What are Portable Toilets? 5 Best to Get

You are out camping, enjoying a road trip and suddenly your stomach starts to rumble, there’s no building anywhere in sight. What would you do? Probably wish you had a portable toilet. 

Most of us have found ourselves in similar situations where we need to take a dump but there is no toilet nearby. Hey, there is no need to panic anymore with portable toilets. 

What are Portable Toilets?

Portable toilets are toilets that can be moved from one place to another. They are not fixed to the ground and can also be carried along.

Types of Portable Toilets

There are several types of portable toilets. 

  • Bucket Toilet: This type of portable toilet makes use of buckets to collect the excreta and urine. One noticeable disadvantage of this type of toilet is that is not as hygienic. 
  • Freezing Toilet: Waste products are frozen in this toilet using electricity. As a result, bacteria cannot grow to cause odour. It is mainly used in locations where electricity is available.
  • Incineration Toilet: In this type of portable toilet, waste products are collected into it’s holding tank and then incinerated.
  • Container-based Toilets: This low-cost portable toilet comes alongside removable holding tanks or cartridges. After use, these tanks are taken to treatment facilities.

Other notable mentions include chemical toilets, composting toilets, and urine-diverting toilets 


What are some of the best portable toilets for your travel and camping needs? We have reviewed below toilets that are suitable for this. Who knows, you may be going on your next adventure with one of these. 


Alpcour Portable Toilet

Relieve yourself in style! On a journey or in your camping zone – the alpcour portable toilet has got you covered.

This masterpiece has a super comfortable set up. It is made with a heavy-duty material. This material naturally minimizes odours and resists corrosion and rust. Nevertheless, it is still lightweight, sturdy, and durable.

It features an extra-large 5.3-gallon waste tank and a 3.2-gallon water tank for fewer emptying trips.

This portable toilet has a built-in piston pump cluster that provides powerful cleaning action. Besides, it requires no plumbing expertise or external hookups.

Its sprayer keeps the bowl clean while the rotating spot allows you to safely and hygienically dispose of its contents when full.

In addition to this, Alpcour includes an anti-leak drain valve that locks in liquid and odours. There is also a waste level indicator.

This product is suitable for the entire family. It is travel and eco friendly. Its complete kit also features a handy case for storing your toilet anywhere.

Top Features

  • Eco-friendly
  • Easy to use
  • It locks in odours
  • Extra-large waste and water tank
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Rotating spout for easy content disposing

Camco Portable Travel Toilet

The Camco portable travel toilet is designed for outdoor and recreational activities. It also comes handy during long rides.

This product is made from polyethylene, making it lightweight and sturdy. Also, it weighs only 11.5 lbs when empty but supports up to 330 lbs.

This portable toilet is divided into two halves. The top half has the toilet set, bowl, and lid. There is also a flush tank that holds 2.5 gallons of water. To refill this flush tank, just remove the cap and refill with clean water.

On the other side of this top half, you will find a bellow-like pump that flushes the water into the tank. The side also has latches for securing the toilet to the waste tank.

Down the other half, there is a 5.3-gallon waste tank that has a sliding valve. This valve opens to let in waste and closes to create an odour seal.

This portable toilet can be easily moved, thanks to its top and bottom handles.

Top Features

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Handles for portability 
  • Easy to empty
  • 330 lbs weight capacity
  • Durable 
  • 5.3-gallon waste tank capacity

Nature’s Head Self-contained Composting Toilet

The latest design, best value, most reliable – the Nature’s Head self-contained composting toilet has got it all.

It is a compost toilet which eliminates the need for a black tank because it separates the waste into solid and liquid.

This portable toilet was designed by two long time sailors who sought to create a more user-friendly version of a portable toilet. It is ideally for marine environments but can also be used in any other place.

It is proven to be extremely durable no matter the environment. Besides, it can withstand harsh environmental factors.

Nature’s head portable toilet is made of stainless steel and has latched connections to enable easy emptying.

It comes with a sealed-off composting compartment at the bottom to keep the solids and a liquid collection bottle.

Unlike conventional portable toilets, this one minimizes odours even when it has not been emptied for long. 

It makes use of coconut coir or pear moss to facilitate the composition process of the solids. This results in an odor devoid of a foul smell.

Featuring a 4-gallon holding tank that may seem small at first, this portable toilet can take up to 80 uses without emptying, thanks to its decomposition processes.

Top Features

  • Eco-friendly
  • Decomposes waste
  • Easy to empty
  • Locks in odour
  • Durable
  • Useful at all locations

Serene Life Portable Toilet

Go on that adventure with comfort. Whenever nature calls, the Serene Life portable toilet has got you covered. This product is made of high-density polyethylene. It is very durable and lightweight. Besides, It can be taken with you on any adventure because of how compact it is. 

It is equipped with an XL 5.3-gallon tank. This tank holds more than most portable camping toilets. This means that you don’t have to empty it often. It, however, has a wastewater level indicator that notifies you of the right time to empty it.

This portable toilet is very easy to empty. It features a flash-free rotating pour spout. This allows you to quickly and discreetly empty it when full. Also, its odour-resistant material helps it not to retain smell.

When you flush, the three-way nozzle does a clean job of keeping the bowl neat. And there is a layer of leak-free odour protection.

Not many portable toilets come with a carrying case, but this is an exemption. It comes with a travel toilet bag that makes it super easy to move around with.

Top Features

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Odour control
  • Travel bag included
  • 3-way nozzle for keeping the bowl clean
  • 5.3-gallon tank

Porta Potti White Thetford Corp

The Porta Potti portable toilet is a sleek, modern, and comfortable home-like toilet. It is suitable for all camping activities.

It features a comfortable seat height, increased bowl size, and battery-powered flush. The curve separates the main bowl from the tank.

It also has an ergonomic carrying handle, an integrated toilet paper holder. The toilet paper holder should be closed when not in use.

Easily monitor the fresh and wastewater level with the tank level indicator. It has an average of 56 flushes.

It has a carrying capacity of 4 gallons for freshwater and 5.5 gallons for wastewater. As a result, it can last you for a long time before you have to empty it again.

This portable toilet is easy to use and easy to clean. It is also odourless and leak-proof. It comes with a sealed valve to prevent odour from escaping.

There is also a rotating pour out spout for emptying the water tank without splashes. Besides, it is easy to clean.

There is an optional hold down kit that secures this portable toilet to the floor and holds it in place while you are on the road.

Top Features

  • Sleek and modern design
  • Easy to use
  • Odourless and leak proof
  • Easy to clean
  • Large water carrying capacity
  • 6 AA batteries required

Stansport Easy-Go Portable Toilet

The Stansport’s Easy-Go portable toilet brings the comfort of your home with you to your camping expeditions. It is durable and made of heavy-duty plastic.

It features a full-sized seat and built-in handles that allow you to carry it with ease. Its lid is sturdy, providing comfort during use. It is compact enough to be easily stored and transported.

This product can accommodate most people comfortably. It can handle weights of up to 350 pounds.

Emptying this product after use is very easy. All you need to is hold the handles very well and upturn carefully.

Included in its package is a disposable sanitary bag for your use.

Top Features

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to empty
  • Durable
  • It can accommodate most people comfortably


Going on camping expeditions or travelling tours without a backup plan for nature’s call is not a good idea.

Thankfully, one does not need to dig up holes or go about looking for a place to do the needful; owing to the advent of portable toilets.

Having taken the time to read through this article, we trust that you have a better knowledge of portable toilets. We also recommend that you consider any of our choices when next you want to purchase a portable toilet.

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