Why You Need Winter Tires

For anyone who cares to listen, you need winter tires for your own safety. If you care about yourself enough to eat good food, wear comfortable clothes, hang out with friends, surely you should be interested in the subject of safety.

That’s what winter tires offer you during that time of year when driving conditions are terrible.

While all-season tires may be good enough for other road conditions, they are not during winter.

As soon as the weather drops below 7 degrees they cease to be as effective on the roads and winter tires are your best option to still have a safe and comfortable ride. These 3 specific reasons further break down why you need winter tires.

Winter Tires Have Advanced Rubber Compounds

Winter tires are specially made for the winter season. The rubber compounds on the tires are different from all-season tires – an improvement that allows them to retain flexibility in low temperature.

Your all-season tires stiffen up at temperatures below 7 degrees which has a direct effect on traction, car handling, and braking distance. In a nutshell, all-season tires are most likely to get you in an accident than winter tires.

Winter Roads are Unpredictable

You never really know what booby traps winter has laid out for you on the roads until you encounter them. These may come in the form of black ice, lots of snow on the road, freezing temperatures, you name it.

These conditions place a heavy burden on tires to provide more traction, grip, and handling like no other time of the year. You really don’t want all-seasons to be your last line of defence – because they will fail. These harsh conditions are best managed with winter tires. 

Winter Tires Reduce Snow Buildup

Driving around in winter attracts snow to tires and it slowly builds up around the wheel. There are a few downsides to this:

  • You risk premature wear from your tires rubbing on the ice. 
  • Your car will feel shaky as the tires continuously make contact with the ice packs. 
  • It may potentially damage the body of your car – especially the wheel or trim around the tire.

With winter tires you don’t have to worry about this. They have much deeper tread depths that reduce snow buildup, channel snow and remove water.

Assurance of Safety 

There’s no better feeling than being safe. Agree? We feel that way when we are around people who have our back or when we see the police in our community; it’s a common human desire to be safe.

Winter tires give you the same assurance whenever you go winter driving.

Imagine this, you will have more peace of mind knowing you are less likely to get into an accident. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind. You do have a part to play in ensuring your vehicle gets to its destination without incident.

One main reason people ignore winter tires is the additional cost and maintenance, but it is quite obvious that this is a smaller sacrifice compared to the price of not having winter tires. 

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