Mercedes V Class Pictures, Review and Price

You can’t possibly talk about the top 10 luxury cars in the world without reserving a spot for Mercedes. This brand is not an after-thought nor a wannabe in the high-class range; it’s a leader.

And yet again, with the release of the 2020 Mercedes V Class, it is obvious Mercedes hasn’t dropped the ball. The V Class reeks of class from its styling to performance and everything in-between.

Besides its expected opulence and predicted comfortability, the V Class has superior interior space. It is so huge that a hippo could be transported in one. Okay, that’s a joke. But you get the point, right? Without further ado, let’s explore the ins and outs of the iconic brand that is Mercedes and this game-changer that is the V Class.

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*ALL images sourced from Mercedes Benz UK

Mercedes V Class Review

Mercedes V Class Interior

The interior design of the V Class is a steal. The seats are covered in Nappa leather and there are chrome dottings around. The dashboard is well-organized and easy to use, plus there is faux-leather draped across the dashboard. 

The infotainment screen assumes a high position on the dashboard, which makes it easy for the driver to operate. However, there are lots of options on the system menus and it may take some getting used to, over time.

Road View

It is always a good addition when drivers can have a good view of the road ahead. And this is made possible in the V Class with an elevated driver seat.

Also, the presence of large side windows and mirrors further make it easy to be more aware of the road and oncoming traffic. 

But, no thanks to the rear seats, especially the third row – these impede, to a large extent, the view of the driver. Thankfully, there is a solution to this; the inclusion of parking sensors and a rearview camera comes in handy when reversing.

Interior Lighting

Inside the V Class, users have 3 options of ambient lighting. These lights are extremely useful and beautiful. They can help create or suit your mood and change the way the interior of the car looks. The three lighting options are Solar, Neutral, and Polar. 

Comfortability and Ease of Driving

Behind the wheel, the Nappa leather chair isn’t the only thing that the driver finds comfortable, there’s also the light steering. With this Benz V Class, steering isn’t forced, it’s as smooth and responsive as can be. The V Class also offers a quiet ride. Even at high speeds, you still get to feel the comfort of a noiseless ride.

The V Class has got very impressive interior space. It can seat up to 8 passengers and still have ample room for cargo. Mercedes V Class is available in standard, long and extra-long wheelbase – the smallest size is larger than the biggest size of similar minivans.

Mercedes V Class Performance

If you’re an avid car enthusiast, you’re probably more interested in this aspect of the review more than others. And that’s understandable. After all, what good is a car that’s sloppy when it comes down to actual performance? 

Well, the V Class doesn’t disappoint at all. There’s been a significant upgrade in the power of the engines, notably the second one. You’ll understand what that means in a bit.

Before the latest Mercedes V Class, the 2015 – 2019 models all came with a 2.1L turbocharged engine, offered in two different outputs, viz: V 220 d and V 250 d which produced 163 horsepower and 190 horsepower respectively. 

Following the facelift of the V Class, there is a new 2.0L engine with the same two outputs but different capacities. While the V 220 d still delivers 163hp, the V 250 d (now V 300 d) has an output of 239hp. That’s more power. If you prefer something with more verve and performance, you might want to ask for the V 300 d.

The transmission of power to the rear wheels is automatic. There are also available all-wheel drive options.

Mercedes V Class Models

Mercedes V Class is available in seven distinct and impressive model lines. From the least Sport model to the AMG Line Marco Polo, there are many things to love about each variant.


Sport is true to its name, it is sporty! From its looks down to performance. Agility Control comfort suspension, Active Parking Assist, and a reversing camera are standard on this base trim.

It also comes with LED headlamps which features an intelligent light system and LED tail lamps. The wheels are 18″ alloy wheels and are available in a 5-twin-spoke design. 

AMG Line

Mercedes V Class AMG Line

The AMG Line is a culmination of AMG peculiarities with that of the AMG Line. While the AMG emphasizes high-performance and driving performance, the AMG Line places a premium on the looks and feel of the car.

But this model combines both, making it super interesting. The alloy wheels on this model are 19″. It comes with a rear and front bumper, clad in chrome and there are AMG side sill panels.

The Nappa leather seats are matched with chrome air vents and carbon-look trim.


