10 Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses

Apart from the cool and confident look that riding glasses give, it is also a rule of thumb to protect your eyes while riding a motorcycle. This means, fashion trends aside, motorcycle riding glasses are compulsory gear for every motorcycle rider.

This is because it is dangerous to have to keep wiping off dust and debris from your eyes while riding your motorcycle. In this post, we share the best motorcycle riding glasses to use.

Best Motorcycle Riding Glasses

1. WYND Blocker Model 331

motorcycle riding glasses - WYND

WYND blocker Model 331 is fantastic for its quick release option to convert from glasses to goggles. Its plastic frame and non-polarised plastic lens aid its lightweight design.

With a lens width of 65 millimetres and removable rubber earpiece, this motorcycle riding glasses gives a firm grip on the riders’ head. Its PC lens is UV resistant, impact-resistant, anti-scratch, shatterproof and has an accompanying microfiber bag which can be used as a lens cleaner.

Available in black, blue, red, orange and white frames, this model is available under 30 bucks.

2. The Fresh Motorcycle Riding Glasses

This stylish, Fresh glasses with its comfortable design offers a composite rubber padded frame around the lenses. Its concave surface keeps air flowing while its vents prevent fogging. The lenses are polycarbonate with UV400 protection that can block 99.9% of both UVA and UVB rays.

A lens width of 65 millimetres, lens height of 42 millimetres and arm length of 121 millimetres, increases its eye-protective feature. Available in grey, blue mirror and silver mirror lens.


3. GrinderPunch Riding Glasses

motorcycle riding glasses - GrinderPunch                                       

The GrinderPunch Riding Glasses is a padded foam motorcycle riding glasses, perfect for those who wear contact lenses. It comes in 2 pairs of smoke and clear lenses. Its UV400 protection polycarbonate lens ensures that the eye is protected from harmful rays.

These lenses each measure 3 inches across and 1 ¼ high in the centre. The arms are 5 inches long and the padded glasses have vents to prevent fogging. 

4. Global Vision Red Baron Motorcycle Goggles


Known as the eliminator, the Global Vision motorcycle riding glasses eliminate the need to change lenses. It’s day and night vision adaptability makes it very reliable. It serves the primary purpose of eye protection with its shatterproof polycarbonate lens.

Its UV 400 filter protects the eyes from harmful rays. The scratch-resistant coating and soft airy foam padding on the inside make it very durable. Available in 2 pairs of clear and smoked lenses. You’d love wearing any of these.

5. Wiley X Slay


With unparalleled protection as its top feature, the Wiley X Slay riding glasses has a plastic removable lens in a plastic frame and is hand washable. Its lenses provide 100% UVA/UVB protection with distortion-free clarity. The half rubber temples and high-wrap frame and lenses block peripheral light and ensure flexibility. This non-polarized motorcycle riding glasses are available in gloss black on Amazon. 

6. Surpassme Motorcycle Riding Glasses 

                                                motorcycle riding glasses - Surpassme

Comfortable to wear and soft silicon sponge padded, it blocks off wind and dust. Its high-quality lens is impact-resistant, UV400 protection polycarbonate and dustproof.

With a lens height of 2.55 inches, lens width of 1.61 inches, frame width of 5.7inches, bridge width of 0.78inches and temples length of 4.72inches, it fits firmly around the head.

This product is available in a clear, smoke, pink and yellow lens. The non-slip rubber feature of Surpassme motorcycle riding glasses increases stability. These chic looking glasses are available in 3 pairs under 15 CAD.

7. Global Vision Chicago Padded Riding Glasses

                                        motorcycle riding glasses - global vision

Ideal for riding, these glasses are durable and scratch-resistant. Comfort is assured because of the vented EVA foam lining. Its shatterproof polycarbonate lenses have UV400 filter which offers maximum UV protection.

The high-quality lenses are available in clear, smoke and yellow while the frame is available in matte and gloss black colours. Also known as The Chicago motorcycle riding glasses, it has a lens width of 2.36 inches, frame width of 5.51 inches and lens height of 1.57 inches which makes it fit and look good on any head size. 

8. Bertoni F366A

                            motorcycle riding glasses - bertoni             

With its amazing adjustable nose pad and excellent grip at the arms, Bertoni glasses offer a perfect fit to any face size. Its arms are interchangeable with elastic straps to ensure a skin-tight fitting when motorcycling. The inner side of the front frame is covered with removable windproof soft foam so that prescription lenses are easily fitted to clip. Wind and dust do not affect the wrap-around design of this motorcycle riding glasses. With lens width 65mm, lens height 44mm and optical clip 40x25mm, peripheral vision is enhanced and its photochromic anti-fog lens adjusts to light and UV rays.

9. Gatorz Eyewear Magnum Z

                                            motorcycle riding glasses - gatorz

The military-grade aluminium frame and plastic lens of this Gatorz Eyewear make it perfect not just for motorcycling but outdoor sports and military use. The lens width is 71 millimetre, the lens height is 40 millimetres and bridge is 16.7 millimetres.

It has an anti-fog coating, anti-scratch coating, impact-resistant 100% UV protection polycarbonate lenses, hydrophobic and oleophobic features which enhance crystal clear and glare-free vision. It is available in black colour.

10. MF Payback 


Matte dark frame and super dark lenses give this MF Payback sunglasses a cool look. Coolness aside, it has rubber buttons near the temple tip that help to ensure a snug fit. Its shatterproof poly-carbonate scratch-resistant UV400 lenses give it an amazing ocular clarity.

The frame width measures 5.5 inches, frame height 1.75 inches, lens width 2.75 inches, bridge width 875 inches. It is available for a super cool price of 14 CAD. 

Whether as a sport or hobby, riding a motorcycle is relaxing and exhilarating. Discomfort and fear should not be part of the experience. Get a safe, stylish and affordable motorcycle riding glasses to help you enjoy every minute of the ride.

When you’re not contending with dust and debris you would be thrilled to know just how much a difference motorcycle riding glasses make.

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