10 Best Fat Tire Scooters 2021

Fat tire scooters are the rave of the moment. This is mostly because they allow comfortable sitting and provide more stability and strength. If you’re searching for the best fat tire scooters in the market, you might want to check out some of our top picks.

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1. 9Point9 Citycoco Electric Fat Tire Scooter

This fat tire scooter is beautifully designed with a comfortable framework and easy handling. The seat is large enough and well-positioned for a comfortable riding posture.

Powering this vehicle is a four-stroke, 2000w engine motor, coupled with a 60v lithium battery.

Also, it is very strong and capable of carrying up to 200kg max load. While riding this scooter, you can achieve a max speed of 50km/h.

Its two strong and fat tires enable it to maintain a stable stance amidst easy manoeuvrability. Citycoco also has effective shock absorbers and brake systems.

Besides, its digital display showcases parameters like speed and time.


2. Harley Electric Scooter 

fat tire scooters - Harley

The Harley adult fat tire electric scooter is strong and convenient to use. It features two cushioned seat supports, high-grade shock absorbers, and unparalleled 45° climbing ability.

Also, its 18-inch tubeless fat tires are shock absorbing and at the same time ensure steady balancing. This tire enables easy movement and manoeuvrability on different terrains.

Powering this piece of machinery is a 60v battery, paired alongside a 1500w brushless hub motor. These propel it to a maximum speed of 40km/h and mileage of about 50km. Besides, six to eight hours ensures full charge of the battery.

At night, LED headlights aid maximum visibility. This fat tire scooter is suitable for people above 13 years of age and can carry the weight of up to 221pounds.

Other features include a one-button start function, turn signal function, and an LCD that shows the speed and battery status. 

Get the Harley electric scooter.


3. Scooterfied Fat Tire Scooter

fat tire scooters - scooterfield

This scooter is one of the best fat tire scooters to have fun with. Its 2000 watt motor and a detachable 60 volts lithium battery supply it with a lot of power. Besides, it is noiseless, environmentally friendly, and can be ridden even on bike lanes.

The Scooterfied fat tire scooter has a top speed of 28 mph and a mile range of 30 miles at full charge. Its tubeless fat tires give it a unique styling when riding. It also makes it well-balanced and safe to manoeuvre through corners and bends.

The manufacturer crafted its frame to maintain a perfect sitting posture. Besides, riding and handling its handlebars is very easy. Also, there are two padded seats available with the option of removing the second seat.

Two front hydraulic shocks do a good job of absorbing shocks and road imperfections. 

For safety, there is a bright headlamp in the front for illumination, especially at night. There are also turn signals with a red idle light to keep the rider visible from a distance. Other notable features include an effective braking system, a power display system, and two sets of keys.

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4. Qjmoto Electric Scooter

fat tire scooters - Qjmoto scooter

This electric scooter has a user-friendly design. High-grade steel is used in making its frame. As a result, it is strong enough to carry a rider with a weight of up to 450 pounds. Also, it has a tilt-adjustable handlebar and a variable torque throttle. 

Powering it is a 60-volt lithium-ion battery, paired alongside a 2000 watt rear hub motor. The charging time for its battery is 4-8 hours. Besides, it has a mileage of 20 miles and a top speed of 32mph.

There are no shocks available. This is however compensated with large air-filled tires that do the work of shock absorption and maintaining balance.

For illumination, there is a front LED headlamp for use, especially at night. Also, its front and rear hydraulic braking system are very effective.

Get the Qjmoto electric scooter here.


5. Uberscoot Electric Scooter


The UberScoot is one of the most powerful fat tire scooters in the market. Its design is state-of-the-art. It comes preloaded with many impressive features you would like.

The frame is foldable with a quick-release seat. Also, there is a key ignition and front and rear lights for illumination.

Powering it is a 48 volts battery paired alongside a 1600 watts brushless motor. To optimize its power, there is an economy mode button to slow down the acceleration during long journeys. Besides, it has a range of 12 miles and can accelerate to a top speed of 30mph.

Achieving a full battery charge between six to eight hours is possible.

Its large 11-inches on-road/off-road tires ensure stability during rides. It also enables easy manoeuvrability and handling. 

