20 Best New Cars Under $20k

Do you need a new car? You can get one for under 20,000 CAD. We’re not talking about some low-grade vehicle for you to manage, those are only good enough to move you from one place to another. But these new cars under $20k are equipped with standard safety and driver-assistance systems and they’re the real deal.

They all have stand-out features, including great cargo/cabin space, smartphone integrations, adjustable seats, heated seats, power windows, and more. So you may not have to break the bank to own any of these cars but rest assured you’d feel like a million bucks when you do own one. They’re new and they’re yours for a maximum price of 20,000 CAD.

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What new cars are under $20k?

2019 Nissan Versa

nissan versa

If you’ve got about $20k budgeted for a used car, you might want to check out the new 2019 Nissan Versa instead. The base trim goes for about 18,000 CAD. Its price makes it one of the cheapest cars you can buy. It has great reliability ratings, a roomy cabin, good handling, and comes with a standard five-speed manual transmission. It’s available in sedan and hatchback body styles.


2019 Ford Fiesta

ford fiesta

For about 20,000 CAD you can snag the 2019 Ford Fiesta, which comes in sedan and hatchback styles. For that price though, you’d have to settle for the base trim. The higher trims, especially the performance ST costs a lot more. This is standard on the Fiesta: 120 horsepower four-cylinder engines, five-speed manual transmission, the SYNC system, FWD, and a 30 mpg rating.


2018 Hyundai Accent


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This year’s model of the Hyundai Accent is a very impressive, all-round car. And the interesting part is that you can get all trim levels under the $20k price mark. You get a comfortable ride, spacious and well-finished interior, outstanding fuel economy, long warranty, and an array of safety cum driver assistance systems (on the top trim).


2019/20 Honda Fit

best new cars under 30k- honda fit

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Probably the top all-rounded car on our new cars under $20k list. The Honda Fit has an above-average interior space and its cargo space is superb – a complement of its hatchback body. It features Honda’s magic seats which allow you to fold the seats in many different ways for convenience. There is a huge list of safety features and the Fit has excellent fuel economy. 


2018 Mitsubishi Mirage

mitsubishi mirage

This is an ideal car for people who want a new car but are on a tight budget. It’s got the perks of an impressive modern car and lengthy warranty coverage. The base trim comes with Bluetooth, a rearview camera, a touchscreen interface, power windows, keyless entry. As a hatchback, a spacious cargo is a standard feature.


2019 Kia Forte

best new cars under 30k- kia forte

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Redesigned for 2019 to include more features and better styling but still fits under our $20k budget. The new continuously variable automatic transmission is a great introduction. It complements a four-cylinder engine that supplies 147 horsepower. At the base level, you get to enjoy the 8-inch touchscreen, smartphone integration, automatic emergency braking, lane keep assist, dual-zone air-conditioning, to mention a few. Forte is available in four trims: FE, LXS, S, and EX.


2019 Hyundai Veloster


If you appreciate cars with a unique styling and upscale features you’d love the Veloster. This hatchback comes with a unique three-door body style and its design is a steal. The base trim’s horsepower is nowhere near the power of the turbocharged variants but it’s the affordable trim level here. The base level 2.0 comes with standard equipment such as a rearview camera, an infotainment system, Bluetooth, sound system, 17-inch wheels, and a forward-collision prevention system.


2018 Ford Fiesta

ford fiesta

Looking for a practical car that won’t cost more than $20k? The Ford Fiesta fits the bill. You can get a new one at that price. The Fiesta comes with Ford’s Sync system which features a Bluetooth and voice control for your phone. It is offered in 2 body styles, a sedan and a hatchback. There are 3 available trims, S, SE, and Titanium. Although there is a higher-performing ST model that is available on the hatchback.


2019 Nissan Sentra


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The 2019 Nissan Sentra is one of the best new cars under $20,000. Laudable for its price but much much for its design and the materials used to style it. And the cargo space is huge if that sort of thing interests you. The 124 horsepower and six-speed manual are not disappointing but for a few hundred dollars more you can get the continuously variable transmission as an upgrade. For a price under $20k, opt for the base S model.


