5 Ways to Make Your Car Seat More Comfortable

Are you ever on a long drive and your back or neck starts to hurt from your car seat? Here are five different ways to make your car seat more comfortable.

  1. Add a Seat Cushion

The first way to make your car seat more comfortable is to add a seat cushion. Doing this can help ensure your spine is staying straight while driving and also help to prevent slouching.

Seat cushions are also made for many different types of people, there are more firm cushions or softer ones as well. Seat cushions can really help save your back in times of need especially on a long road trip.

  1. Adjust the Steering Wheel Properly

The next way to make your car seat more comfortable is to adjust the steering wheel to your height. Most people do not touch or do not know how to adjust the steering wheel in their car.

If the steering wheel is too high or low this can also be straining your back or neck to work harder than it actually is supposed to.

When the steering wheel is not in a great position it can injure or strain your wrists and especially your shoulder blades because of the overarching of the shoulders.

Driving should not be a difficult task especially when it comes to having a comfortable car seat.

  1. Adjust the Car Seat

The third thing that also goes along with adjusting the steering wheel is to adjust the car seat.

Just like the steering wheel, one can be overextending their back too much or just not comfortable when they drive which can result in serious issues especially if the individual is driving for a living or is constantly driving for their job.

Some cars may have a button that adjusts it per driver but it is important to know what feels comfortable for you even if it takes a couple more minutes to adjust it correctly.

  1. Use Back/Neck Support

The fourth is to use lumbar and neck support. These two things are the most important items when driving because they can cause the most issue in a person if not take care of properly.

There are things such as neck pillows that give all the support needed to the neck while driving.

  1. Buy a New Car Seat

The last thing and may be the most expensive of the five is to obtain a new car seat. If one has a bad back or just simply cannot take the pain, they may need to buy a replacement for a car seat. However, this should be the last and final resort of all the other implications.

The car may be sold with an extremely firm car seat or too soft of one, but the driver needs to see what works best for him or her. It is important to take measures quickly after the driver feels like he or she cannot handle the seat much longer.

If or when this happens to a driver, they should go to the dealership and test out the seats that the dealership recommends. To help save money they may even suggest obtaining a seat cushion for the time being if the driver has not already tried it.

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