What is a Power Steering Fluid? 5 Best Ones

Power steering is one of the best technology that has been added to vehicles over the years. The technology requires regular maintenance and attention to continue to improve your driving experience. Power steering fluid is a specially formulated hydraulic fluid that keeps your steering in good operating condition while also protecting your vehicle.

What is a Power Steering Fluid, and What Does it Do?

Power Steering Fluid lubricates the power steering system of your car, delivering a smooth and effortless ride. Automatic transmission fluids come in various forms, including silicone or mineral oil-based fluids, as well as synthetic base oils. Each kind is designed to uniquely work with the power steering system, making sure you don’t use the wrong one.

The lubricant or fluid ensures the proper balance, allowing the pressure to be transferred as smoothly as possible and wherever it is needed. The purpose of power steering is to lessen the amount of physical effort required to turn a vehicle, which is accomplished by using electric or hydraulic actuators. These give a controlled and balanced energy, allowing the steering to be handled.

The majority of power steering uses hydraulic power, and its system is connected to an actuator. The steering wheel and the wheel linkage system have a direct connection, allowing the vehicle to be maneuvered manually in the event of a malfunction. They are notable for providing superior comfort and less stressful rides to their passengers.

Which Power Steering Fluids are the Best?

As a car owner, some maintenance tasks necessitate a trip to the nearest garage, while you may complete others in the comfort of your garage. The latter category includes changing and monitoring your power steering fluid, which you may do at home. However, there is a catch. How do you know which power steering fluid is best for your automobile, one that is suitable and performs well?

In this article, we will walk you through the best power steering fluid.

1. Royal Purple ROY01326 MAX EZ Power Steering Fluid

Royal Purple MAX Power Steering Fluid is designed to help your vehicle’s steering work at its best. While not every buyer will be able to use this product, it does provide a unique protective component that makes it an excellent choice for vehicles that it is suitable for.

Synerlec, a proprietary component that strengthens the oil film to extend the life of the steering system further, is used in this special mix. The fluid protects the power steering system while also delivering pressure to the necessary components. It’s also designed to blend effortlessly with factory fluids without causing any harm.

Despite its many advantages, this power steering wheel fluid is not the best choice for everyone. Royal Purple, in particular, does not perform well with synthetic oil pumps. Some users have also reported that the containers leak, making it impossible to store the substance.

2. European Prestone Power Steering Fluid

Consider using Prestone’s premium full-synthetic formula if you drive a Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, or other European vehicles. It works in extreme hot and cold temperatures and protects against concerns like wear, corrosion, and foaming for optimal performance. It also has oxidative stability, which means the fluid has a longer lifespan.

Many BMW, Volvo, Mercedes, and Mini Cooper owners use this product to top off the steering fluid in their vehicles. It performs the job at a reasonable price and includes enough fluid to complete the task. It’s simple to use, and it delivers as expected. It’s a better alternative to purchasing a larger amount of a product that you may not need.

However, some customers have complained that it is overpriced in comparison to the quantity. It’s also not advised for all automobiles because it’s designed for European vehicles that require a synthetic formula.

3. RedLine Power Steering Fluid

Many of the best power fluids lists include Redline Power Steering Fluid, and this is no exception. The brand has a powerful and well-deserved reputation for delivering on its promises of efficiency and performance.

Its most well-known product is the 30404, which has wear and tear protection and keeps the lubricant from boiling when things become hot. As it is meant to prevent disintegration, it aids in the management of evaporation and foaming that happens at higher temperatures. Unless there are certain unforeseen conditions or circumstances, the brand hopes to deliver at least 50,000 miles with its fluid.

Another notable benefit is that it works with petroleum and synthetic systems, giving it a broad compatibility range.

When Should Power Steering Fluid Be Replaced? 

The time to change power steering fluid is determined by the type of fluid used and the amount of fluid in the system. Following the original equipment manufacturer’s (OEM) instructions is the best approach to determine when you should update your power steering fluid. However, as a general rule of thumb, the power steering fluid should be changed every five years or 50,000 miles, whichever comes first.

You may notice some physical signs indicating that the power steering fluid needs to be changed. The power steering fluid should be light in color when inspected. If it’s getting dark, it’s time to replace it. If the power steering fluid contains any dirt, debris, or sludge, it’s time to clear the system.

When you crank the steering wheel, you might hear moaning or whining sounds, which means your power steering system needs to be checked. Another clue that it’s time to change the fluid is if turning the wheel becomes more difficult. You should also check the power steering fluid level if there are any leaks.


When you want to service the power steering fluid, flush the old power steering fluid out of the car and replace it with a new one. Power steering fluid has to be serviced since it can significantly extend the life of other power steering components. For more helpful guides on oil/fluid-related topics, read our post on car oil leaks and causes.

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