2019 Toyota Yaris


For a car that has a limited interior space, tall drivers may have a difficult time managing the 2019 Yaris. But it makes up for that with an abundance of attractive standard features and an appealing interior, built with upscale materials. It also saves fuel. If you have a keen eye you’d notice similarities in its design with that of the Mazda 2. That’s because the Yaris takes after Mazda in many ways. There’s a smartphone integration, sound system, collision warning, USB ports, Bluetooth, for the base L trim. 


2019 Volkswagen Jetta

Some car manufacturer’s do not include an infotainment system for the base trim of some of their cars, not the Jetta. Every Jetta has one and it features Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and MirrorLink. The Jetta was redesigned for 2019 and it sports a better look, stronger horsepower (149), and a turbocharged four-cylinder engine. Any upgrades may result in a price higher than the $20k mark.


2018 Nissan Versa

nissan versa

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This is one of the new cars you can get for under $20k. It has a spacious trunk that can swallow whatever you dump in it. It’s also got ample rear space tall passengers would find useful. The base trim doesn’t pack enough features and you need not bother yourself about it. With a $20k budget, you can get the higher S Plus and SV trims which have better features.


2019 Hyundai Accent

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With a high-reliability score to its name, you can find comfort in the fact that this subcompact car can serve you well for a long time to come. Standard features include a six-speed manual transmission which can be upgraded to an automatic at an extra cost, 130 horsepower four-cylinder engine, 5-inch touchscreen (for the base trim), Bluetooth, and USB port. Upper trims have more features, hence are more expensive.


2018 Kia Rio

kia rio

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If you’re looking for a subcompact car that ticks the right boxes, the 2018 Kia Rio is the car. Talk about a car that has more and costs less, that’s the Kia Rio. You can get the highest EX trim under $20k. It’s got a sporty feel, built with solid materials, a five-year warranty coverage, and the hatchback delivers top-notch cargo capacity.


2018 Chevrolet Spark

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Spark up your driving experience with this gem making our new cars under $20k round-up. It’s a beauty in and out and it’s ‘hidden’ back door is a unique feature. The base model comes with a manual transmission but you can get the LS trim which has an automatic. This would increase your bottom line but with a diligent search, you should get one under 20,000 CAD. Chevrolet’s MyLink system is standard on both models.


2019 Subaru Impreza

subaru impreza

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Getting a car that comes standard with all-wheel drive at a cheap price is difficult. If you fancy this feature which makes for nimble handling and improved traction then the Impreza would impress ya – pun intended. Each of the four models: Base, Premium, Sport, and Limited, come with an infotainment system. While the base model is ideal for our price range it is scarcely equipped.


2019 Hyundai Elantra


This is one of the new cars under $20k that got a massive facelift for the 2019 model year. The exterior got the most hit. The base model, which is the target here for the price, comes with a standard infotainment screen, Bluetooth, a rearview camera with guides. If you can manage to spend an extra one or two thousand dollars, the SEL or Value edition would be great picks.


2019 Nissan Kicks

Who knew you could get an SUV under $20k? Well, we did. And we’re not hoarding that information. Go for the base S model and be sure to check multiple dealers till you find one selling for nothing more than $20k. Kicks have a largo cargo area, great fuel economy, and useful driver assistance systems.


2019 Chevrolet Sonic

chevy sonic

via Chevrolet

Here’s a pretty decent, very spacious subcompact car. It is available in sedan and hatchback body configurations. Its mileage and interior quality are not really up to par but the Sonic doesn’t lack standard tech features. If you’re unrelenting, you can get the top trim for under $20k.


2018 Fiat 500

new cars under 30k- fiat 500

Our last pick for the day is the pint-sized but highly manoeuvrable Fiat 500. Its got a fashionable look and can find its way easily through traffic. You should find it easy parking in tight areas too. If you love an appealing style and not so much performance, this car should do it for you.


Wrapping Up

If you were thinking about getting a used car with your $20k budget, think again because you can get a new one for about the same price. And as you’ve seen, these cars may not be too fancy like high-end cars but they’re practical, drive comfortably, and are reliable. Some even have geat fuel-savings and low running costs. You’d save yourself extra cost if you opt for such cars. Our favourite on this list is the Kia Forte, what’s yours?

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