3 Ways To Clean Fuel Injectors

Fuel injectors need to be cared for to ensure the optimum performance of a car engine. It is necessary always to maintain your car engine because proper maintenance will save you the trouble of spending so much to repair damages.

If there is a blockage to your fuel injectors, your vehicle’s performance and efficiency will be affected. For your engine to keep running smoothly, you need to clean your fuel injectors as and when due. 

You can decide to take your car to a technician to get your fuel injectors clean; otherwise, you could do it yourself. It’s straightforward as long as you stick to following the instructions in this article.

How Fuel Injectors Get Clogged

A rusty gas tank may also be responsible for the clogging of the fuel injector. With the help of the fuel injectors, fuel is being sprayed (in very tiny bits) into the combustion chamber.

As such, even the tiniest of impurities can pass from the gas into the main fuel injector. And for that reason, the rate of flow of the car injector can get blocked resulting in fuel injector clogging.

Has the fuel injector spray pattern gotten compromised by blockage or any other factor? The PCM will see it and turn on the display for engine check (check engine light).

Clean Fuel Injectors In 3 Ways

To clean your engine, you have to make use of the fuel injector cleaner. To achieve this, you need the help of certain materials:

1. Make Use Of Fuel Injector Cleaner

To successfully make use of the fuel injector cleaner, observe the following procedures:

  • The first thing you do is to buy a fuel injector cleaning additive.
  • Next, you need to flush out the fuel injector.
  • There is no specific size for fuel injector cleaning additive because all cleaners are not the same. So what you do is check the label of any product to buy for the correct usage recommendation.
  • Next, pour the additive inside the gas tank. 
  • You have to note the amount of fuel you have bought relative to the added additive. Always fill your tank beforehand. You have to be consistent so you don’t make mistakes when doing it next. 
  • Following the amount of fuel you have filled your tank, check the correct dosage label.
  • Follow the same pattern next time to avoid havoc on your engine.
  • Always fill your tank before doing this.
  • It takes time for this process to get done, but your engine will start to function correctly when the additive is added.

2. Making Use Of Fuel Injector Kits

Another way to clean your car fuel your fuel injectors is by using a fuel injector cleaning kit. To use this method, you will also need to purchase some items: a fuel injector cleaning kit & solution, gloves, safety glasses, fuel injector line remover, and a scanning tool. The process is as follows:

  • First, locate and open your vehicle’s hood and hang your fuel injector cleaning kit over it.
  • You need to hang the cleaning kit straight from the hood because it uses air pressure, which is the only way it would work correctly.
  • Next, get hold of your cleaning kits.
  • Then pour the fuel injector cleaning solution into the cleaning kit. The solution is made up of gasoline and other additives.
  • Connect the kit to the fuel injector to power the car engine by the solution. 
  • When the solution runs out, the car engine will stop.
  • Always refer to the manufacturer’s guide before you begin any process.

3. Disconnecting And Reconnecting The Fuel Line

  • For every fuel injector cleaning kit, a clamp links the fuel line from the pump to the fuel injector.
  • If this feature is lacking in your system, disconnect the fuel line, so the injector does not distribute fuel while the cleaning kit is used.
  • Connect the fuel line from the fuel injector cleaning kit to the fuel rail
  • Open the fuel line and power the engine.
  • Leave the engine to run until the fuel injector cleaning kit is empty.
  • Afterward, disconnect the fuel line from the cleaning tool. And connect the main fuel supply line disconnected earlier.
  • Next, kick start your engine and check for error codes. Because this method is capable of activating your car’s fuel injector system’s monitoring sensors
  • After all that is completely done; you have to use the scanning tool to erase every area code.
  • At the end of this exercise, if the problem persists and you can’t figure out what is wrong, you should seek the help of a professional to carry out a diagnostic check.


When your fuel system is clean, your engine will run smoothly and efficiently. But if there is ever a speck of dirt obstructing the system, it will affect the workforce of the car engine. So it would help if you always watched out for signs.

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