The front and rear-mounted brake disc system ensure that the scooter effectively comes to a stop whenever called upon. Overall, it’s a great fat tire scooter and worth buying. 

6. eDRIFT ES295 Electric Fat Tire Scooter 

fat tire scooters - eDrift

Owning the eDrift ES295 electric scooter can make you decide to leave your car in the garage. This is because it is both fun to ride and easy to handle.

For power, it utilizes a strong 60-volts battery paired alongside a 2000-watt electric motor. These are sure to give you a 30 mph top speed with an impressive 65-mile range on a full charge. 

The framework design gives you a unique riding experience. Also, the seats are very comfortable and sure to help you maintain a good posture.

The large tires ensure stability and balance. This paired with a front shock suspension ensures that you feel just all right, even on a bumpy road.

Controlled by hand levers, its hydraulic disc brakes always perform when called upon. Its headlights shine brightly, especially at night.

For safety, there are left and right side mirrors to see trailing vehicles. For convenience, a fold-down kickstand stabilizes this scooter when not in motion. As a result of its 350-pound weight limit, most adults can ride on it comfortably. Don’t you just love it already?


7. SAY YEAH Electric Scooter

This scooter is one of the small but efficient fat tire scooters available. Powering it is a 500-watt brushless hub motor paired alongside a 48volts battery. 

These can give it a 20 mph top speed and provides extra torque to move faster. Apart from this, it takes around four to eight hours for its battery to fully charge.

Its fat tires offer the best possible traction on both wet and dry surfaces. It also stabilizes the scooter even at high-speed.

The design allows comfort. Its lightweight seat is padded and easily adjustable. Also, its handlebars are easy to grip and steer.

This fat tire scooter is strong enough to carry the weight of up to 250 pounds without a struggle. Other features include a bright headlamp, loud horn, and an impressive brake system. Check price on Amazon.


8. Tozoxers Adult Fat Tire Scooter

Comfort and easy handling are essential qualities of this fat tire scooter. Its 48v battery gives it enough energy for a journey of more than 20-miles in range with a 20 mph top speed. 

Also, its brushless hub electric motor does a good job of propelling it even on a 30-degree climb. And the battery can get fully charged within six to eight hours. Surely, that’s something every scooter rider likes to know.

The fat tires provide extra fiction and stability on different terrains. Also, its front and rear side shock absorbers ensure a fatigue-free ride.

This scooter features two back padded seats with a backrest. Its 8-inch ground clearance is vital for riding through suburban areas. Also, there is a rear brake light and a front LED headlamp for illumination. A small screen display indicates its battery level and speed. Get the Tozoxers Adult Fat Tire Scooter.


9. SKRT Electric Scooter

fat tire scooters - SKRT

Get this fat tire scooter and enjoy every journey. The SKRT electric scooter is a loveable machine. It is lightweight, durable, and foldable.

Its tires are very efficient. They provide easy manoeuvrability and ensure balance. It is paired with front and rear shock absorbers that mitigate bumps and road imperfections.

Powering this scooter is a 48-volt battery merged with 350-watts brushless tires. These can accelerate it up to 18mph on a full charge. Besides, it takes just six hours to fully charge.

This scooter has front and rear brake systems for immediate halting when necessary. There is also a rear warning lamp, and a front LED lamp for illumination. 

This scooter is strong enough to carry up to 350 pounds of weight.

10. Winkine Electric Fat Tire Scooter


This is one of the best fat tire scooters money can buy. A fact. And this is due to loads of impressive features available here – for you.

Made of high-grade, durable steel, its framework design is comfortable and allows easy handling. It is also able to handle weights of up to 440 pounds.

For power, it uses a 60-volts lithium-ion battery paired alongside a 2000-watt motor. These combined give it a max speed of 40mph and a 50-mile range.

Its 7.8-inch tires are beautifully integrated with it and provide an overall unique styling. It also gives it a stable stance amidst its shock absorption ability.

The dual disc braking system helps it to come to a full stop when called upon. Other features include a one start button, a large deck, and a hydraulic shock absorber. Get the Winkine electric scooter

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