Complete List of Mountain Bike Accessories

Mountain bike accessories are simple gadgets that can add value to your biking experience. Hence they should not be taken for granted. While some mountain bike accessories pimp up your bike, others are for your safety. Nevertheless, whether for customization or safety, your bike accessories should never be found wanting. 

Accordingly, you may or may not know what accessories are best for you. In this article, we have summed up a list of 10 mountain bike accessories that will prepare you for any circumstance or challenge you may face while riding. 

Types of Mountain Bike Accessories

Each mountain bike accessory has a unique function. While none can replace the other, all accessories are designed to make your riding experience easy and worth remembering. For the sake of clarity, mountain bike accessories can be grouped into three classes. 

  • Mountain Bike Comfort Accessories: If you go for short rides, you may not feel the full discomfort that comes with long mountain rides. Mountain biking is an extreme sport, so extreme comfort is required to make the ride delightful. Comfort accessories keep you relaxed while riding so that you do not hurriedly end your adventure.  Some comfort accessories include; a backpack, hydration pack, riding shorts etc. 


  • Mountain Bike Performance Accessories: These are accessories that will greatly improve your riding performance. It may warrant you tweaking your bike here and there but the aim is to get the best out of your bike. Performance accessories upgrade your bike to get the best performance out of it. Some performance accessories include; mountain bike handlebar grips, bike pedals, night lights etc. 


  • Safety Accessories: Safety while riding cannot be over-emphasized. As much as you enjoy riding, you should not overlook the danger that comes with the sport. While being careful during your rides, you should also be prepared in case of crashes and accidents. Safety accessories simply remove tension and fear, especially for new bikers.  Some safety accessories include; first aid box, helmet, gloves, riding glasses etc. 


The list of mountain bike accessories is quite inexhaustible. However, there are some of them that cannot go unmentioned. This list is compiled to make sure that your next ride is safe, comfortable and smooth. 

1. Helmet

It should not come as a surprise that a helmet is one of the most auspicious mountain bike accessories that you need. Many riders take a great risk by riding without a helmet. This is both ill-advised and extremely dangerous. Helmets protect your head in case of a crash or fall. 

As a mountain biker, you need a helmet that fits snugly but is not uncomfortable, preferably a full-face helmet. Your helmet should not obstruct your view or make you feel claustrophobic. With a variety of helmets on the market, it should be easy to find one that fits as well as protects you properly. 


2. Backpack

In order to be able to string along every accessory and gadget you will require, you need a backpack. Just like the LOCALLION Cycling Backpack, backpacks come in different styles and sizes. Your riding backpack should be waterproof and light.

Furthermore, the backpack should be highly compartmentalized. This will help you arrange your gadgets and other accessories, thereby making it easy to find things. There are single-handed back backs and double-handed backpacks. Whichever one you prefer, make sure you are comfortable with it. 


3. Mountain Bike Phone Holder

Another accessory that you will need while riding is a phone holder. If you have the habit of checking the time on your phone or using the map on your phone, then a phone holder is very important. 

IPOW Universal Phone Holder and all similar products, eliminate the need to hold your phone while controlling your bike. It is very dangerous to use your phone will riding. If possible, avoid distractions from your phone while riding. But if you must use your phone, then a good phone holder will ease the struggle. 

The market is saturated with a plethora of good phone holders, so a good one should not be difficult to find. When shopping, look for a phone holder that is easily but firmly attached to the bike. Also, get a phone holder that is compatible with your phone to avoid slipping. 


4. Handlebar Grip

A bike handlebar grip is one accessory that is worth every penny. Mountain bike handlebar grips are all over the place and the best ones are even easier to find. This accessory helps to improve your steering game and give you excellent control. 

The good handlebars go as far reducing the stress and strain on the hands while riding. If you take long riding exercises or you have made a sport out of mountain biking, then you need a handlebar grip that gives you a natural and correct grip while riding. Handlebar grips come in various designs and qualities but the best ones should be easy to install, non-slip and fit perfectly with your bike.


5. Mountain Bike Pedals

Have you ever wished for improved pedal efficiency or stronger pedalling power? Then you have indirectly wished for a bike pedal. This accessory does more than pimp your bike. It gives you confidence and control while riding. 

There are the flat mountain bike pedals and the clipless mountain bike pedals. Both of them offer the same protection and pedalling power. The only difference is that the clipless pedal requires a certain type of riding shoes while the flat pedals do not.  

When buying your bike pedal, keep your eyes peeled for a strong and lightweight product. Your pedal should be easy to install and provide you with enough legroom while riding. 


6. Bike Tire Pumps

Except you plan on wheeling your bike down a mountain, a portable tire pump is a necessary mountain bike accessory. The trail is rough and nobody has the job of picking out sharp stones or objects that may puncture your tire. For all serious mountain bikers, you need a portable/ handheld tire pump. 

The good ones come with a built-in pressure gauge to help you know what you are doing. A tire pump should also have an LED backlight in case you are riding at night.  Make sure that your bike tire pump is light and can fit into your backpack. Mountain bikes are compatible with Schrader valve types, which is another thing to look out for when buying. 


7. Riding Gloves

One key thing about riding is your grip. To enjoy a safe ride, you must have a firm grip on your bike. This is where your riding gloves come in. Riding gloves keep your palms dry and avoid slipping while cycling. Good gloves also serve as shock absorbers and vibration dampeners. It keeps you warm and protects your hands in case of a crash. 

The list of its benefits is endless, which means that it is an important accessory. Note that your riding gloves should not be too tight or too loose. Good riding gloves are also made of skin-friendly materials that absorb sweat and keep your hands dry. 


8. Riding Glasses

Cleaning your eyes while riding may be the most uncomfortable thing to experience. Riding glasses protect your eyes from dust and debris. As cool as riding glasses may look, their main function is to protect your eyes. 

This is why you must buy riding glasses that have a clear lens. Good riding glasses should also have UVA/UVB protection. Some riding glasses are photo-chromatic even though they may cost you more. Nonetheless, you can get riding glasses that have interchangeable lenses. The frame should not be too tight to avoid any form of discomfort. 


9. First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is a very necessary accessory for mountain biking. Even though, it is advised that you should maintain caution while riding, having injuries or accidents are not alien to mountain riding. That said, it is advisable to carry an Adventure First aid kit that can fit into your backpack. Your first-aid should be kept in a separate compartment that is easy to find. 

Some necessary items that you must carry include; bandages, duct tapes, super glue, tweezers, scalpel, gloves hand sanitizer, ibuprofen, water, iodine etc. The idea is to stay as safe as possible but have a backup plan in case of accidents. 


10. Night Lights


If you have ever considered mountain biking at night, then you should get a bike night light at your next shopping trip.  It lights up the trail to avoid fatal accidents. Due to its importance, getting a good product is critical and pivotal to your safety. 

A good bike night light such as Vont Mountain Bike Night Light should be sturdy and easy to install on your bike. Most night lights mount to the handlebar, however for mountain biking, it is safer to mount your night light to your helmet. Your night light should be really bright and the beam pattern should be far and wide. 

The aim of this comprehensive list of mountain bike accessories is to show you how important these accessories are. If you have a bike or you plan on getting one, it is pertinent to make provision for some accessories as well. Biking is an extremely enjoyable sport and no mishap should truncate your riding experience. 

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