Land Rover Discovery Pictures, Review and Price

Discover the strength, class, and style of the Land Rover Discovery. The Discovery is a mid-sized luxury SUV with impressive off-road capabilities. It is Land Rover’s most versatile SUV produced.

This car comes in five trim variants: Discovery S, Discovery SE, Discovery HSE, Discovery HSE Luxury, and Discovery Landmark edition.

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land rover SS

Discovery SE


land rover discovery hse

Discovery HSE

landrover hse luxury

HSE Luxury

land rover discovery landmark


Land Rover Discovery 2020 


The exterior is beautifully designed with a strong and athletic stance. Its distinct design gives it a recognizable build. This is further enhanced by its aesthetic all-LED rear and front Lamps. 

Also, its unique fender vents, Mesh grille, Tailgate script, and Discovery bonnet adds to its undoubted presence. For more customization preference, the Discovery can be personalized with the optional Design Black 2. This design gives it a sleek black feel.

The 20-inch alloy wheels coupled with its ‘terrain response’ ensures seamless adaptability and cruise in all terrains.

At the back of the car, there is a towing capacity that can carry up to 3,500kg in weight. This is made more efficient with features such as hitch and load assist, electrically deployable tow bar, and a nose load measurement system that aids you in measuring the load to be towed.

The inner tailgate also can serve as a platform for mini-events, get-togethers and family discussions. Besides this, the overhead tailgate acts as an effective covering against the weather.

For convenience, there is an optional Activity Key that you can use to access your car. This key is worn as an armband and therefore saves you the stress of holding your key always. It is also waterproof. This gives you the luxury of going to swimming classes without worries.



land rover seats

The interior of the Discovery is very spacious. It features seven full-size adjustable seats with an optional third row. This high-grade leather upholsters offer ample space and legroom for comfort. They can also be configured, onboard or remotely into different adjustable positions.

Also, there are plenty of storage pockets where little items can be kept. There is even a chiller to store drinks. The last rear seats can be folded to add more space to the trunk. This trunk is capable of holding a large quantity of luggage for the whole family or a large group of people.


Innovative Features

For comfort, there are various onboard innovative features. There are the three-zone automatic climate control, and ambient lighting. These can be adjusted to suit your mood while on a journey. Also, there are heating, cooling, and massage functionalities for utmost relaxation.

The panoramic roof gives a sense of nature and illuminates the interior with natural light. There is the option to configure this roof to be either fixed or sliding.

Rover interior

Various innovative accessories further enhance the Discovery’s capabilities. Such accessories include a pet pack that ensures that your pets are safe in the car. This pet pack also ensures that the car stays clean even if your pet is not.

Also, there is an electronically deployable sidestep. This electronic step aids in disembarking. Plus a roof rack for carrying more cargo on the roof. This roof rack is however optional to install.

Discovery trunk

When you venture into rough or unfamiliar terrain, the Discovery activates its Terrain Response System to help to maintain control. This system enhances the capabilities of the suspension, transmission, and traction.


Infotainment on the Discovery

Infotainment flow is seamless in the Land Rover Discovery. The 10” high-definition touchscreen gives you control of the media system, allows you to receive and make phone calls, and also lets you easily interact with your car. 

There is also a 12.3” high definition interactive driver display screen located behind the steering wheel. This driver display screen project driving information, entertainment, and safety data.

At the rear seats, there are two 8” screens in the headrests. These screens can be controlled independently to play movies and TV channels. 

Also, you can link your smartphones or media accessories to them using the available HDMI, USB ports, or Mobile High-Definition Link. There are also two sets of headphones and wireless remotes provided. These screens are, however, optional on the HSE and HSE Luxury models. 

Other infotainment features include HD/Satelite radio, wireless/Bluetooth connectivity, audio streaming, and InControl Apps integration.


Land Rover Discovery Performance

Discovery engine


Powering this car are optional, yet optimal engines. You can opt for a 3.0-litre supercharged V6 engine that is capable of producing 340 horsepower. 

Alternatively, you can make do with the 254hp 3.0-litre turbocharged V6 engine. Both engines are paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters.

This car can go from 0-100 km/h in just 8.1 seconds with a top speed of 209 km. Also, the average torque produced is 600 N/m.


Safety Features

The Land Rover Discovery has achieved the maximum 5-star Euro Ncap rating. It possesses many active and passive safety features to guarantee the safety of the driver and passengers.  

The safety features include an Autonomous Emergency Braking System. This system uses a digital camera, mounted near the rearview camera to detect a possible collision and give audible warnings. It also automatically applies the brakes if the collision is imminent.

There are also safety seats for children. These seats keep them in place even during a collision.

More safety features include six airbags, rear camera with park assist, and four-wheel with antilock disk brakes. There is also the blind spot assist, electronic stability control, traction control, and roll mitigation.


Land Rover Discovery Price

land rover discovery

Discovery is an affordable luxury car. Pricing starts at 66,400 CAD. This price can, however, go higher depending on personalization. Additionally, you can build and order your car to your taste with existing requirements via Landrover’s Website.


Wrapping Up

In this modern age, getting a full-sized luxury SUV that is modern, stylish, and large enough for the family comes at a great price. The Land Rover Discovery, however, makes an exception. It gives comfort, style, and luxury at yet an affordable price. So if you are up for a good ride with a maximum return for your money, the Land Rover Discovery is a good fit for you.


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