What To Do If You Lose Your Canadian Driver’s License

The driver’s licence is a vital document that allows you to legally drive your precious vehicle anywhere in Canada. No one intentionally loses valuables. No one wants to lose a vital document like a driver’s license but for one reason or another, it gets missing.

The feeling of losing such a vital document can be shattering, frustrating, and overwhelming. Experiences like mood swings, vulnerability, and depression sets in when such a precious document is lost. It does not notify you before disappearing into the thin air. Nonetheless, there are vital steps to take to retrieve missing but important documents.

What to do if you lose your Canadian driver’s license

All things cannot be replaced but certain things can. For those replaceable things like a driver’s license, how do you go about it in Canada?

Get a police report

When vital documents are lost, stolen or carelessly misplaced, it is advisable to report to the police department immediately. Most hard-nut-criminals’ cash out big time in situations like this; implicating innocent victims. You do not want your picture circulating town for wrong reasons or accusations flying left, right, center for a crime you know nothing about.  So, you must make a complaint as soon as possible and get a police incident number (PIN) from your province.

Know replacement costs in your province

Undisputedly, there are costs attached for missing documents. However, not all persons pay a replacement cost. How do you go about it? A police incident number (PIN) is issued to you when you complain. But in cases when you have no PIN, renewing an enhanced driver’s license would cost you about 10CAD to 15CAD.

Make enquires about a service center

It is advisable to go to the nearest autopac agent when you have a missing driver’s license in your province. Their services cover and protect drivers in Canada and the United States. All you need to do is ask and keep making inquiries until you get the closest service center to you.

Get identification

Your means of identification can be a passport, citizenship card, birth certificate, vehicle registration card, or health card. Whichever you decide to present for the renewal of your driver’s license, have your photo taken alongside it.

What are the benefits of following these steps for the renewal of a missing license?

A temporary paper license will be issued to you

The good thing about Canada is when retrieval procedures are followed to the core, a temporary paper license would be given to you immediately. In most cases, it issued within the same day. This would enable you to carry out your day’s activity with no worries.

The permanent driver’s license – within 10-12 days, the permanent driver’s license card will be mailed to you. Viola, you are as new as nothing ever happened and you’d become a proud owner of a new driver’s license.

In conclusion…

You have to be careful when dealing with important documents. The procedures for renewals can be very tedious. Therefore, take extra precautions and be vigilant around your province to avoid unnecessary headaches.

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