This model is truly exclusive! Mercedes turns up comfortability and tech in this V Class trim. It includes a 360-degree camera for ease of parking, and extensive driver assistance and safety packages.

There is also a refrigerator in the cabin, and first row passengers enjoy the treat of luxury seats with massaging functions. The seats can also be reclined for more comfort.

Sport Marco Polo Horizon

mercedes v class sport marco polo horizon

According to the manufacturer, this model offers “the best of both worlds: maximum comfort for all your adventures combined with everyday functionality.”

Some of its amazing features are, a removable luxury-three seater bench that can be made into a bed, a reversing camera, leather upholstery, heated front seats, and air condition in all parts of the car. The Sport Marco Polo horizon is an absolute gem.

AMG line Marco Polo Horizon

The previous Marco Polo model redefines adventure and makes travels a lot more enjoyable. This model takes the excitement up a notch with its dynamism. Its frame is made of AMG metallic paint, the interior dashboard is adorned with a carbon look, and the air vents are chrome-styled. It also features AMG sports pedals.

Sport Marco Polo

mercedes v class sport marco polo

Another level of class! the driver and passenger seats are draped in Lugano leather, and both seats are heated too. The Sport Marco Polo gets a unique yacht wood flooring, has a wardrobe compartment, and the furniture is of a modern style.

The following set of features pass it off as a second home: It has a kitchenette, a 2-seater couch that can be repurposed for a bed, 2 gas burners, a sink, and another two-seater bed – this time, from the pop-up roof. 

AMG Line Marco Polo

This Mercedes V Class model line enhances the sportier side of the Marco Polo. It has a sports suspension which boosts handling and the interior features sports pedals and AMG carbon fibre look. The 19″ allow wheels are covered with 2 colours.

Mercedes V Class Technology Features

Apart from the looks and performance of luxury cars, one aspect that stands out too is the number of technology features available. The Mercedes V Class has the following to its credit:

MBUX Infotainment System

MBUX stands for Mercedes Benz User Experience. And it delivers in that regard. This piece of equipment allows users to communicate seamlessly with the vehicle and to execute functions. 

The MBUX can be operated via voice control. All you need to do is say the words “Hey Mercedes” to get started. Do you have an accent? No problem! MBUX understands a variety of accents and adjusts over time. It’s a learning machine.

You can also personalize settings to suit your preferences. These include driving modes, ambient lighting, radio, and more. Your personalizations are saved and can be activated anytime.

And of course, the MBUX can be operated via touchscreen, the steering controls, as well as the touchpad on the centre console. What’s more? You can write directly on the touchscreen and the system would recognize it. Write, for example, an address or contact number.

Luxury Centre Console

The luxury centre console is a very useful addition to the interior of the Mercedes V Class. It can be used for several functions, which includes having a meal, working on a computer, or playing a game. This console is foldable and movable, making it more practical and useful.

You can also charge mobile devices through the available 12 V socket. This feature is standard on V Class Sport, AMG Line, Sport Marco Polo Horizon and AMG Line Marco Polo Horizon.

Panoramic Sliding Sunroof

This panoramic roof allows natural light to penetrate the vehicle but at the same time provides sufficient protection from the sun. This protection is made available through a two-part electrical roller sunblind. 

Burmester Surround Sound System

This feature is standard on the Mercedes V Class-Exclusive model line; it’s an optional package on other models. Burmester brings an exceptional and exciting sound into the V Class. It has 15 powerful speakers and sound is delivered to every seat via a multi-channel technology.

How much is a Mercedes V Class?

The starting price for each model line is:

  • Sport – 91,000 CAD
  • AMG Line – 95,000 CAD
  • Exclusive – 158,000 CAD
  • Sport Marco Polo Horizon – 96,000 CAD
  • AMG Line Marco Polo Horizon – 100,000 CAD
  • Sport Marco Polo – 105,000 CAD
  • AMG Line Marco Polo – 108,000 CAD

Our Take

Mercedes V Class is a fabulous car to own and drive. It has loads of tech and fun features any car enthusiast would appreciate.

Asides this, it is also a great family car and can accommodate up to 8 passengers, while providing top-notch luxury. That’s exceptional.

And finally, it’s perfect for business meetings, adventures, and as you’ve read, makes a great second home. If you have the cheddar to get this car, it would be a great buy.

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