5 Best Places To Take Your Driver’s Test in Ontario

The major reasons drivers fail their driving test in Ontario are not far-fetched, from the wrong use of car mirrors, steering and speed limit control. More so, a high failure rate in the supposed location for training can also be a contributing factor.  Still, if you must become a licensed driver in the Ontario province, you must memorize the driving rules.

You must know the nooks and crannies of the supposed area for tests especially if you are a beginner driver. The weather condition isn’t favorable in some parts of Ontario and major cities are often too busy to drive for beginners. So, preparing for a road test and driving in this part of the province is a big deal as you must be at the best of your driving game always.

Here are the top 5 places to take your driving test in Ontario

  1. Espanola

People believe that small towns are excellent locations for a dry run. We cannot dispute that fact for any reason. Espanola is a great town, a small town but an excellent one at that. If you want to have a high success rate in your G test category, opt to take your driving test to Espanola grounds.

  1. Kapuskasing

Kapuskasing is a beautiful town to behold. It makes up part of the Cochrane District. Aside from the obvious beauty, it has been regarded to be the second-best town to get a driver’s license. It has a 9% failure in terms of drive testing. Looking for places in Ontario to get a driver’s license? Look no further. You’ve got yourself a sweet nice town for your driving classes. However, for a G2 driving test, the town has been ranked number eight.

  1. Sudbury

This is the third-best location for driving in Ontario. Surprisingly, the residents o this city have made a series of complain about the drivers in their city. The high rates of accidents; we cannot dispute. Nonetheless, its position on the list as one of the best places to take a driving test cannot be overemphasized.

  1. Sault St. Marie

When you are talking about the largest cities in Ontario, Sault St. Marie would sure be mentioned. It is not a tiny town. Among the ten top cites available for a driving test, it ranks the fourth. There are considerations that the city is a good place to get a G license. It has a fail rate of 12% and considered to be very fair in comparison with other major cities.

  1. Kenora

For the best Ontario driving centers to get a G2 license, Kenora tops the list. For a G license though, it takes the fifth position. If you must take your driving test to the grounds of Kenora, be ready to follow the speed limit. A lot of people tend to drive very slowly in this part of the town.

In conclusion…

There are several places to take a driving test in Ontario. When you are talking about the top best 5 places, these places take the top list. You have no worries whatsoever if you’re a careful driver. All you need to do is find the best town that is very convenient and favorable for you as a driver.

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