How To Clean A Car CD Player

Like every device/appliance needs cleaning and proper maintenance, the car CD player is not an exception. No matter how hard you try to keep your car clean, you can’t keep dust and other particles at bay. However, you need to clean your car CD player regularly.

The two best symptoms of a dirty CD player are skipping and missing some tracks. But it would be best not to always wait for these signs before you do the needful.

Your CD player can only get dirty in two perspectives:

  • External dirt
  • Internal dirt

Whether it is internal or external, here’s good news; you don’t have to overspend to get it cleaned up. You can do it yourself. Here’s how: 

External Cleaning of Car CD Player 

You can remove dirt from the exterior of your car CD player. Only three intelligent moves are needed, and it’s done.

1. Get a Soft Brush To Remove Dirt

With the brush, you could wipe off dust and dirt from the buttons and all around the CD player.

There is no specific brush that must be bought to wipe off the dust from the car CD. Just make sure it is soft, bristle, and clean.

In all you do, make sure to keep water or any liquid away from your CD player because it can cause damage to your CD player.

Do not spray liquids directly onto your CD player, as there is a tendency to flow into the player’s head through the buttons and cause electrical faults. Failure to do so may result in you purchasing a whole new car CD player, which then wins against the reason for attempting to clean your car’s CD player.

2. Compressed Air Rids Smaller Dust Particles

This step has been a practice for most car technicians over the years. This technique is excellent for removing dust and dirt.

All it’ll cost you is a can of compressed air. Once purchased, you should gently spay it over the external parts of the CD player.

You can rest assured of using it, as it has no side effects on electronics or body paint. 

3. Using a Cleaner Spray and Microfibre Towel

For the last step, you need to get a cleaner spray and a soft microfiber cloth.

Spray cleaner on the parts of the CD player that are dirty and need cleaning. Then, gently wipe with the towel to remove any dirt.

When cleaning the exterior of your car CD player, ensure to keep to the following:

  • You should make sure that the cloth is not rough to avoid pulling off buttons.
  • You should ake sure the cleaner is a genuine one. Do not use general or all-purpose cleaners because some have too strong chemicals that could affect your car CD player one way or the other.
  • Mmyou must not dampen the cloth too much. Electrical systems are not so friendly with liquid.

Internal Cleaning Of Car CD Player

To clean your CD player internally is not at all a big deal. In fact, it is easier than you think.

1. Get a Cleaner Disk For Your Car CD Player

You have the option of buying a CD lens cleaner as well as make one yourself if you don’t have.

Suppose you get a cleaner disk, perfect. But if otherwise, here’s how to make one for yourself:

Get an empty or unused disk and non-scratch wipes or pads, probably. Then apply strong glue to hold the wipes or pads to the undersides of the disk. It would be best if you then allowed it to dry.

After it has dried up, make sure to cut the wipe or pad until a small amount of it is left. You have to do this to ensure that the wipe or pad doesn’t get hooked up in the CD player.

2. Apply Lens Cleaner and Spin A Few Times 

This step is as easy as taking your favorite drink.

All you need to do is add a lens cleaner solution to the wipes or pad that you’ve glued to your disk. After which, you allow for a few spins inside your CD player. The lens cleaner solution added to the wipes will remove dirt and make the lens clean again. Furthermore, you can repeat the process for about five times. When you’re convinced that it has done its job, you can eject the disk.

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