Windshield Wipers Size Guide 2021

This windshield wipers size guide has in-depth details on how to find the right windshield blade size for our car. We’ve included multiple ways to help you find the right size for your car.

Windshield wipers help in keeping the front and rear views of the road flawless and clear. They provide an additional safety feature while driving in heavy rain, snow, or if you are blinded by glare through an unclean windscreen.

Let’s take a look at the buyer’s guide for windshield wiper sizes:

How to measure windshield wiper size

Whenever you see the term ‘windshield wiper size’, it usually means the size of the windshield wiper blade. This blade is the detachable strip that is assembled with the arms present on the front and rear windows of the car.

The windscreen wiper blade is usually estimated in inches. There exists a wide range of windshield wiper blades ranging from 10″ to 32″ in sizes available in the market or any online stores.

  1. To know about the correct windshield wiper blade size, you should see the handbook of your vehicle.  The correct and right size is mentioned in this handbook. You should have a copy of it (or can also find it online from different websites like this one). By having a look at it, you will quickly recognize the accurate size of windshield wiper blades for your automobile.
  2. If you cannot have access to the handbook, the simplest way to measure the size of your windscreen wiper blades is to carefully pull the wiper arm away from the windshield, and use a measuring tape. These wiper blades come in different sizes and one vehicle might have more than one size. If your car accommodates more than one size, measure all of them.
  3. You can also take out the windscreen wiper blade itself, and check out for any manufacturers’ markings or any other piece of information. It is most likely to happen that you may find some useful information regarding its size.
  4. You can also visit any automobile parts store to find out the right size for the windshield wiper blades of your car. Tell them the company, year, and model of your car so that they can end up finding the accurate wiper blades for you. After purchasing, you can also get them installed for you. We advise you to bring one of your used wiper blades along with you to the store for the perfect match.

Do the sizes of windshield wiper blades make any difference?

Yes, they do. You must substitute the windscreen wiper blades of your vehicle with the same size. Just in case if you replace them with the smaller ones, they would not surround the complete windshield, and it will end up having gaps.

However, if you use the windscreen wiper blades that are way too large, they will get worn out more rapidly. Any rubber part left hanging at the edge of the windshield wiper becomes overlapped, twisted, or impaired. Finding the ones is pretty simple as stated earlier.

How to check the condition of the windshield wipers

You should regularly check the windscreen wipers of one’s car, and replace them with time if they are missing or impaired. It is a pretty effortless task to check them.

  1. Just simply rise the windshield wiper arm from the car, and clean its edge with a moist cloth by wiping it off.
  2. Have a close look at the blades, and move your fingers up and down the verge to detect the ruptures, flaws, or any missing pieces in the rubber.
  3. If you feel or see anything missing, you should immediately replace them.

We recommend the drivers check their windshield wiper blades out every few months, or right when they experience any complications while driving.

Finding new windshield wiper blades and comparing their features

Buying inexpensive windshield wiper blades is a futile saving because you end up buying parts with inferior quality that wear out more rapidly than the high-quality ones.

  • You should purchase conventional rubber wiper blades if concerned about the cost. They are usually made up of rubber within a metal surrounding. Some of you might already have these wiper blades, will be contented with their performance. So, you can stick with these as they are the simplest and budget-friendly choices.
  • You should invest in silicone-based windshield wiper blades if you are looking for more durability. Silicone blades are a substitute for conventional ones. They wipe away water and stuff more efficiently with each blow rather than the rubber ones. They cost a bit more than the rubber ones. On the other hand, they last up to twice the lifespan of conventional wiper blades. They also come with different warranties, unlike the regular rubber-based wiper blades. They also produce less noise and squealing sounds as compared to the other ones.
  • You can also go for the beam blades to eradicate any residues and streaks. These wiper blades are rubber-based as well as spring steel-based. They do not have an exterior frame which helps in applying even more pressure across the windscreen when rubbing. These blades can cost up to double the conventional wiper blades, but their high-quality performance makes them worth the purchase. So, these are the superlative option for curved windscreens due to their elasticity.
  • There are various features to account for if you want robust and strong wiper blades that will stand a cold winter with hailstorms. Ask any professional at the auto parts store to give you the finest winter-resistant windshield wiper blades for your automobile. Typically, a good-quality set of these wiper blades last up to one to two years.


In a nutshell, look carefully in your car’s handbook, measure the size of the blade properly, or ask at an automobile shop for the best fit since they come in multiple sizes (even for a single car).

Famous brands include ACDelco, Bosch, Anco, Goodyear, PIAA, Michelin, PIAA, Rain-X, Trico, etc. Prices depend upon these brands, models, and sizes. So, choose wisely!

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