3 Ways To Remove A Stripped Lug Nut

When you run into tire problems one of the first and most frustrating things that could happen is the lug nut(s) being stripped, making it much harder to remove them.

Well, you are in luck because in today’s article we will be walking you through three ways to remove a stripped lug nut and help your car get back on the road again as soon as possible.

How To Remove A Stripped Lug Nut

Not only will we discuss three great methods to use, but we will also discuss the tools that you will need in order to perform the process. After reading this article, you will be a pro on removing stripped lug nuts.

1. Breaker Bar, Socket, and Pipe

Breaker Bar

The name here really gives away the tools that you will need, so we will spend more time discussing the process that you will need for this method.

Although one thing that is important to note here is that a stripped lug nut will most likely be difficult or hard to move when using the original size socket wrench.

Socket Wrench

Therefore it is beneficial to use a slightly smaller sized socket in order to grab a tight grip on the lug nut. You can also use a hammer to tap the socket in and get it on tight.

Next, use the breaker bar to try and remove the nut. You can use a little force to try and remove the nut, however, it is important to recognize when more force is harmful rather than helpful. Do not continue to use for if it isn’t bulging!

So in the case that the lug nut isn’t moving, you can add the pipe for better leverage, but be careful because you could end up breaking the bar instead.

2. Powerful Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench

Another way to approach this problem is by using an impact wrench which gives you the extra power of a machine to get the nut loose rather than by brute force.

The wrench will use blows of energy to deliver the power necessary to loosen the nut for you. You should still use the same rule of thumb as above for selecting the socket, but either way, the wrench should do a better job of getting the lug nut loose.

This is the middle ground between the three methods and most likely the easiest of the three options as well. We went from a manual method to using a power impact tool, so up next we have a drill.

3. Drill

Yes, a drill runs by power rather than by hand, but you are still getting hands-on with this method by basically creating a new screw in the lug nut.

You start with the smaller drill bits and work your way up. The idea is to drill away as much of the lug nut threads as possible without damaging the alloy wheel. Be sure you start drilling the hole at the center of the lug nut.

This method may likely damage the lug nut and wheel stud, however, they’re very cheap to replace. Exercise extreme caution with this method and use it only as a last resort. DO NOT attempt if you have no experience!

It will be a long process, and you should have oil nearby to help keep the drill bit cool. You may even get to the point where you drill through the lug nut and from there the tire can slide out.

Either way, you need to be careful with this method especially, and when removing a stripped lug nut in general of course.

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