge the battery using a trickle charge entirely. Such chargers are great if the battery is not wholly dead.

Get a quality car battery charger like the Schumacher SC1281 to ensure fast charging time.

How dead is your car battery?

Different car batteries will be dead, but the voltage is different. A dead battery with a higher voltage is likely to charge fast than that with a low voltage.

The process of charging a dead car battery

If the car battery is just dead and does not require replacing with another new battery like Delphi BU9034R, then it’s time you begin charging your dead car battery.

Now that you know the time you need to charge the battery considering all the aspects necessary, grab your charger and let’s get to work.

The process of charging a dead car battery is easy, you need to follow our simple steps, and you will be back on the road in no time.

Make sure that you have a battery like ACDelco ACDB24R that’s not complicated to use.

  • Begin with safety precautions which include wearing eye protection and gloves. Also, ensure that you have tight clothing and don’t have any jewellery on. It would help if you always face away from the battery when you start connecting the charger.
  • Do not plug the car battery charger into the power source at the beginning.
  • Choose the charging setting that you prefer from your charger; either fast or slow charge setting depending on your battery type and how dead the battery is
  • Straighten the car battery charger cables to ensure easy connection. Tangled battery cables may confuse the charging process.
  • Look for the positive and negative terminals indicated POS, (+) sign, or P for the positive side and NEG, (-) sign, or N for the negative terminal of the car battery.
  • Connect the red cable of the charger to the positive terminal of the car battery and the black cable of the charger to the negative terminal of the car battery
  • Plug the car battery charger into a power source. You can use a power extension if the charger is too short of reaching the car battery.
  • Set the charging time and check on the charger once the time is over to see if the battery is full
  • Unplug the battery charger from the power source and turn it off
  • Detach the cords from the positive and the negative terminal of the car battery
  • Use a multimeter to test the amount of charge in the car battery

ProTip Takeaway: Even if your car battery is rechargeable, you need to know how to maintain the battery life. The best technique to use is slow charging a dead car battery. Also, remember that the more you recharge the battery, the more the performance depreciate.

If you are a car owner, you are most likely to experience a dead car battery at some point. You will have a dead car battery if you leave the car lights on for a long time or specific problems with the electric car system.

In some cases, low temperatures and corrosion may also be a reason why your car battery is dead. In some instances, when the car battery dies and can’t be recharged, you will need to replace the battery with quality models like Optima batteries.

You don’t have to get a professional to recharge your car battery every time it is dead. Now you can quickly charge your dead car battery like a pro. It’s just a matter of following simple steps.

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